My Food Seems to Be Very Cute


Food should be enjoyed and appreciated! If you have a particular favorite food, why not ask family and friends what theirs is, too – you might be amazed!

My Food Seems to be Very Cute brings readers into an engaging fantasy world with charming characters, extraordinary culinary adventures, and heartwarming relationships. This captivating manhua also blends shoujo ai and soft yuri elements to provide a unique reading experience.

Shoujo Ai & Yuri

Fantasy manhua that will enchant readers is sure to enthrall them. The tale centers around two characters- a vampire princess and a werewolf girl-who form an inextricable bond after meeting at their coffins.

Beginning your journey into yuri is ideal for immersing yourself in this subgenre of manga and anime depicting sapphic relationships. While in Japan, “yaoi” refers to platonic lesbian friendships, western fans use “yuri” for any content with lesbian themes (whether explicit or implicit).

This endearing and charming shoujo manga follows Konatsu, a young idol whom her manager asks to become her friend and mentor. Although their personalities don’t align initially, they soon form an unlikely bond over their mutual passion for creating anime.

Strawberry Shake Sweet has become one of the most beloved yuri mangas ever published despite only featuring two volumes. The story revolves around Yachiyo Inugami and Suzu Nekoyama, two opposite personalities who find themselves drawn together despite their various characters and start falling for each other despite any potential miscommunication issues; their missteps provide ample comic relief – each episode is only four minutes long, so it can easily fit into your busy schedule!


Fantasy manga and manhua enthusiasts have long enjoyed immersing themselves in an imaginary realm filled with extraordinary creatures and captivating adventures. My Food Seems to Be Very Cute is an engaging fantasy manhua that skillfully blends Shoujo Ai and Yuri elements into its tale of romance and friendship between vampires who have slept for two hundred years and an innocent werewolf girl.