Piccini Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza


At Piccini in Ocean City, enjoy an extensive menu of Italian classics served cash only. Piccini provides delicious meals, both lunch and dinner, as well as delectable desserts to satisfy every craving!

Are you searching for the perfect gift idea? Look no further than Piccini pizza-making kits! Fresh dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings are included in each kit – making this the ideal present to share on any special occasion!


Piccini Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza offers delicious pizza in Ocean City in an intimate yet welcoming environment, serving wood-fired pizzas and pasta dishes alongside an extensive menu of desserts and small plates. Plus, they offer takeout and delivery services if that suits your mood!

Piccini Pizzas are handcrafted using fresh ingredients and a wood-fired oven, creating crisp crusts to complement their delectable toppings. Signature varieties such as the Manco & Manco Pizza and Chicken Parmesan Pizza should not be missed; their House Salad should also not be overlooked, featuring mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, and croutons with an easy yet refreshing dressing for an exquisite dining experience.

Piccini Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizzeria also provides an irresistibly delicious pizza-making kit, including fresh dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings – everything needed to craft delicious homemade pizzas at home! Perfect as a present idea or even just for yourself.


Piccini Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza is an inviting eatery that serves delicious Italian fare in an atmosphere perfect for families. As this cash-only eatery provides a wide range of classic Italian staples sure to satisfy every palette, this cash-only eatery makes a beautiful dining choice.

Piccini offers more than just pizza; their menu also boasts an extensive selection of salads and appetizers, such as the House Salad with its combination of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and croutons topped off with an irresistibly light and refreshing dressing; another popular selection is Caesar Salad which boasts romaine lettuce topped with homemade croutons made with Parmesan cheese grated on it and Caesar dressing – definitely not to be missed!

Other popular selections on Piccini’s menu are Chicken Parmesan Pizza and Shrimp Scampi Pizza, both baked in wood-fired ovens for unparalleled flavor and texture. Both feature mozzarella cheese topped with chicken, while Shrimp Scampi Pizza comes stacked high with shrimp, mushrooms, and caramelized onions – ideal options to satisfy anyone’s pizza craving!

Piccini also offers an assortment of gift options, from pizza-making kits to gift cards – perfect for any special occasion and sure to delight anyone who enjoys cooking! These thoughtful presents will surely bring a smile.


Piccini Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza offers an exquisite array of pasta made with fresh ingredients baked in their wood-fired oven to satisfy all types of cravings. Additionally, you can indulge in their delectable desserts and small plates. With its family-owned atmosphere and inviting, homey feel, this family restaurant provides the ideal spot to experience traditional Italian cuisine.

The restaurant also provides gift ideas suitable for any special event or celebration, including their pizza-making kit – perfect for anyone interested in home pizza making and learning how to do it themselves! Including all necessary ingredients (dough, sauce, and cheese) plus an eye-catching pizza-themed apron as a complete present package!

No matter your dining needs in Ocean City, this restaurant is an excellent place for an authentic Italian meal or to escape its crowded boardwalk. Their menu boasts delectable Italian classics at competitive prices while their staff are amiable and attentive.

Piccini is a family-owned eatery serving delicious wood-fired pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches in a warm and welcoming cash-only establishment with a friendly and comfortable ambiance – the ideal place for gathering with family or friends over delicious cuisine! Plus, it provides catering services for significant events!


Piccini Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza in Ocean City is an indispensable destination for those in search of authentic Italian fare. Their extensive menu boasts everything from appetizers to desserts, all prepared using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Furthermore, takeout and delivery services make enjoying their delectable cuisine convenient no matter the place or time. Plus, they even provide catering services for significant events and parties!

Piccini offers a delicious variety of pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches that you won’t forget anytime soon. Their House Salad features mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, croutons, and light and refreshing dressing – not overlooking their legendary Grilled Chicken Parmigiana that features tender chicken slices layered between mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce!

Piccini offers more than delicious food; they also provide fantastic gift ideas! One such present is their pizza-making kit, which contains everything you need to craft homemade pizza at home. Alternatively, purchase a Piccini gift card, which makes an excellent present idea, and custom gift baskets filled with pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings can also be available as great choices!