What Island is Honolulu on?


Oahu provides abundant experiences, from Waikiki’s bustle to the quiet shores of North Shore; Oahu stands as an epicenter for East and West cultures rooted in Native Hawaiian values and traditions.

Waikiki, Hawaii’s iconic tourist center, offers world-renowned shopping, dining, and beach activities in an ultra-hip setting. Divided by Waianae and Koolau mountain ranges, this high-rise hub is a premier shopping, dining, and beach destination worldwide.


Oahu is the most visited Hawaiian island, with over five million visitors annually, serving as its state capital and hosting iconic attractions such as Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head Crater. Additionally, Oahu boasts world-class shopping experiences and exciting nightlife with parties and luxury hotels.

Honolulu Island, part of the State of Hawaii, was initially settled by Polynesians around the 12th Century C.E. Oral histories and artifacts suggest the first settlement was established during this period. Europeans eventually took control, first through Captain James Cook, who arrived by airship in 1778 and later through its overthrow by Captain Cook himself in 1778 and subsequent annexation by the United States, brought rapid development for Honolulu, which is now one of the world’s modern cities and major ports.

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana and third in the U.S. Its economy relies heavily on tourism and military installations; pineapple production also remains a significant industry. Other vital businesses in New Orleans include printing and publishing companies, food and beverages companies, jewelry makers, construction materials producers, rubber products producers, and electronics and computer equipment providers.

Oahu’s main draw for visitors is its luxurious hotels-lined beach. Oahu also serves as a hub of Hawaiian culture, hosting several of the state’s most prominent museums, such as Bishop Museum with its collections of Hawaiian and Pacific basin artifacts and the Honolulu Museum of Art. Other tourist attractions on Oahu include Ala Moana Center, North Shore Pearl Harbor, and Iolani Palace Kualoa Ranch.

Oahu offers visitors ideal weather from April to October, as temperatures are more relaxed and less rainy than other times of the year, making for better surfing and swimming conditions. November-March sees its share of cold and dampness. Still, short rainfall usually leaves beautiful rainbows behind, making these months perfect for escaping crowds and enjoying beautiful beaches without crowds! Additionally, temperatures generally range between 77 and 85 degrees F throughout the year for optimal climate enjoyment.


Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital and one of the world’s best-known cities sits on Oahu Island. Home to more than one million residents, Honolulu boasts mountains, beaches, other natural attractions, museums, and shopping centers – not to mention being home to popular events such as Hawaii International Film Festival and Great Aloha Run.

Honolulu, located on Oahu’s southeast coast, covers 596.7 square miles. As one of three Hawaiian Islands and third in terms of area size, Honolulu boasts plenty to offer visitors – and is primarily known for being highly multicultural, boasting inhabitants representing numerous races and backgrounds.

The majority of Honolulu Island’s residents are native Hawaiian, while also comprising Asians and Caucasians. Honolulu International Airport serves the city well, acting as its gateway for other parts of the nation and being the primary commercial hub.

Tourists are an economic driver in Hawaii, and there is plenty for them to see and do here. Visitors are attracted by beautiful beaches and the Waikiki district’s luxury hotels; this city is well known for its lively nightlife scene and various restaurants.

Honolulu serves as the state’s capital city. It boasts numerous historic landmarks, such as Iolani Palace and Bishop Museum – home to one of the world’s largest Polynesian artifact collections and an unmissable attraction when visiting Honolulu.

Honolulu is also a famous filming location for Hollywood movies such as 50 First Dates, Lost, and The Reef. Additionally, Honolulu boasts numerous museums and cultural centers such as the Hawaiian Art Museum, Iolani Palace, and Ala Moana Center – which make for unforgettable visits!

City life features a hot and tropical climate and boasts an array of species, such as birds, plants, and animals. Temperatures rarely fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit in this city region, with islands ideal places for snorkelers and scuba divers alike.

Pearl Harbor

Hawaii conjures images of stunning beaches, majestic volcanoes, and friendly people who offer warmth. However, while these aspects exist within Hawaii as a state, its bustling cities also boast vibrant cultures – one such city being Honolulu on Oahu, with an area covering 69 square miles that houses everything from beaches to industrial districts – offering visitors both traditional and contemporary Hawaiian culture in an unforgettable destination.

Honolulu is well known for its vibrant nightlife and world-class shopping. Additionally, the city is an important center of commerce, finance, and military defense in the U.S. Honolulu boasts several popular attractions like the Honolulu Museum of Art and Iolani Palace, which draw countless tourists yearly.

Honolulu, located on Oahu’s southeast coast, is home to over one million residents and is Hawaii’s capital and primary tourist attraction. With historic landmarks and cultural institutions offering an insight into Hawaii’s past, this bustling metropolis makes it an attractive tourist attraction.

Honolulu offers many popular attractions for visitors in and around its downtown area. Ala Moana Center is a trendy tourist attraction featuring an outdoor shopping and dining marketplace and a 10th-floor observation tower. Also notable are Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head, Kaneohe Bay, Ko Olina Beach Park, and Waikiki Beach, as popular tourist spots.

Pearl Harbor is an important national historic site and an integral part of Oahu’s culture and history, dating back centuries. Once known as Wai Momi or “waters of pearl,” the picturesque harbor is a fishing and diving spot, providing many ancient Hawaiians with ample wealth through fishing and diving activities. They believed a protective shark goddess protected it against evil spirits while making the area wealthy.

Pearl Harbor is an indispensable stop on any trip to Oahu, offering visitors a glimpse into history with tours of the USS Arizona Memorial and Bowfin submarine and explorations through National Park. Furthermore, helicopter tours provide breathtaking aerial views of this coastal gem.

Windward Coast

People often think of Hawaii in terms of idyllic beaches and fiery volcanoes, but did you know that Honolulu is also a vibrant city with rich culture and history? Honolulu is one of the biggest cities on the Hawaiian Islands and provides travelers with an exceptional travel experience. Summer is the best time to visit this stunning destination as temperatures remain mild while the weather remains beautiful, allowing visitors to discover all its parks and natural reserves.

Honolulu, Hawaii’s vibrant capital and seat of government, offers historic landmarks and world-class shopping in an urban oasis filled with historic architecture and world-class retail offerings. As cultural institutions go, Honolulu stands out with Iolani Palace housing one of the nation’s most extensive collections of royal regalia and armor; numerous museums, such as Bishop Museum, feature unique artifacts.

Windward Coast drives offer a distinct glimpse into Oahu, from its soft-sand beaches and verdant valleys to misty cliffs and rainforests in Koolau Mountain Range. Starting from Honolulu via Pali Highway, the scenic road leads you straight through Kailua to its wide arc of sand surrounding Kailua Bay with surfers, shrimp shacks, and pineapple fields nearby in its surrounding valleys.

Windward Coast is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, delicious food and coffee, hiking trails offering magnificent views of Oahu’s iconic volcanic mountains, and some of the state’s premier resorts and hotels, such as Hale Koolau and Grand Wailea Resort.

Finding one’s way around Southeast Shore and Windward Coast can be challenging due to narrow, winding roads. To navigate safely in these regions, visitors should plan by renting a car or making arrangements with their lodging provider for transportation services. In addition, picnic lunches should be brought as there may not be many restaurants along the route.