Best Smoke Spots Dust 2


Best Smoke Spots Dust 2 is an invaluable asset in any CS: GO player’s arsenal, providing an advantage in pushing certain areas. By helping avoid enemy sightlines, smoke spots give the players an upper hand against opponents and allow for going through specific sites more successfully.

To execute this smoke throw, crouch closely near a T Spawn half-wall and look slightly right so your crosshair matches the bottom of the brown patch, as shown below. Next, perform a jump throw to block off this crucial angle successfully.

1. CT Spawn Entrance

Dust 2 players often refer to this smoke spot as the epicenter. Many CS: GO players have attempted to climb A Short from T Ramp without this setup, often at great personal peril. Smoking this angle allows you to block off a box near the catwalk while narrowing the window through which any CT in CT Spawn or A Site may try and peek over your shoulder.

The ideal placement would be to crouch in the corner on the back wall of T Spawn and align your crosshair directly over the small turret, as shown. Once complete, jump and throw the smoke grenade – this should prevent anyone from pushing through A Long Doors and protect you against possible ambushes.

Use smoke as an additional layer of protection when crossing from A Long to A Short. Once an enemy sees this setup, they will reconsider pushing through A Long’s double doors and retreat.

This smoke is also ideal for A Long to B Tunnels, as it blocks T Spawn’s view of B’s door from T Spawn, making it much harder for enemies to ambush you. When using it with teammates, ensure everyone knows where and why you are using this smoke.

2. B Doors

B Doors are one of the most straightforward smoke spots on Dust 2, making them ideal for any team spawning in CT that needs to move swiftly to Catwalk or Tunnels. Furthermore, their unique properties prevent AWPERs from shooting through them quickly, making sneaking in without getting caught easy.

To create this smoke, stand on a small crate in the upper tunnels and look towards where the roof meets wooden planks. Align your crosshair with where these two elements meet and throw a smoke grenade; it should completely obscure anyone camping outside B Site while permitting quick passage into B Site.

Use the smoke when spawning at CT and trying to rush Mid or B Tunnels early. Stand near the corner of the Middle Box facing T Spawn, hug the wall, and aim at the above spot – this will make it nearly impossible for your enemies to see you through Mid windows and block their sight of Upper Tunnels!

Smoke can also help counter pushes from Long Doors to defend A Short. By dousing this angle with smoke, Ts will have no choice but to either delay their push or blindly enter through it – giving you a significant advantage!

3. Mid Doors

Many new CS: GO players begin their adventure on Dust 2, as it provides an ideal learning platform. Unfortunately, mistakes made by inexperienced players could end up costing their team the game; one such mistake involves throwing smokes in inappropriate spots, which blind enemy AWPers and leave them vulnerable against attacks – thus, knowing where the best smoke spots on Dust 2 may come in handy for beginners.

On the ramp leading to B Site is an ideal smoke spot for deterring potential Ts from charging early in a round and taking back control after bombs have been planted – as its proximity will shield it from T Spawn and CT Mid. To perform it effectively, stand before Mid Doors’ xBox and look above to line up your crosshair with one of the gaps in wooden planks above you.

Another smoke spot for those pushing A Short is explicitly designed to cover the angle from T Spawn to A Long. To execute it successfully, hugging the corner of A Long’s double doors while targeting a gap in their building wall to the right should block off this angle and give players confidence when pushing.

4. A Short

This smoke spot is a go-to move for players pushing A Short, as it blocks enemies’ views and forces them to relocate. While easy enough to execute with practiced arms, a jumping throw is required to achieve success (which may prove challenging for newer CS: GO players).

To perform this smoke spot, climb onto the smallest box at Short Boost and hug its corner using T Spawn and T Ramp. Aim your crosshair at the point below before performing a running jump throw to release smoke into the atmosphere.

Dust 2 smoke spot to consider near Mid Doors is the xBox, as this can prevent Ts from seeing A Short from Mid and cover late rotation through T Spawn if done correctly.

To execute this smoke spot, stand next to an Xbox and look upward. Align your crosshair with the circular feature on the crane, and throw a smoke grenade at its exact point, as shown above. Due to physics, new players may find this problematic; practice will make perfect. Be sure to bind your jump-throw button for this smoke spot so you can throw with momentum rather than hitting the ground before throwing, giving yourself the best chance at hitting its target every time!

5. Tunnels Exit

Smoke grenades in CS: GO can serve several functions, from blocking off angles for your team to disallowing opponents from seeing what’s around them. No matter the map you play on, knowing the optimal smoke spots will give your side an advantage against opponents.

B Site’s Tunnels exit is another ideal spot, which can help counter an oncoming rush from the T side or block an AWP’er while waiting for teammates to plant. To create this smoke spot, stand near one of the upper tunnel pillars, look towards a gap in wooden planks, line up your crosshair with it as shown, take two or three steps forward, and jump on before throwing out your smoke grenade grenades.

Near the xBox on the Catwalk leading to A Short is another clever smoke spot perfect for blocking enemy angles from Catwalk to A Long. Stand at one end and look above Mid Doors until your crosshair lines up with an indentation on the wall; perform a running jump throw by moving forward before throwing your smoke grenade, blocking off Mid-to-A Cross angles while making A Cross easier to push forward and CTs from rotating over at T Spawn.

6. A Cross

Knowledge of the best smoke spots in CS: GO is vital to avoid enemy ambushes, block areas, and protect your team while pushing. This is especially applicable to popular maps like Dust 2, which has survived nearly every iteration since its initial release in 2001.

Dust 2 features one of its most crucial smoke throwers at A Cross, protecting from terrorists pushing A Short from Long and AWPers at CT Base or Mid.

To perform this smoke throw, crouch next to the half wall that extends from T Spawn and look toward A Short, positioning your crosshair a fraction of an inch below the top of the building, as shown. This will ensure that your smoke grenade covers all areas above A Short while, protecting your team while they push.

This smoke spot requires more effort but is still an ideal option for your team. Situated on the Catwalk leading to A Short, walk up to its cage door and stand facing it until your crosshair aligns with its center. From there, look above A Short’s catwalk and position your crosshair over a slight brown indentation in its wall – as shown above.