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EXOTIC BIRD CENTER in Kolkata can be found at 2b Monilal Banerjee Rd Khidirpur and has received excellent reviews, earning itself an overall score of 3.90 out of 5, with over 130 customer ratings resulting from this establishment. Perfect for families, EXOTIC BIRD CENTER provides a range of birds and fishes suitable for display and sale.

Birds for sale

Though talking birds may make excellent pets, remember that training one to talk requires patience and time. Some species, like African grey parrots, can learn hundreds of words quickly, but verbalization doesn’t guarantee comprehension; other birds, like Indian Ringneck Parakeets, appear to have natural talents for longer phrases, but this still takes years of practice! EXOTIC BIRD CENTER in Kolkata’s Khidirpur neighborhood is home to EXOTIC BIRD CENTER, which serves birds near Bandnath railway station.

Birds for breeding

Birds are an excellent addition to a home but can also present unique challenges. For anyone in Khidirpur seeking exotic bird sales or breeding services, EXOTIC BIRD CENTER at 2b Monilal Banerjee Road provides the ideal place for both buyers and breeders of alien avian species alike – it’s conveniently close to Netaji Bhavan Metro Station as well as Bandnath railway station!

Three decades ago, Sunshine BirdWorld started as a modest 650-square-foot apartment at Dankuni and quickly expanded. Cages made by hand-held birds such as budgies, cockatiels, love birds, and parakeets filled every corner. Today, it covers five acres and specializes in hand-tame baby birds that can socialize on their own.

Birds for pet

Indians love having birds as pets. Birds make beautiful additions to any household and provide much entertainment and companionship. But choosing the appropriate bird pet for you and your family can be tricky; some require constant attention, while others could become nuisances in your house. Furthermore, proper care must be taken of every bird to guarantee its wellbeing and ensure its wellbeing.

Parrots are among the most beloved birds as pets, making for excellent companions that require little care or maintenance. While they may learn to talk, parrots need plenty of love and attention, as some can even become aggressive if neglected.

Hahn’s macaws are another highly sought-after pet. These brightly-colored parrots, with their curving beaks and whispery chirp, are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to commit to their pet; however, these birds can be costly; expect to spend many dollars on food and toys in addition to keeping one!

Cockatiels are another popular pet bird choice. These gorgeous and social creatures draw people in with their striking, sandy coloring; they can be kept alone or as pairs and require constant stimulation through toys and perches; nonstick cookware releases colorless, odorless fumes, which are dangerous for birds.

Pineapple Conures are ideal pets for a friendly and colorful bird to bring into the home. Originating from South America and Argentina, this quiet bird enjoys playing with its owner and engaging in different activities, such as hopping. However, unlike some parrots, they do not possess the ability to mimic speech like other parrots can do.

Although some parrots can learn to speak, it takes years of training. Some can produce hundreds of words without understanding them fully – it is important to remember that your bird should serve as a companion rather than an item you collect or play with.

Some prefer keeping domesticated animals, while others consider exotic creatures pets. It is important to remember that keeping exotic pets as pets may be illegal in certain countries; you should seek permission from the animal department before bringing a wild animal into your home. Otherwise, this violation can result in jail time and significant fines.