Eco Park Gate No 1


Eco park gate No. 1 is an excellent way to experience Kolkata’s Seven Wonders and is popularly known for its Rabindra Aranya and lakefront promenade.

Various methods are available for reaching Eco Park Gate No. 1. One effective solution is taking a bus from the airport to New Town and stopping off at Chinar Park.

1. Eiffel Tower

As Christmas and New Year’s Eve draw nearer, Eco Park gate No. 1 is expected to become increasingly crowded with visitors. To manage this anticipated influx, authorities have prepared additional food stalls and a vaccination counter dedicated to coronavirus testing.

The Eiffel Tower, known simply as “the Tower,” stands in Paris, France, in the Champ de Mars district. Constructed for the World’s Fair (Exposition Universelle) in 1889, the iconic structure has become one of the world’s most widely recognized landmarks. One of its symbols is now one of Paris’ defining characteristics.

Eiffel et Compagnie was chosen from over 100 entries to design the Eiffel Tower, and construction started on July 1, 1887, taking only 22 months from start to completion. Although no practical purpose existed for it initially, it was intended merely to impress visitors and show off French industrial capabilities. Today, the tower stands at 1,063 ft (324m).

2. Statue of the Redeemer

Eco Park features the iconic statue of Christ made famous during Rio’s 2014 Fifa World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, offering visitors the perfect photo opp! Situated at its highest point, the replica is an ideal photo op and makes a perfect spot for snapshots.

The sculptor has done her best to replicate the original without making too large of an installation; half its size compared to its counterpart and capable of withstanding both wind pressure and earthquake-induced damage are among its characteristics.

Reaching Chinar Park from either Salt Lake or Central Kolkata is simple if taking public transit: board a bus heading toward the New Town Bus Stop and exit at Eco Park Gate No 2. From there, hop aboard one that travels directly towards Chinar Park; the journey should only take 10 minutes.

3. Musical Fountain

At night, this park’s musical fountain draws crowds with its lights of various colors and music. Additionally, Baul Gram offers visitors an insight into Bengal’s vibrant folk music and dance tradition and is also worth a visit at this park.

Mask Garden with masks from around the world can be found near Eco Park’s rainforest garden and is certainly worth seeing. Additionally, Art Street, which leads up to gate 2, has become a vibrant source of colors thanks to mothers, children, and morning walkers helping paint its surface.

Eco Park features thematic areas such as a formal garden, mother’s wax museum, Adda zone, meadow garden, and sculpture garden. A Japanese-themed site also provides an oasis of calm near Gate No. 1. No additional fees apply here.

4. Rose Garden

Eco Park Gate No. 1 hosts an enchanting Rose Garden featuring 96 varieties of roses in different shapes and colors. This exquisite garden boasts fountains, sculptures, and pathways surrounded by rose shrubs and fountains.

This garden features innovative ideas that visitors can replicate at home, including an exotic tree garden that conjures a sense of forest and other exciting attractions.

Visitors to Japan can easily reach this garden from any part of the city thanks to its proximity to various public transport routes. Tourists should alight at either the New Town Bus stop or Chinar Park before catching one towards Eco Park gate No. 1. No extra charges apply when entering this tranquil environment, making this garden perfect for discovering its beauty.

5. Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden has been designed under a dome to recreate conditions more representative of butterflies’ natural habitats. Flowering annuals and perennials help cater to various butterflies around a circular body of water. Also nearby is a golf zone offering learner courses set amidst lush vegetation.

Near Gate 1, a tranquil Japanese-themed area offers visitors a glimpse into ancient Japan’s atmosphere and traditions. This relaxing environment boasts an artificial pond, wooden bridge, and bamboo forest, making this an excellent photographic backdrop.

At Lake Aina, a small Shikara boat riding facility is available, charging Rs 150/- for four people for 30 minutes of Shikara boat depending on fun on the lake waters. Experience something genuinely memorable while floating on one!

6. Lake Front Promenade

The Lake Front Promenade is a waterfront walkway and beach for visitors to enjoy the park’s water body. This path also serves as a home for Rabi Aranya reminiscent of Tagore’s Shantiniketan, Sabuj Sathi island’s glasshouse, a theater, Adda Zone Artist Cottage Tropical Garden Bamboo Garden Food Court, as well as a musical fountain.

Bamboo Garden now features a gaming area open exclusively to game lovers; the charge per hour for individual gamers is Rs 50 per person. Japanese Forest offers a tranquil oasis inspired by the Shinto religion, which reveres nature. At its center is a pond connected by a semicircular bridge. Visitors may toss coins into the wishing bowl for good fortune while visitors toss coins into its semicircular bridge in hopes of casting some good omens upon new couples entering marriage; lovely is its beautiful wisteria arbor, which contains moongates which may bring good fortune upon newlywed couples entering into marriage! An active wishing well is also in its center as part of its charms.

7. Adda Zone

Adda Zone, situated adjacent to Artist Cottage, provides a simple seating arrangement with beautiful views of Lake Lanier and a musical fountain. There are also multiple food kiosks located here.

The Bamboo Garden showcases an exceptional display of various bamboo plants with different planting effects and a thematic zone dedicated to Bengal delicacies such as fruits. Furthermore, nature learning through the identification of fruit trees is encouraged here.

This park offers one of the best places to watch its popular musical fountain show at night, providing spectacular sights for Rs 30 per person for 30 minutes. Additionally, private buses from Bali Bazar or Garia to reach this park will cost roughly Rs 20 each way.

8. Tea Garden

If you want to experience the charming ambiance of Darjeeling, visit the Tea Garden near Gate 1. A miniature version of Darjeeling Tea Estate has been recreated here.

The Eco Park offers many attractions and events throughout the year, but one new feature at their Eco Park is The Mask Zone. Situated adjacent to the northern parking lot and soon-to-open tea garden, this area features masks from various districts of West Bengal, multiple states in India, and countries across the globe.

This park features miniature models of all seven world wonders and is an excellent place for kids in Kolkata. Visitors from South 24 Parganas can take a bus from Garia or Bally to reach it; busses will drop you right outside entrance gate no 1. Admission costs 30 rupees per person.

9. Mask Zone

Visitors will discover an exciting new attraction near Gate No. 1 of Eco Park: Mask Zone. Here, visitors will be treated to various masks from West Bengal and India representing different districts, states, and cultures around the globe. In the evening, when fountains start spraying water onto their waterspouts visitors will also enjoy music-driven water screens with laser shows and light and sound shows on Lake Eco.

Tourists can easily reach this site via numerous buses that run to New Town from Bali Bazar and direct buses running directly from airport gate no. 2 direct buses that run directly to the eco-park. One can also take Airport 3no from Bali Bazar, which takes roughly 30 minutes to arrive at its destination; ticket prices are also very reasonable.

10. Bengal Hath

Himalaya Park, commonly called a mini-zoo, features a diverse collection of animals, such as deer, birds, and mammals. This park makes an excellent day trip and tends to be less crowded than Eco park gates.

Bengal Hath can also be found at Eco Park gate No. 1; it serves as an informal handicrafts shop selling decorative and wearable items of all kinds.

Eco Park offers visitors a taste of ancient Japan in their Japanese-themed area. Here, visitors will experience a  forest and an artificial pond as they relax while paddle boat riding is also offered for 30 minutes at Rs 50/- per person and right by the gate.