Where to Go and What to Do for Cheap Vacations Near You


The majority of vacationers are looking for deals in far-flung, exotic locations. If they do go, they’ll find that locals there are just as anxious to see the world as they are and that sometimes the farthest destination is right in your neighborhood!

What one traveler considers highly unusual, another may find completely ordinary. It’s all about how we look at things. Many people today feel they cannot take a holiday because their families have become too large and their costs have ballooned to unmanageable levels.

Before an online ad grabbed my eye, my family and I were about to resign ourselves to the “we cannot afford to take any more vacations until the children graduate from college” camp. And here it was, right in the center of my town, advertising “fantastic getaways in the pristine mountain ranges” I figured, if people were prepared to attempt the mountains in my backyard for thousands of dollars, then I should try to negotiate a reasonable price so that my family and I can see what all the hype is about. Perhaps there is something we have overlooked in the sky.

And it turned out great! The best thing is that we could do it for only 20% of what the websites were advertising as a “fantastic bargain” Wow, what a fantastic holiday!

Here are some suggestions for spotting that incredible local deal:

One option is to peruse classified ads in nearby newspapers. Ads tend to increase on Thursdays and Fridays and fill multiple pages in the Sunday Travel section. Cabin rentals, RV vacations, wilderness retreats, and mountaintop meditation centers are all advertised.

Second, acquire a map of your local area (or the entire country if it’s too tiny). Check out the topographical maps for information on nearby attractions, including national parks, waterfalls, streams, gorges, mountain ranges with numerous hiking trails, cave systems, etc.

See whether the railway station in your town or city offers any trips that will take you around the area. There may be local fairs, market days, artisan exhibits, drama theatres, movie theaters, competitions, etc., in adjacent towns that you and your kids would like to visit. We have what is supposed to be the best transcontinental train ride in the world right here in our backyard. We hope to take this trip in the fall when the leaves put on their colorful display.

#4 Check out your community’s bus terminal for service options. They may even provide discount coupons redeemable at select establishments along the road. The children’s bus rides might be like roller coasters at times.

Five, the local museums are a great place for visitors to learn about the area. You could also learn about alternative attractions in your area.

Your town’s “visitor center” is another excellent place to get information. Typically, there will be agents waiting to provide you with brochures and maps and advice on which attractions to visit, when to go, and how much it will cost. Just act like a tourist, and they’ll treat you better 😉

Seven, if you go to the travel office in your town, they can tell you everything about the cool things to do within a hundred or fifty miles of where you live. Even though they can set up your vacation, you can save money by doing it yourself.

The local schools frequently take students on “excursions” to exciting locations. See if any of these locations sound like fun for a day trip with the family.

9. Visit during the shoulder seasons, when most sights are experiencing slow business. Pick a day when the weather is nice, and you won’t have to fight crowds to get on the rides or see the exhibits.

Using your vehicle instead of public transit is a great way to save money. You might not need your car if you take a train or bus instead of driving. You can also pack a picnic and visit a nearby park with the family after a day of mountain biking, mountain climbing, or valley hiking.

11. Contact the web to Find out what your country is best known for. Visit a site like http://www.tourvacationstogo.com/, then select your continent or nation from the menu on the left. Check out all the thousands of dollars worth of tours that can be narrowed down! Wow, that’s incredible. How much money can you spend on time in your backyard? That’s right, visitors to your country are eager to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, to experience what you offer. J Do you follow me?

You can pack a tent and spend the night on a camping trip under the stars. Eating by candlelight while telling ghost stories and singing songs around a fire. Some examples of “quality time” spent together as a family include these activities. Some of my neighbors let their kids set up makeshift campsites in their backyards and act as if they’re roughing it in the woods.

Day visits are a great way to see the sights without breaking the bank on overnight stays. If you’d rather spend the night at one of these places, ask for the locals’ rates. After all, the maintenance of these tourist destinations is already covered by your taxes.

You can also plan a group trip with family and friends, which might become annual or semiannual. You may impart a sense of national pride and teach your children about their heritage by taking them on a tour of many of our country’s sacred places and landmarks in a large rental car.

Everyone seems to be in such a rush to get to some “exotic” destination that they forget they already reside in a beautiful place. If you live in an ice-covered area, the desert will seem like paradise, and if you live in the mountains, the ocean will seem like paradise.

Seeing the sights in our own country is a great way to support local businesses and save money on vacation activities. You, your loved ones, and your country can all benefit from this.

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