Top 5 Burger Shops Near Me in Kolkata


If it’s snack time in your house, why not treat yourself to an indulgent and Instagram-worthy Tele-Bhaja from Kolkata? Not only is this snack delicious, but it’s also stunningly beautiful!

At this cafe located near Rabindra Lake, you’ll find both Italian and Muglai cuisines. Don’t miss their fudgy brownie and New York cheesecake; sample some draft beer, wine, or cordial, or enjoy their excellent Latte, strawberry lemonade, or Iced tea services!

Berger Verger

This casual eatery provides a comfortable setting to share delicious burgers with friends. The atmosphere is dimly lit and offers fun wall art. Their extensive menu boasts classic and vegetarian burger options, draft beer, tequilla sunrise cocktails, and cordial. Experience one of their legendary burgers! You won’t be disappointed!

Berger Verger offers authentic-tasting burgers created with premium ingredients and served on thick slices of bread for an authentic experience. Their creamy shakes and a tempting selection of toppings such as bacon and jalapenos complete their offerings, and there’s always the attractive dessert selection if that’s your jam. They even serve ice cream!

This burger shop near me in Kolkata provides an array of dishes, from pasta and hummus to quick lunch delivery services – ideal for families on the go or looking for quick meals. The staff are incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable and offer delivery service – a perfect solution when looking for quick meal solutions!

Street food is an integral part of Kolkata, and you can find vendors selling freshly fried and steamed deliciousness on every corner of Esplanade, Southern Avenue, and Gariahat. Although these locations might not seem like traditional burger restaurants, Bengalis love eating burgers despite the inevitable sauce drizzles and sticky hands they entail.

Stacked Burgers

Indiana Burgers from this restaurant are incredible; both delicious and complemented by refreshing Pepsi for a great experience. Additionally, service at this establishment is exceptional and ranks it a top destination in Kolkata.

This restaurant’s burgers are created using high-quality ingredients and come in various sizes and styles, including vegetarian options. Families love this restaurant and its convenient food delivery service, with over 78 meals and drinks on the menu and prices ranging from 3 euros to 6 euros on display!

At this eatery near Rabindra Sarobar, guests can indulge in perfectly prepared burgers, pizza, and chicken prepared by friendly staff all year long. Their extensive menu boasts tasty draft beer selections such as Tequilla Sunrise or Cordial, and large lattes and strawberry lemonades are also available for you to order.

Blue Mug serves Italian and Muglai cuisines and offers outstanding grilled chicken, white pasta with sauce, Hawaiian pizza, and more! Plus, you can relax over a glass of wine or lager while finishing your meal with a chocolate frappe or shake! Located close to Rabindra Sarobar for easy accessibility; open year-round at affordable prices; welcoming staff members will welcome kids for lunch or dinner; delicious dessert options include brownies and cookies!

What’s Up

What’s Up is an American-style burger restaurant offering dine-in style dining. With minimalist decor featuring chequered table linen and small planters, their minimalist space features beef, pork, and chicken options, toppings, and sauce selections. Their Instagram-worthy burgers make great date meals!

Here, you can enjoy authentic Italian and Muglai cuisine, such as grilled chicken pizza, white pasta with sauce, Hawaiian burger, and delicious chocolate custard and brownie from their perfectly baked ovens. Plus, you can drink beer or cordial during your meal and let our staff delight you with excellent pie or fruit cake treats for desserts.

Bellycacy offers vegetarians in Kolkata an option at their nearby burger shop – the Yin and Yang Burger is packed with baked ham, sunny side up egg, and finished off with egg benedict sauce; additionally, it comes complete with delicious side salad and seasoned fries!

Tele-bhaja, a variation of pakoras, is another popular burger choice in Kolkata. Made of vegetables and meat combined in one tasty patty that is deep-fried in besan batter, tele-bhaja is an indispensable food staple in Calcutta – you can find these mouthwatering snacks on any street corner of Kolkata or order online through one of their many food delivery services!

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is an international chain offering classic American food and an impressive collection of music memorabilia, such as its Legendary Burger. Plenty of delicious sandwiches, ribs, and mac & cheese options exist. They also provide flatbreads, vegetarian options, and premium beverages and cocktails to complete the experience.

The Hard Rock Cafe was established in 1971 by two Americans seeking to open an American-style diner in London. Their inspiration was drawn from The Doors’ song of the same name; their album Morrison Hotel featured it on its back cover.

Today, Hard Rock International is the world’s premier music-themed restaurant chain with locations worldwide. Additionally, this global entity owns and operates multiple hotels and casinos, a record label, logo-emblazoned merchandise sales outlets, and live musical performances in each location.

The food at this restaurant is fantastic, and the service is fast. Staff members are friendly and helpful; prices may seem slightly high initially, but considering its unique atmosphere and delicious cuisine, it’s worth paying more for an exceptional dining experience. Perfect place for friends or families looking for great music and drinks while enjoying drinks with good company or just taking time for themselves while taking in some live shows at night – don’t forget to stop at their memorabilia shop on your way out too!


People often associate bodegas with specific imagery: red and yellow awnings (“cold cuts and cold beer”) or window ads featuring large letters spelling out “bodega.” Typically small stores and bodegas serve as neighborhood landmarks while providing meeting places for locals while offering an extensive selection of products at competitive prices; many remain open 24/7 – offering vital services to their communities.

New Yorkers often view bodega shops as symbols of diversity in New York City. Bodega shops play an essential part of Puerto Rican culture and immigrant communities alike, providing access to hard-to-find items rarely found at larger supermarkets while helping newcomers connect with their communities.

Bodegas near me in Kolkata have the perfect Italian or sweet food selections to meet all your cravings, with freshly cooked burgers, nacho chips, and other tasty snacks perfectly cooked just as you like them. Additionally, this restaurant provides beverages like cordial and iced tea and friendly staff that serve delicious, reasonably priced cuisine – great places for family dinners and coffee or beer breaks after work!


Ecstasea is an innovative seafood eatery in Kolkata, featuring delicious preparations of Pizzas, Burgers, Tortillas, and Tacos featuring freshly caught Squid, Octopus, Tuna Salmon, as well as Chicken and Prawn dishes – perfect for non-seafood enthusiasts and fast service! Their cuisine is exquisitely delectable and their service is fast.

At this restaurant, it is an ideal spot for quick meals with friends or family. Their burgers are delicious and the price is very reasonable; in addition, they provide some excellent drinks. Nevertheless, the Piggy Burger could have more juicy and flavourful patties; its patty was dry but flavorful enough, while the Lemon Parmesan Chicken Burger was fantastic.

This restaurant boasts a modern interior with dim lighting and unique wall art, as well as an extensive menu featuring several styles of burgers, such as Big Bong Burger – an ode to Bengalis’ affinity for kosha mangsho or mushroom-stuffed Shroominator.

This place should be on everyone’s bucket list if they love the taste of classic handmade burgers and hand-cut fries in a comfortable residential area surrounded by restaurants, grocery stores, banks, parks, schools, and excellent road conditions, with friendly and helpful staff as well as its relaxing ambiance and delectable dishes. It makes an ideal stopover on their travels across Australia!