What Should You Do to Make Your Master Bedroom Cozy?


Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a reflection of who you are. Make it a tranquil haven by furnishing it minimally. A well-designed bedroom makes the most of its square footage and color palette and can affect its inhabitants’ and visitors’ emotional states.


What was once seen only as a means of illumination is now considered a crucial component of interior design? Appropriate lighting is essential for setting the mood and producing the desired atmosphere. A dramatic and romantic impression can be achieved with curtains by using recessed lights, particularly near the windows at both ends of the room under pelmets. Small, intimate areas can be created with the help of localized lighting, which also highlights the room’s use of color and maintains the ambiance of romance. Try to stay away from fluorescent lighting. They’re not simply harsh; they make the whole place look dull and unappealing.

Big, tiny, wall bracket, lantern, antique looking pieces (good old Manish market, Lohar Chawl or Heera Panna, starting at Rs. 300 upwards and do try your negotiation abilities here), or even transform an artifact, such as a wooden carving, into a fashionable wall bracket with a shade to match. Reading lamps that can be adjusted to the perfect angle is available in various designs and metal finishes.

Bedside lamps with an ample shade that envelops one in its golden shadows are a great way to create a soothing, dreamlike ambiance in the bedroom. Alternatives to hanging a light directly above a dresser or closet include using floor lamps or disguised spotlights.


A dimmer can be used for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Wall sconces with up lighters are a lovely addition to the bedroom’s assortment of decorative items. They shine brightest when illuminating artwork or drawing attention to a particular niche. Choose simple fixtures to clean; a gentle, dry cloth will do the trick when wiping away dust. A glass wall bracket gives the impression of extra space. Pile on the color with throw pillows in peach and grey and dangling crystal chandeliers…


If you want to spare your spine some pain, choose an approved variety of coir or a combination of coir and foam, and spend the extra money on a name brand like Kurl-On. In the market for a luxurious water mattress? Feel free to indulge your desires…

Window coverings:

A wide variety is available, from white lace curtains that let the light into thick drapes that block the sun in the afternoon to good old-fashioned organzas in a rainbow of colors. Drapes with multiple layers help muffle outside noise. You can find some great options at Fab India and Cotton Décor for about Rs. 250 and above.

Modify it:

Quilts and bed coverings with vivid colors and bold patterns. Sheets can be satin, cotton, or velvet for a regal touch, and there are many patchwork and embroidered designs to choose from. Check around Spaces, Bombay Dyeing, Zeba, and Yamini.


A mirror placed directly in front of a bed is considered highly unlucky by most astrologers and space consultants. Because of this, designers have placed full-length mirrors inside wardrobes, eliminating the necessity for separate dressers.


You can’t get by without a place to store the things you need daily, so make sure you have drawers and cabinets for undergarments, bath towels, and makeup.

Chairs and a side table:

Place your cup of Earl Grey tea on a tiny glass tabletop and two cushioned profiles or modes in a pleasant part of your bedroom, preferably with a view of the blue sky and green trees.

Personal photographs:

Try to imagine yourself without a smile when you look at photos of your wedding, honeymoon, or even your kid. The pleasant memories flood back, and your mood is lifted for the rest of the evening. If you’re protective of your photos and don’t want strangers seeing them, the bedroom is a great area to display large prints or arrange framed pictures near your bed.


A personal library of all your favorite reading material… A simple glass wall bracket would be perfect for displaying and keeping them within easy reach.


You can either go with the built-in oak wardrobe or the metal cabinets. When a young interior designer from New York City moved to Mumbai, she found that she had inherited her parents’ metal storage cabinets. The focal point of her studio apartment is now the abstract paintings she painted on the walls to liven it up.

Heating and cooling systems:

The importance of keeping the appropriate temperature cannot be overstated. Avoid dust allergies by keeping air conditioner filters clean and getting regular maintenance.

The Green Regulations:

Plants should be kept out of the bedroom, or at least moved out of the room, at night. The carbon dioxide they produce is unnecessary for our environment.

Forget about electronics:

Scientists have shown that sleeping beside a TV or cell phone is terrible for your health.

Stay organized:

Just because your bedroom is out of sight does not give you the license to treat it like a dumping ground. There should never be clothes lying around, magazines should be placed on a rack, and outdated newspapers should be thrown away. Make your bedroom a relaxing space by attending to the details.

Tones and tints:

The more muted the hue, the more at ease you will feel, whereas the more saturated the color, the more it will stimulate you. It boils down to a matter of taste.


Beena and her husband, Mathews of Goregaon W, approached their interior decorator with a specific vision: a cozy, minimalist bedroom. The room would be painted in Mathew’s favorite shade of light blue and furnished with a king-size bed, closet with a built-in mirror-dressing table, CD rack, side tables, and drawers. After slaving away for a month, they finally had their dream home built, and they did it for less than Rs. 60,000.

Simple gratifications:

Just throw down a mattress on the floor, cover yourself in cotton sheets and pillows, turn on some music, and enjoy one of life’s simplest pleasures: a good night’s sleep.

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