How to Have an Infinite Flow of Visitors to Your Site


The most exciting part of running an online business is seeing your hard work pay off as you attract visitors to your site, make sales, and watch your bank account fill up with money.

This article discusses numerous strategies for attracting site visitors and boosting your autoresponder series’ click-through and sales ratio.

Optimize, but don’t overcrowd

Use relevant keywords and phrases to help search engines find your website. Web crawlers (programs that travel the internet “capturing” information for search engine listings; also called spiders) discover more relevant data on your website, and the higher up in search results your site will appear. Use your keywords liberally without annoying your readers. Not only does this make for poorly written content, but it can also get your site blacklisted from search results entirely.

Make regular submissions to search engines by hand or via a submission service to increase your site’s visibility. Some website submission services are as follows:

o 1 2 3 Submit With a link exchange, you may submit your site for free to 21 search engines (including Google), and for as little as $9.95, you can submit it to several thousand more. Provides website evaluation and enhancement services as well.

You can submit your site to 20 search engines for free with ineedhits. It does not include Google. Use this in tandem with the SubmitExpress tool for optimal results.

You may submit your site to 20+ major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN, for free with SubmitExpress.

Get people to return.

Maintain a steady stream of website updates. Keep an eye out for updates and relevant content that could pique the attention of your site’s visitors. Providing value beyond the initial sale will keep buyers returning, and fresh content will keep search engines happy.

Reciprocal linking is one method to increase traffic and encourage repeat visits. In this arrangement, both parties benefit by having a link to their respective websites posted on yours. You can make a dedicated web page just for your links to provide your audience with more resources and drive traffic to other sites. These links aren’t as influential on search engine rankings as inbound non-reciprocal links (links from other sites to yours when no return link exists on your location). Your website’s outbound and reciprocal links should be relevant to the content you provide; otherwise, it will look unprofessional and hurt your search engine rankings.

The Spam-Free Diet: Selective blacklisting

Avoid being blacklisted by adhering to the guidelines not to send spam and by making your website look professional. This is when a search engine entirely and irrevocably removes your website or IP address from its index.

There are more ways to get your website banned:

Online copies or mirrors. This happens when the same information is published under multiple domain names. This is yet another argument against copying text from other websites without permission. You will have one angry internet marketer on your hands if you have someone else’s successful website blacklisted from search engines.

Hidden writing. In the past, adding long keywords to websites using tiny font sizes and the same color as the backdrop was standard practice. This text may be “invisible” to site viewers, but it is not to search engine spiders.

o Frequent page submissions. When submitting your site to search engines, remember the 30-day guideline. Submitting the same page to multiple search engines within 24 hours is usually grounds for automatic blacklisting.

o Having your site hosted for free. While this doesn’t always lead to blacklisting, free web hosts typically don’t fare well in search engine rankings. If your site goes down or you exceed your bandwidth limit, search engine spiders will avoid it, and your listing will be removed from the index (but not banned). You should carefully consider switching to a premium web server if you anticipate a high volume of visitors.

You can check if your site has been blacklisted by searching for it on MAPS Realtime Blackhole List or SpamCop, two of the most widely used blacklisting services.

You may have realized that whitelists are preferable to blacklists, given that the latter is often frowned upon. Whitelisting email lists is a method to reduce the amount of spam in circulation online. Internet service providers (ISPs) like AOL, Earthlink, MSN, and Yahoo compile and update “safe” site lists from which e-mail can be sent to subscribers. You can submit a whitelisting request to an ISP by sending them a letter. Subscribing to a certified sender scheme like Habeas, where ISPs can check the list to see if a sender is qualified non-spam, is another option for getting on whitelists. You might also ask your subscribers to whitelist your email address so that they get future correspondence from you. In the body of your autoresponder messages (just after you inform them what the following message will contain is ideal) or in a pop-up window that appears when a customer subscribes, you may remind them to add your domain to their “safe list.”

Get started with your mailing list.

Naturally, your autoresponder series will be the most efficient method of attracting visitors to your site. With such carefully designed messages, people will flock to your site to read your words. Please provide them with a compelling reason to visit your site and a compelling reason to keep coming back. You will have the foundation for a successful autoresponder campaign that generates consistent revenue.

With such carefully designed messages, people will flock to your site to read your words. Provide them with a compelling reason to visit your site and a compelling reason to keep coming back. You will have the foundation for a successful autoresponder campaign that generates consistent revenue.

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