Traveling Cheaply to Asia: Tips for Finding Discount Flights


I’ve spent over a decade exploring Asia and am now based out of Indonesia after extensive travels throughout the region. I’ve found myself in need of a low-cost airline time and time again. It seemed to me at first that flying within the country and internationally were two distinct experiences. For instance, most nations have no price difference between buying two “one-way” tickets versus one “return” key for a domestic flight. Unless, of course, you count a minor reduction in price for the return trip.

It is more challenging to find low-cost airline tickets to Asia now. It’s possible to save money on round-trip airfare. Therefore, it can be not easy to discover decent discounts if you plan to travel to several different cities (round trip with many transportation stops). The following suggestions, however, should help you locate the most inexpensive flight to Asia on the web.

I’ve split this piece into overseas travel and flying within the United States.

Let’s begin with a discussion of transoceanic travel. You can find some great websites, but you may have to look around to get what you want. The best place to start is by researching airline options worthy of the destination or departure country.

The two major airlines in Indonesia, Garuda, and Qantas, are the only ones offering flights to Australia. Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines are only two of many airlines to choose from. However, getting to and from these cities will take a significant chunk of time out of your journey.

As you’ll see in the following post about flying within Indonesia, Air Asia is one of my go-to airlines. More than fifty cities in Asia merit consideration for the cheapest flight possible.

When flying within a country’s borders, my experiences have been very different in Indonesia and Australia.

A wide variety of domestic airlines operate in Indonesia, so picking one to fly within the country is easy. There are more than 12,000 individual islands that makeup Indonesia’s archipelago. There are almost 3,000 inhabited islands, and I’d guess hundreds more have access to airports. You can therefore fathom the vast scope of Indonesia’s potential and current market. Garuda (which offers international service), Merpati, Mandala, Lion Aviation, Adam Air, Star Air, Batavia, etc., are the country’s primary commercial aviation carriers.

While saving money is essential, you shouldn’t put safety on the back burner. Since I don’t have any relevant data on security at the moment, I won’t go into specifics. If you’ve picked up a newspaper in the previous several months, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Some brands above may currently enjoy global recognition, but perhaps not for their inexpensive fares… However, you shouldn’t stress too much because air travel is one of the safest modes of transportation available.

Once you’ve narrowed your newspaper search results to a manageable number of airlines, you can compare fares. If you go to Google and search for the company’s name, you should quickly arrive at their website. Most tickets have similar pricing with the international and most recognized national company…..Garuda Indonesia, if you look at least three weeks in advance. And that’s the catch if you want to book an Indonesian domestic flight more than three weeks ahead of time…There are no low-cost airline tickets available. Ticket prices typically drop by 20%-70% if you wait until the “perfect” time to buy (between three weeks and two weeks in advance… be careful after that, it could be too late) to do so.

If you’re willing to plan and buy your domestic flight tickets months in advance, you can save a lot of money. Air Asia is an option. They offer low-cost flights and a user-friendly website. Malaysia is the provider for several other Asian countries and towns. Excellent for anyone looking to save money while visiting Asia.

Jakarta, Denpasar (Bali), Medan, Surabaya, etc., are the only major cities in Indonesia where AirAsia deserves patronage. They have flown over fifty different Asian cities. No seats may be secured in advance, but the service is secure, and the prices are meager compared to similar offerings. The cheapest flight I’ve seen to Asia comes from them. Take a peek, if you will.

It appears to function in Australia in much the same way as in other Western nations. The earlier you book, the greater your chance of getting a low fare. I’ve heard that Qantas offers fantastic deals, such as an “atonement,” when the buyer receives a significant discount on a predetermined number of flights. It could be helpful if you frequently need to book flights. However, booking online with Blue Virgin or Jet Star is likely the most cost-effective option. They should live in different Australian cities, but not the same one. So, the answer depends on your final destination. You may have to do some digging if you want a higher rate. One day I was trying to find a ticket from Sydney to Darwin on the cheap. Jet Star doesn’t have this option, but Blue Virgin offered 450 AUD (through Brisbane). However, after doing additional research, I discovered that Jet Star provides the lowest fares between Sydney and Adelaide (99 AUD) and Adelaide and Darwin (167 AUD). In sum, 266 AUD. 184 Australian dollars just disappeared from my bank account. Blue Virgin offers lower prices than other times. It is dependent upon supply and demand. All the best in your hunt.

In addition to serving several Asian countries, including Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc., Jetstar offers some of the cheapest flights in the region.

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