Gabriel Swaggart House – A Place of Worship For Pastor Gabe Swaggart and His Wife Jill Swaggart


Gabriel Swaggart House in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is an impressive residence of over 10,000 square feet featuring breathtaking architecture and luxurious design. Additionally serving as both home and place of worship for pastor Gabe Swaggart.

Jimmy Swaggart was one of the leading evangelists and Frances Swaggart is the grandmother. Their grandson leads his own church as pastor as well as host a show called Generation of the Cross and Living Waters on Sonlife Broadcasting Network with sermons that resonated with listeners from various walks of life. Additionally, Jill travels alongside him each year with him to host four annual rallies across America.

Jill is also an ordained minister and leads her own youth ministry. For years she has been part of a family-based church, where she passionately spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ while weaving her passion for singing into powerful messages that move their audience.

As well as her preaching career, she has also participated in charitable works and campaigns designed to educate and provide assistance for children and young adults.

Not only is she known for her charitable efforts, she is also an accomplished author who has written many popular books such as her all-time best seller “The Power of Prayer”. For anyone seeking to deepen their spirituality or faith this book is an indispensable companion.