The Trading Post Emerald Isle


The Trading Post Emerald Isle is an intimate eatery offering delicious Southern food and beverages, plus an outdoor patio seating area offering live music performances – the ideal spot for creating lasting memories with family and friends!

Emerald Isle, situated along the Crystal Coast, is an idyllic beach destination ideal for swimming and other coastal activities. Additionally, Emerald Isle features one of the region’s largest selections of vacation rentals.

Located on the Southern Outer Banks

The southern Outer Banks is an idyllic part of North Carolina, boasting breathtaking beaches, charming coastal towns, and rich maritime heritage. Also known as the Crystal Coast, locals, and visitors belove this beach vacation destination. There are various means by which tourists can access this gem: including flying. Coastal Carolina Regional Airport in New Bern provides service directly to Emerald Isle for accessing this paradise beach vacation destination.

Emerald Isle’s region has long been recognized for its wealth of resources. Native American tribes inhabited its barrier island millennia before European colonial settlers arrived in the 1700s. Life on Bogue Banks wasn’t without risks; high seas pirates frequently preyed upon this location due to its remote coves and inlets providing ideal hiding spaces. Smugglers raked up valuable goods like treasure chests of rum along the coastlines in their search for valuable goods – creating opportunities that provided much-needed revenue to support themselves from smugglers – providing both groups a source of profit from other trade sources such as trade routes between continents.

Once known for pirate activity, the Southern Outer Banks is now an exciting community offering many recreational opportunities. Fishing, diving, and relaxing on the beach are just a few ways to spend a relaxing day! Swimming in the ocean remains popular; always swim within sight of a lifeguard for added safety! And don’t forget to check the weather report before setting out on your journey!

The Trading Post; Southern Food & Spirits is an ideal spot for casually sophisticated dining with delicious food and drinks, such as down-home favorites such as fried green tomatoes, hushpuppies, and fried pickles as well as crave-worthy coastal fare such as shrimp and grits and filet mignon. Their staff is patient and professional – not to mention they feature an outdoor firepit lounge area and an impressive bar offering a selection of spirits!

Sea turtle nesting season

Nesting season for sea turtles typically runs between May and November. A pregnant loggerhead sea turtle digs a hole in the sand and deposits up to 150 eggs into it before covering it with more sand before returning to her aquatic home. A few months later, adorable hatchlings emerge from their holes and head toward the ocean; unfortunately, these endangered species face many threats, such as fishing gear entanglement and marine debris like plastic bags that mistakenly identify jellyfish as potential food sources; additionally, pollution levels may disrupt their migration patterns as well as cause higher sand temperatures that threaten egg viability – ultimately leading to higher mortality among turtle populations worldwide.

North Carolina’s southeastern coast is one of the nation’s premier nesting spots for sea turtles, boasting beaches frequented by various species – including rare leatherback sea turtles – who nest here yearly. Yet humans continue to threaten this population, disrupting habitat and decreasing population.

Numerous organizations are striving to protect turtles and their natural environment. For instance, The Sea Turtle Conservancy educates people about keeping turtles safe by encouraging beachgoers to be aware of their surroundings and respect turtles. Furthermore, they promote using lights that don’t confuse sea turtles during nighttime hours, which can confuse hatchlings.

Emerald Isle’s town team walks the beaches every morning during nesting season – rain or shine – searching for nests and protecting them as necessary. Additionally, they distribute sea turtle-friendly outdoor lights to oceanfront property owners.

Coastal lifestyle

Emerald Isle, situated at the southern part of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, offers families looking for relaxation on its soft sand an ideal beach destination. Close by are other popular beach communities such as Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, and Cape Lookout National Seashore, making this town even more desirable; additionally, an extensive array of vacation rentals allows visitors to find their ideal cottage or condo stay here.

Emerald Isle’s Beach is one of its primary draws, providing plenty of activities and entertainment for people of all ages. Swimming, volleyball, and walking along its soft sand beaches are among many ways you can have fun here; plus, you may spot dolphins or sea turtles!

If you’re feeling peckish, The Trading Post Southern Food & Spirits provide an impressive list of classic American comfort food and coastal fare. Additionally, this family-friendly eatery features an attractive setting and bar with ocean views. Emerald Isle Woods Park provides a disc golf course, dock facilities, scenic shoreline, and forest trails. At the same time, other popular activities include Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier, Hammocks Beach State Park, and Salty Pirate Water Park – make a day trip out!

Emerald Isle offers plenty of activities, but you should keep certain factors in mind before planning a vacation. The local government has made great strides to preserve the environment while ensuring beachgoers enjoy themselves without disturbing local wildlife. Emerald Isle is considered a safe place and has even been named a top travel destination by US News.


The Trading Post offers fresh seafood fare at its best while providing stunning beachside dining. Their extensive menu ranges from oysters and shrimp to filet mignon, making this restaurant a must for anyone visiting Emerald Isle.

At 8302 Emerald Dr, this family-run restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. Their friendly owner is always ready to assist with your needs; their delicious menu features sandwiches and burgers; you can even sample their acclaimed fried green tomatoes and hush puppies!

The Trading Post is a favorite among locals and tourists alike for experiencing authentic southern cuisine and hospitality, featuring an expansive menu, full bar, drinks selection, and stunning Bogue Inlet Pier views! Their rooftop bar provides the ideal place to unwind after dining on fresh seafood in their lovely setting; their extensive menu is sure to have something perfect for anyone! You won’t want to leave!

Vacation rentals

Emerald Isle, North Carolina, offers an abundance of accommodations. From charming cottages by the sea to luxurious hotels, you will find something suitable for your style and budget. Emerald Isle’s pristine beaches and quiet streets make it ideal for families. There are also plenty of shopping and dining opportunities – you could spend your days relaxing on its pristine beaches, boating the waters surrounding its shores, or watching baby sea turtles hatch (May – November).

Emerald Isle, North Carolina vacation rentals provide the ideal coastal retreat. You will find your perfect spot here for one week or just the weekend! Experience its natural beauty at Hammocks Beach State Park or head out on the water at Salty Pirate Waterpark; picnic at nearby parks and enjoy delicious meals at local seafood markets!

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom vacation rental offers breathtaking ocean views just steps from the beach, pet-friendly with an open floor plan, full kitchen, washer, and dryer. The living area comes equipped with Smart TV and a comfortable sectional sofa, while the master bedroom has a private bath and soaker tub.

Spring and Fall seasons offer the ideal conditions for visiting this beach, when prices are significantly reduced, and larger homes within budget can be obtained without overcrowded beaches during Summer vacation periods. Furthermore, active-duty military members and veterans qualify for discounts during these seasons.