How to Have a Beautiful Wedding Without Breaking the Bank


My wife and I wanted to avoid being in debt for a long time after the wedding, so we looked for methods to cut costs while preparing for the wedding and saving for a house. Friends of ours took out loans for their weddings and are still making payments on them years later; we decided against doing the same since we’d instead invest in a permanent asset like a house than a temporary one like a wedding. Then we got serious about finding methods to cut costs on our wedding preparations. You may miss your wedding budget by tens of thousands of dollars if you plan meticulously in advance.

I immediately created a spreadsheet on my computer to keep tabs on costs and compare prices across vendors. I got three price estimates from each area’s service provider and recorded them in a spreadsheet. When you can get a bird’s-eye view of the situation, you may start thinking about where you can save and what other options would cost less.

We also went to a bridal exhibition in our area as a first step, which was a good decision. Several vendors offered discounts on wedding dresses, flowers, and photos at the bridal fair in exchange for booking early. There were also fashion presentations, door prizes, and seminars on wedding preparation.

Our favorite low-cost wedding suggestions are down below.

You can save a lot of money on your wedding dress and the dresses your attendants wear by looking for sales online and at bridal shops and by keeping an eye on your local paper for announcements of wedding cancellations.
Having a wedding in the late summer allows you to grow your flowers at a fraction of the cost of a florist, or you can find lower prices at your local grocery store instead of a florist shop, or you can go to the dollar store and buy some silk flowers to mix in with real ones. Small vases can be purchased for a dollar apiece, and a single rose can be placed in each vase to decorate each table at the reception.
Cosmetics and Hair If you want to save money on hair and cosmetics for your wedding, consider having a friend or family member who is skilled in this area do it for you or having one of your bridesmaids do it.
You can save money on photography and videography by having a friend or family member take all the shots on a high-quality digital camera or video camera with a tripod for filming inside and outside the church and then uploading the photos and videos to a free photo-sharing website for everyone to enjoy after the wedding.
Outdoor wedding receptions in the backyards of family or friends can save couples hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A tent and all the necessary party equipment can be rented from a single location. To keep costs further, consider catering the event yourself and encouraging visitors to BYOB.
Paper tablecloths, plastic and paper plates, and other party items can be purchased in bulk from a dollar store for a fraction of the price of real tablecloths and linen napkins.
Wedding Transportation: Use an automobile that belongs to a friend or family member, such as a convertible Mustang, or a vintage or unusual vehicle, such as a Hummer.
Make your wedding invites using your home computer and paper from a craft store to save money on expensive stationery. Talk to the staff at your local craft shop for inspiration on how to make your invitations.
Rather than paying for a live band, you can save money by hiring a DJ or bringing your own CDs and sound system.
Do-it-yourself party goodies are always a hit.
Honeymoon? Look online for vacation packages, including airfare, rental car, and hotel discounts.
Using the tips above, you and your future spouse might save thousands of dollars on your wedding and use that money toward a down payment on a house. You may save yourself a lot of anxiety and money by being well-prepared well before your wedding day so that you don’t have to borrow money or pay for things in advance. Enjoy your time spent frugally preparing for your wedding.

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