How to Complete Quran in 7 Days


At first, this may not seem possible to someone new to the Quran; however, with good time management and dedication, it should be possible.

In order to do this, one must commit to reciting three Juz daily and understanding how best to organize their schedule in order to do this successfully.

Start early

One of the critical components to completing the Quran in seven days is starting early and setting aside specific times – such as after Fajr or before sleeping – for reading the Quran each day. Doing this will keep your motivation high while creating an essential foundation.

Break down the Quran into smaller chunks for easier memorization. Focus on memorizing one surah at a time until they have all been remembered before moving on to learning more chapters of it until eventually you will have memorized all 63 surahs without difficulty.

Finding an approach that works for you can be difficult, so the key is finding one that best fits you. Some prefer reading before and after each prayer service, while others may prefer reading a set number of pages daily – whatever works for you. Just make sure that it becomes part of your routine and daily Quran reading habits.

Apart from setting a schedule and developing a habit, it is also crucial to take the Quran seriously and pay respect. Keep in mind that it was given as guidance by our beloved prophets and should not be read quickly or hastily; instead, it should be read slowly with care and consideration.

Staying on track when reading the Quran is easier when you carry a copy with you at all times – whether physical or virtual! Download an app to keep track of how often and for how long. Keeping it handy also makes reading the Quran easier; place it somewhere prominent within your home so it is easily found when necessary while making sure the environment remains clean and respectful when reading from it.

Break it down

One of the biggest mistakes people make when memorizing the Quran is trying to take on too much at once. Because this journey takes time, planning and breaking your goal down into manageable chunks is essential if you aim to complete it in 7 days; for instance, focusing on two Juz per day might ensure you don’t become overwhelmed and give up halfway through.

Take regular breaks between memorizing each juz to recharge and restore energy levels and remain focused throughout. By resting both body and mind during these breaks, as well as reflecting upon verses you’ve covered and enjoying Allah SWT’s Words through memorization, you will enjoy incredible barakah (blessing).

Stay motivated on your memorization journey by recruiting a friend or family member as your study partner. Not only can they offer encouragement and motivation, but they’ll also be able to give feedback about your progress as well as offer helpful tips to keep you on the right path.

Consider hiring an online Quran tutor as well; these professionals specialize in memorization teaching and can add valuable expertise to your learning journey. A tutor may be able to improve articulation and pronunciation as well as teach you Tajweed (Khanif).

Finally, to ensure the retention of what you’ve memorized, it’s essential to schedule regular revision sessions to reinforce what has been remembered. This can be accomplished using various strategies, such as recording yourself reciting aloud or using memory palace techniques, such as writing your recitation down and listening back over it or writing down and listening through it yourself.

No matter what method you select, it would be best if you stuck with it. By being consistent in this regard, completing the Quran can be accomplished in as little as seven days! Once complete, celebrate this achievement by donating to charity or organizing something special, such as hosting a meal to mark this significant achievement!

Make it a habit.

If you’re ready to tackle the challenge of reading all 63 chapters in one week, there are numerous points to remember. The first step should be deciding how you want to divide it up into segments called Juzs. Next, determine how many pages per day will be read with an alarm or reminder set on your phone as an aid for remembering to recite. It is also essential that this time is used thoughtfully, as rushing through it could miss its deeper meanings.

For an effective 7-day Quran reading challenge, consistency with the recitation routine will be critical. Though it requires time and effort, achieving this feat is well within reach with proper planning and strategy. Reciting the Quran can bring incredible rewards; Allah greatly appreciates and blesses it as an act of worship that brings people closer to Him.

Beginning your spiritual quest requires setting your intentions, adhering to Quran etiquette, and organizing your schedule and space for reading. If possible, find someone willing to join you on this adventure – having someone around is a great way to keep motivated when times get difficult!

Plan for and commit to making recitation a regular part of your daily routine by setting aside set blocks of time each day – preferably early morning or late at night when you can focus the most attention. If possible, read in an uninterrupted environment so you can fully immerse yourself in your recitation experience.

Make sure that you have an area in which to recite, such as your bedroom or a room in the home. Make sure you are comfortable and equipped with the necessary resources – like a raised surface for your Quran, alarm clock, headphones, or speakers.


Once you commit to reading the Quran, having a supportive community around you is vital in order to stay on track and celebrate your progress. Joining a group allows for easy accountability while simultaneously giving feedback from peers about whether you’re heading in the right direction.

Set reasonable goals for yourself. If reading three jugs (sections) of the Quran per day seems too challenging, it begins slowly and increases over time. An app can also help track progress and keep you motivated.

Maintaining a steady pace is the key to reading the Quran in seven days. In order to do this, create and stick to a schedule – not every day but rather select days each week; alternatively, you could break each juz down into individual segments during separate prayer times.

Set aside a dedicated space where you will not be disturbed or interrupted while reading the Quran, like your bedroom or living room. Make this area comfortable and joyful – ask family members not to worry about this sacred time while reading!

Some scholars have reported that Prophet PBUH prohibited reciting the Quran in less than three days as this could compromise reflection. However, most scholars consider completing it within this amount of time as long as the recitation does not compromise understanding the words being said.

To achieve this goal, devote some time to contemplating each verse and reflecting upon its meaning. Use books or websites that provide translations and commentary on these chapters to further your comprehension of each message contained therein. You could also explore their historical background as well as any moral or ethical teachings they have.

Implement these tips, and you will complete the Quran in seven days. Achieving this feat takes dedication, so approach this journey with determination as an achievement towards spiritual progress – you won’t regret doing it later on!