The Best Burger in Asheville


Asheville offers something for every taste, from classic cheeseburgers to something more adventurous! Many of its restaurants source their meat locally, making them suitable options for vegetarians and vegans.

Try Plant’s black bean burger or Farm Burger’s quinoa veggie patty for something heartier and vegetarian-friendly.

The Rankin Vault

The Rankin Vault in Asheville offers some of the finest burgers around. Utilizing high-quality ingredients, their gourmet burgers come with fries, tater tots, or slaw – and are served on homemade buns topped with generous portions of melted cheese, thick-cut bacon slices, and their special sauce – guaranteed to delight locals! These delectable treats have won numerous awards and accolades and remain an Asheville favorite!

Asheville offers an eclectic burger scene that ranges from classic greasy spoon joints to high-end farm-to-table eateries, featuring everything from traditional American diners to innovative farm-to-table eateries that source ingredients locally. Farm Burger offers a build-your-own option featuring local ingredients, while Juicy Lucy’s offers creative stuffed burgers like pimento cheese or mac and cheese for customers to experience an Asheville burger experience.

Asheville is famous for its wide selection of vegetarian and vegan burgers. If you want something different than your standard cheeseburger, look at The Bull and Beggar’s foie gras burger or Rosetta’s Kitchen/Plant for veggie-friendly offerings.

Asheville burgers are also highly sought-after at food truck events and festivals, allowing visitors to sample an array of unique toppings and combinations. A great way to save money when exploring Asheville’s burger scene is to look out for specials; many restaurants offer discounted burgers or combo meals; others may have loyalty programs that could save you money when visiting again!

Universal Joint

American cuisine’s signature dish, the hamburger, is perhaps its most beloved symbol. Representing our passion for large portions of juicy meat topped with melty cheese, it allows people to express themselves creatively by adding unique toppings such as fried green tomatoes or avocado. In Asheville’s diverse burger scene, ranging from classic diner-style restaurants such as Farm Burger or Juicy Lucy’s to more luxurious farm-to-table dining experiences such as Buxton Hall Barbecue, its popularity continues to soar!

Not only can Asheville’s top burger joints offer delectable meaty burgers, but some also provide vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu options. Some even source their ingredients from nearby farms for maximum freshness and flavor! Rosetta’s Kitchen, Bull and Beggar, and Plant all feature plant-based burger options for you to try.

If you want to save money while enjoying Asheville’s finest burgers, take note of all available deals and specials at each location. Some offer happy hour specials or discounted prices on certain days of the week; others have combo deals where you can purchase an affordable burger and fries meal at once.

Universal Joint offers outstanding pub-style burgers in western Asheville. Visitors to Asheville must visit this restaurant, which serves pub-style burgers to their taste with an assortment of toppings and sauces to choose from – our favorite being Steinbeck Burger made of pimento cheese, bacon, jalapenos served alongside French Fries or Tater Tots, an ideal quick and convenient stop after exploring Biltmore Estate.

Juicy Lucy’s

If you’re craving an irresistibly succulent burger in Asheville, try one of the many local restaurants offering delectable offerings. They serve everything from classic diner burgers to gourmet grass-fed beef burgers with truffle aioli. There are even vegetarian and vegan burgers stuffed with mac and cheese!

Asheville’s burger scene stands out for its commitment to using locally sourced ingredients in all its dishes, such as burgers. Many top burger joints like Farm Burger source their meat and produce directly from nearby farms for optimal freshness and quality, helping reduce carbon emissions while promoting sustainable practices.

Asheville’s burger scene may expand, yet it still maintains its reputation as an artisanal culinary destination. Many of Asheville’s top burger spots feature creative and unexpected burger offerings like Hole Doughnuts’ delicious bacon cheeseburger doughnut or The Underground Cafe’s peanut butter and jelly burger. Vegan and vegetarian diners have many choices, such as Chai Pani’s black Bean Burger or Rosetta’s Kitchen’s Beet Burger.

Asheville’s burger scene boasts many deals and discounts to make the dining experience more affordable. Many burger joints offer special happy hour offers and discounts during certain days of the week; others provide combo deals allowing customers to sample multiple burgers at reduced rates; others may give complimentary burgers when purchasing adult beverages. These deals and discounts make Asheville’s burger scene even more accessible and accessible for all.

Farm Burger

Farm Burger is one of Asheville’s premier burger joints, serving grass-fed burgers adorned with inventive toppings. Their menu offers unique items like pimento cheese, bacon jam burgers, and vegetarian ones made with black beans and quinoa. In addition to delicious burgers, Farm Burger provides craft beers and hand-spun milkshakes.

Are You Searching For Delicious Burger Joints in Asheville? Whether it be classic greasy spoon style or more sophisticated farm-to-table fare, Asheville offers an abundance of delectable burger joints. Many offer happy hour specials or discounted deals during certain days of the week and combo packages, which allow customers to sample multiple burgers simultaneously! Asheville even has a wide range of vegan and vegetarian burger options!

Juicy Lucy’s is an excellent option for visitors of Biltmore Estate looking for a hearty lunch after exploring, hiking, or wine tasting. Situated in the historic River Arts District and featuring an outdoor seating patio to take in the weather during the warmer months, they serve a selection of side items, including fries and onion rings!

Asheville is well known for its vibrant vegetarian and vegan food scene, and Asheville’s best burgers don’t disappoint either. Many of Asheville’s premier burger spots feature inventive vegan offerings like Chai Pani’s black bean burger and Rosetta’s Kitchen’s beet burger. Furthermore, local ingredients are used so their products remain fresh and flavorful; many also adhere to environmentally sustainable practices and measures.


Asheville offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian-friendly burger joints in Asheville if you don’t eat meat. Many of Asheville’s premier burger joints feature plant-based alternatives that taste just as great! Unique options can also be found, such as Hole Doughnuts’ bacon cheeseburger doughnut; The Underground Cafe even serves up peanut butter & jelly burgers for those with an insatiable sweet tooth!

When searching for a great burger in Asheville, it’s essential to consider both your preferences and budget carefully. Start by identifying what kind of experience you prefer: classic diner fare or gourmet farm-to-table. Read reviews online and ask friends and family members for recommendations; don’t be intimidated to try something unexpected, as some of the best burgers in Asheville might surprise you!

As for vegetarian or vegan burger options, I highly recommend Chai Pani’s Black Bean Burger or Rosetta’s Kitchen’s Beet Burger as delicious vegan/vegetarian options. Both contain plenty of protein and healthy fats while still tasting great! Alternatively, Sunshine Burger has six vegetables with 19g of protein; however, most who tried this burger found it too bready/dry/awful sunflower seed flavoring to their liking.

Other local favorites include Juicy Lucy’s Stuffed Bar & Grill, PLNT Burger, and Buxton Hall Barbecue. In downtown Asheville, The Laughing Seed Restaurant promises international meals featuring vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, and gluten-free ingredients; their menu also boasts vegetarian burgers and vegan milkshakes!