Next Level 419 Sports Camps


Sports activities play an essential role in human life, helping us maintain good physical and mental health while having an indirect positive effect on the social development of a nation. Sports also teach us teamwork and discipline, which come in handy both at work and at home.

Next Level Basketball 419 Camp

Nearly 200 children gathered this week at Buckeye Central High School in New Washington to gain more knowledge about basketball. Although they did not walk away with medals or trophies, they did gain something more important: an understanding of its fundamentals. At Next Level 419, the Basketball Camp is run by local coaches who care deeply about this sport and want to see area children improve their skill level – plus, it’s not expensive, with only $50 being charged per three days for skills development!

Coaches from across the region – Willard’s Joe Bedingfield and Dave Hirschey, Buckeye Central’s Phil Loy and Chris Moyer, Ontario’s Joe Balogh, South Central’s Brett Seidel, and Colonel Crawford’s Nate Hill, among them – ran stations focusing on specific skills that will help players improve their game overall. Players ranging from third grade to incoming seniors took turns rotating through the various stations as they worked up a sweat.

The camp was designed for serious young players looking to join a school or travel team or advance their position on one already existing. Each day of camp featured peak performance discussion topics designed to help players understand what it takes from both physical and mental standpoints to be successful at the next level; additionally, scrimmages were conducted daily to put players’ skills through rigorous practice sessions.

Next Level coaches were also there to teach kids the fundamentals of basketball while providing encouragement and advice on becoming better individuals both on and off the court. Craft and Lauderdale both played for Oregon State University, so they were encouraging children to follow their faith and believe in themselves.

Next Level Baseball 419 Camp

Next Level 419 Baseball Camp is not about giving out awards or participation ribbons; rather, its focus lies on encouraging children to work hard and develop what it takes to be better players.

Nate Hill of Colonel Crawford led an instructive drill at Wilder’s Next Level Basketball 419 Camp that taught hoopers from fifth grade through high school seniors how to make hard right turns, take two dribbles towards their baseline, and fire across for a jump shot – just one of many tips and advice he offered the young athletes who attended this camp at Wilder’s new sports training, fitness, and practice facility.

At 419 Licking Pike in Wilder, Next Level Academy boasts an expansive 20,000-square-foot space offering team training, practice space, and fitness programs for youths and adults.