Cap Pack Sport – A Great Truck Accessory


Cap-Pack Sport was designed for avid hunters and outdoor adventurers to keep guns, bows, fishing equipment, camping gear, and tools organized and secure while offering fleet vehicles the flexibility of secure storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional camper slides. Professional installation is recommended. Made in America by Century and Leer.

Free up your truck bed.

If you need to transport tall gear like tents, sleeping bags, or camping equipment that extends past the bed of your truck, the cap-pack sport could be precisely what you’re searching for. This innovative storage solution utilizes wasted space in the cap to organize and secure all of your items – when closed; it locks into an elevated frame; when open, it extends outward with two buttons and can even come equipped with adjustable dividers to facilitate organization further.

If your truck is used as a work vehicle, a cap-pack sport can make it more functional by giving easy access to tools or equipment required for tasks. Haulers with bulky loads like hay can use bed extenders like BEDSLIDE that allow full access to cargo without lifting or removing tonneau covers, and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate a cap-pack as an easy way of storing guns, bows, and fishing equipment.

Enhance your truck’s capabilities with the Cap-Pack Sport from Millennium Linings LINE-X and save space with its versatile storage solution! Contact us for pricing or to have our expert installers install one for Century, Leer, or Raider truck caps with storage accessories installed by Waukesha’s premier installers.

Easy access

Cap-Pack Sport features an easy-to-open aluminum storage drawer designed for effortless truck bed storage space organization and ample equipment storage needs. Just press two buttons to gain access to your gear quickly! Originally developed as an outdoor enthusiast’s toolbox, Cap Pack Sport’s lightweight yet sturdy construction makes this revolutionary truck accessory accessible yet secure – ideal for keeping hunting gear, fishing tackle, camping supplies, and tools organized and safe – even fleet vehicles benefit from this practical accessory!

By combining it with an EZ-lift and decked system, the result is an endless number of gear storage solutions reminiscent of pop-up camping trailers at half their cost and weight.