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Staff at this store are friendly and cooperative, offering quality dresses and shoes at competitive prices for men & women. Its convenient location provides ample parking space.

Zudio understands the desire of their target market tier two and three customers to look fashionable while staying within budget; this understanding has driven massive footfall to their storefront. This understanding has resulted in Zudio becoming one of the fastest-growing fashion stores.


Zudio offers dresses to match every mood or occasion imaginable – casual wear to statement-making fashion pieces – for less. Their selection features floral prints, solid colors, and other patterns at reasonable prices so that updating your wardrobe won’t break the bank!

If you’re shopping for Zudio dresses online, the company’s website can be invaluable in finding your ideal size. There is a sizing guide available that can assist in selecting your perfect fit; additionally, retailers that carry Zudio dresses provide information so that you can quickly shop for one and send it directly to you.

The Zudio app is available on iOS and Android devices, making browsing and purchasing items from Zudio’s collection simple. Shoppers can visit a store near them or order online and have them sent directly to their home address. Plus, Zudio often runs sales or discounts that make purchasing stylish clothing at an excellent value easier!

Zudio is an apparel and fashion chain known for offering products across western wear, ethnic wear, beauty, innerwear & means wear, kids wear, and more. Based in Bangalore, India, with over 300 stores nationwide and taking advantage of economies of scale to pass savings directly onto consumers while offering competitive franchise opportunities within each local community. Furthermore, their parent company, Trent, offers impressive economies of scale as a source of savings which they pass onto consumers directly while being known for an outstanding work culture and customer satisfaction levels.


Zudio offers online tops for women in various styles and patterns, from trendy to classic. Their wide range of sizes ensures that you can find exactly the right piece to complement your body and that it is affordable enough for most budgets.

Shopping Zudio also gives you access to their sale section, featuring seasonal sales and promotions on select items that allow you to save money while staying current on fashion trends at an unbeatably great price. However, please be aware that quality may differ compared with full-priced versions of these items.

Zudio’s most sought-after top is the peplum, designed to flatter any figure and add feminine appeal. Wear this piece with formal skirts or dresses for a chic look, or pair it with jeans and a jacket for casual nights out.

Those searching for high-profit fashion franchise opportunities might consider investing in the Zudio clothing store chain. Backed by TATA Group and with an expansive network of outlets, this fashion franchise provides a fixed revenue share of 16% as well as 12-15% IRR on lump sum investments.

The company’s online store features an expansive selection of women’s kurtas, making finding an appropriate outfit for any special event or celebration easy. In addition, this store provides accessories such as slippers and lip gloss to complement your look – plus detailed product information regarding benefits for each product sold!


This online shopping store provides an expansive selection of clothing for any special event at affordable prices and with superior quality fabrics. Furthermore, they provide shoes, lip glosses, perfumes, and accessories to complete their outfits – ideal for formal dresses and other clothing items! Again, their website is user-friendly, making the experience truly hassle-free.

Zudio store offers fashionable apparel and accessories for women, including traditional garments like kurtas that make a bold fashion statement while commemorating Indian heritage. There are various designs and patterns regarding Zudio’s selection of kurtas, making them the ideal addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Zudio offers a vast selection of dresses, blouses, pants, footwear, and accessories at great prices. Their sales offer you the opportunity to save money on some of your favorite styles; taking advantage of sales can even allow you to buy designer clothing for far less!

Zudio franchise is one of India’s fastest-growing fashion and apparel chains. Established under Trent in 2016, Zudio offers Western clothing and accessories for men, women, and children from sizes 14 up. Since 2016 alone, it has opened over 352 outlets in 119 cities nationwide with affordable pricing strategies and dedicated marketing support, resulting in loyal customer bases and impressive profit margins.


Zudio shoes offer an extensive selection of styles and colors to meet the needs of every wardrobe, from casual sneakers to heels – there’s sure to be something perfect! Furthermore, their competitive pricing means you can maintain style without breaking the bank!

Zudio’s online shopping platform makes it easy to stay current on trends without leaving the comfort of your own home. The site is user-friendly, providing customer reviews, product descriptions, and convenient payment and tracking methods.

Zudio offers more than clothing; in addition to its large selection, Zudio provides accessories and beauty products such as makeup brushes, lip glosses, slippers, and slipper sets for budget-minded shoppers. Many items offered through seasonal sales make these purchases even more cost-effective than their counterparts from other brands.

Established as a subsidiary of Trent Brands in 2016, Zudio is one of India’s fastest-growing apparel and fashion chains, specializing in Western wear with over 230 outlets nationwide. Their affordable prices, high industry exposure, and scalable growth model contribute to Zudio’s rapid expansion.

To open a Zudio franchise, you must meet the company’s financial and site requirements. Furthermore, you must be willing to cover operating costs such as rent and electricity expenses associated with running a retail outlet – including rent and electricity expenses. Again, at least two years’ business experience and a strong interest in joining the Zudio team are prerequisites; once met, you can apply via our online application form.


Zudio offers pants designed to accommodate different body types and style preferences, from leggings and jeans to trousers that can be worn casually or dressed up for special events. Furthermore, Zudio’s prices are much more cost-effective than many fashion brands due to economies of scale that reduce its costs.

Zudio offers feminine ethnic palazzos made from a cotton linen blend, featuring an elasticated waistline for comfort and an exaggerated flare for a flattering silhouette. Perfect for casual wear with a t-shirt or tunic for an effortlessly chic look!

Zudio apparel franchise is an innovative, fast-growing clothing and fashion chain in India with a very high-profit margin and business model founded on FOCO (freight on consignment). However, before investing in their franchise model one should carefully consider their limitations; such as franchise fees, inventory costs, and renovation expenses associated with each Zudio store location.