A Window of Unexplained Shape What to Wear with it?


Look at this for some excellent DIY window treatment inspiration. Do’s and Don’ts Guides. They should make you pause and reflect before you rush in. (There’s always the alternative of sealing off the window and calling it a day. Opinions, please!)

Do you have the keys to the High and Narrow door?

My proposed window coverings for this configuration. Open the drapes a little wider than usual. This makes the window appear larger than it is. You should enlarge the rod or track by about 30 centimeters on each side of the window instead of the standard 20 cm. Don’t pull your curtains back as far as you would ordinarily while opening them.

Issues with the large window?

It is recommended that this type of window curtain not be hung too far away from the glass. Only about 15 centimeters high. When they open, you’ll be left with many clothes to stack. Tiebacks can be used to suspend them away from the glass. The use of a thinner fabric is another viable alternative.

A valance or pelmet can also add height to the window. Make it deeper (30–35 cm) and mount it higher on the wall than the standard depth of 20 cm. A more profound top treatment and narrower curtain rods create the impression of a squarer window.

Those awful arching window frames!

Curtains and blinds that fit arched windows are your best bet. Most people find this type of window to be highly annoying.

You can make it as easy or complex as you like.

The simplest solution is to install a curtain rod horizontally across the top of the window and hang some drapes. It should be handled in the same manner as any other window.

Curved-top curtains that drape back into tie-backs are what you’ll need to work with the shape (talk about making your life difficult). Mark the window sill at intervals of 15 centimeters along the width. Observe the total width of the window.

Then, measure and mark both exterior straight edges up to where the arch begins. The last step is to place marks along the window sill and measure up from the sill to where the tape reaches the curve at each marker. Write out these height specifications. Make a quick sketch of the window and write the measurements next to where you took them.

If you have curtains made for you, tell the tailor the exact measurements. To account for gathering in your DIY project, you should increase all your width widths by 2.5.

Uses for a plain old door curtain!

Curtains for doors and other window coverings. Single curtains often draw back to the door’s hinge side. Having the curtain pulled back makes a lot of sense. (lest your door curtain end up flying about every time someone opens the door on a windy day like Superman’s cape)

Space may be insufficient on the side of the door where the hinge sits to allow the curtain to be stacked back off the door neatly. If there’s enough room, you can have the curtain drawn back the other way, away from the door.

If you need to open the door, there isn’t enough room on the other side due to the door’s hinges. If so, hang an eyelet curtain from a pole 1.5 times as wide as the door. When reassembled, this will take up hardly any room at all.

Ideas for a Kitchen Window

Kitchen window treatments. If your sink is near a window, the drapes above it should stop short of the sill. And it’s usually tied back so that it won’t get splashed. (the kids’ post-dinner washing may still flood your kitchen floor, but at least the curtains won’t get wet)

Another advice is to ditch the curtains in favor of a roller blind made from water-resistant material if privacy is a concern.

Unlined curtains produced from high-quality polycotton fabric are another option to think about if you’re set on having curtains. If your curtains get dirty or smelly from cooking, you can throw them in the wash.

Inspirational Bathroom Design Ideas

Some suggestions for dressing the windows in the loo. When a window is above a sink, tub, or shower, you should give up on curtains altogether. Your time and energy will be wasted.

A roller blind covered in a water-resistant material is the most practical solution.

Curtains are a nice touch, but only if the window is outside the shower or tub. Keep them short and unlined even so. Choose a fabric that can be easily cleaned and dried if it becomes wet by steam in the bathroom. Polycotton materials work wonderfully for this purpose.

Finally, you can use a sheer polyester curtain on a rod to cover your window, then sweep it back into a hold-back arm that complements your rod. In the proper context, this might come across as delicate and girly. Nevertheless, allowing you some solitude.

Both French and patio doors!

Patio and French door window coverings. These windows let in a lot of natural light and are lovely for any room.

The absence of seclusion or direct sunlight is two potential negatives.

Installing a sheer curtain on its rail in the window recess is a simple solution to this problem. They can be opened or closed as needed.

Panel track blinds are a fantastic option for covering such a huge window. They are a perfect example of cutting-edge design. The panels can be slid open or closed manually or by pulling a cable. The curtain rod looks like a regular one with cording.

The right panel tracking system is some high-priced equipment. You can achieve a similar appearance with different methods. I am now gathering data for a new paper on the subject.

I’m confirming that this works for your “odd” shaped window.

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