Bike Repair Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Maintenance is crucial to the smooth running of any motorcycle. Adherence to recommended service schedules can also ensure smooth operations for years.

Ramjit Auto Services at Akra Phatak is a renowned bike repair shop located near me in Kolkata. Their team is committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction.

1. Ramjit Auto Services

This bike repair shop near me in Kolkata provides excellent services for all kinds of bikes. Their friendly and helpful staff can assist with everything from changing oil to tuning engines – they even offer free estimates!

Make an appointment or walk in. They accept numerous forms of payment, such as cash, American Express cards, credit cards, debit cards, and Paytm. Once inside, they will inspect all areas of the bike and recommend any repairs or maintenance work necessary; also, they check tire pressure and perform essential lubrication to save you money by prolonging its lifespan and improving performance.

An expertly maintained bicycle is safer to ride and less likely to break down or experience mechanical problems, while regular servicing also improves its appearance and the rider’s trust in it. Lubricated and tightened chains and sprockets reduce stress on riders while improving fuel efficiency.

Ramjit Auto Services of Kolkata has been offering quality motorcycle dealerships, Bullet Motorcycle repairs & services, Bajaj Pulsar repair & services, and Imported motorcycle repair & services to its clients for over 13 years. Their employees are dedicated to realizing the vision and achieving the company’s goals.

2. Bikers Planet Service Centre

This bike repair shop near me in Kolkata offers comprehensive two-wheeler maintenance. Their experienced crew understands all facets of motorbike upkeep and provides premium services at highly competitive prices, from oil changes and throttle/brake/clutch cable replacement to air filters and tire replacement.

Keeping up with routine motorcycle maintenance should include inspecting the engine oil regularly. Dirty engine oil can reduce its efficiency and shorten its lifespan; for optimal performance, it should be changed at least annually or as recommended by its manufacturer in its owner’s manual.

Conduct regular maintenance checks on your bike to help avoid expensive repairs. Before handing it over to a mechanic, inspect it for any visible blemishes and record any damages on its job card – then get an estimate before proceeding with repairs.

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3. Lakshmi Cycle & Motor Company

Kolkata is known as a city of joy. Now, cycling has also become synonymous with it! If you are searching for bike shops near me in Kolkata, Lakshmi Cycle & Motor Company offers a selection of bikes suitable for kids and adults and maintenance services.

New Lakshmi Cycle & Sons is one of the premier wholesale traders offering an exemplary collection of Gear Cycles, Gents Cycles, Ladies Cycles, Kids Bikes, Ranger Cycles, and Tricycles for kids and infants. Each product offered is meticulously designed by experts using premium-grade materials and cutting-edge technologies, while all products undergo stringent quality analyses to guarantee durability and strength.

The store provides electric and non-electric cycles suitable for city riding or commutes and accessories like saddles and handlebars.

This store stands out by providing customization options to its customers. Their customer support team can be reached through Chat, Call, and WhatsApp for assistance; they can customize cycling shoes if required and select an ideal bike according to your height and weight requirements. In addition, their products come with extensive warranties; for more details, please visit their official website or phone number.

4. Ghosh Cycle Co

Ghosh Cycle Co is an unrivaled shop where you can find an assortment of bicycles. Situated in Salt Lake Kolkata, this store provides fitness enthusiasts who wish to use cycling as their primary mode of transportation an assortment of bikes that cater to both adults and children, along with accessories like mudguards and saddles.

Over six months in business, they have earned a favorable reputation by offering quality products at reasonable prices and providing custom-built bikes explicitly tailored for cyclists who require specific components or specifications.

This store carries an impressive selection of bikes ranging from basic models to high-end ones, making browsing their inventory and placing orders simple via an online portal. They also provide repair and maintenance services for existing bikes and spare parts for all sorts of bikes.

This shop in the Garia area is well-known and longstanding. They carry a wonderful collection of bicycles but are known for being greedy and arrogant, asking potential buyers if they plan to buy immediately. Otherwise, they won’t show you their stock.

Ghosh Cycle Stores is an authorized BSA Hercules dealership with showroom hours between 10:30 am and 8:00 pm from Monday through Sunday.

5. New Debnath Cycle

New Debnath Cycle, situated in Ashwini Nagar, provides an impressive selection of bikes from brands like Kross, Hero, Atlas, and Hercules and spare parts and accessories from all these models. Open 24 hours, with an established customer base in Ashwini Nagar near businesses such as SS Enterprise, Pawprints Dog Food Store & Clinic Majumder Hardware Centre New Uma Garments Matri Print Center Amrita Gift & Fashion and more – New Debnath Cycle is open 24/7 with its customers flocking there to shop its offerings from Kross to Hercules bikes – from Kross to Hero Atlas Hercules; along with spares & accessories they also sell. New Uma Garments Matri Print Center Amrita Gift & Fashion are among some of its other neighbors!

Cycling has quickly become synonymous with Kolkata. While known for its Puchkas, Roshogullas, trams, and love of literature, cycling fast catches on in Kolkata! A great place to find quality bikes is at the New Debnath Cycle Shop at F65 Rajarhat Main Rd Jagatpur Ashwini Nagar North 24 Parganas West Bengal 700159 – visit today, and you won’t regret it!

6. Decathlon

Decathlon offers customers an innovative business model, enabling them to try gear in its store before buying it. Furthermore, Decathlon provides various sporting activities and training programs to help achieve customers’ fitness goals while its employees share an enthusiasm for sport that ensures an outstanding work culture.

Decathlon offers a selection of bicycles for children and accessories such as locks, mudguards, and carriers for sale at its flagship store in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Customers can shop sports equipment online through its website and mobile app 24/7 at this branch location of Decathlon’s Salt Lake branch.

This retailer is one of the world’s largest, with more than 1,600 stores worldwide and an international presence. They aim to make sports more active around the globe while being committed to sustainable practices that use environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes when building their facilities. Furthermore, this company promotes healthy lifestyles and has a zero-tolerance policy regarding child labor.

Decathlon’s Rockrider E-ST100 electric bicycle is designed for mountain biking and road riding, boasting an ARAI certification for maximum power and speed and BIS for safety and quality of battery performance. Furthermore, it has a lifetime frame warranty and two years or 500 charging cycles for its battery pack warranty.