Eco Space It Park


Located in New Town near Ecospace Business Towers, this office space provides easy access to significant IT and business centers and 10 Covered Parking(s).

Understanding patterns of biodiversity is one of the critical challenges of ecology. While gradient-, metapopulation-, and community theories help us gain an insight into individual species, we lack an idea of their larger diversity patterns.

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Eco Space It Park provides its residents with an array of amenities. Whether you prefer sports or socializing with neighbors, Eco Space It Park has something to meet any need or interest. Activities available here include tennis, basketball, golf, aerobics, and yoga – plus cultural events and festivals you can participate in, such as wall climbing and skating!

Identifying regional key eco-space is vital to ecological security and sustainability, as it helps safeguard water resources and biodiversity and provide ecosystem services to society. Unfortunately, the identification process remains complex due to many variables that must be considered; current methods used to evaluate ecological spaces do not offer enough coverage and are time-consuming and labor-intensive; hence, a better methodology is required to assess their significance.

This paper proposes a novel method of identifying ecological space through multi-factor evaluation. Utilizing GIS, this approach considers factors like water security, biodiversity conservation, disaster avoidance and protection, and natural recreation and, more comprehensively than existing methods, identifies ecological space.

Urban expansion has transformed wetlands, woodlands, and other essential ecological areas into built-up areas, devastatingly affecting environmental security and sustainability. Furthermore, it has reduced natural systems’ ability to regulate and protect our environment – leading to further deterioration of both natural habitats and ecosystem services that has significant ramifications on human health.

Ambuja Neotia’s Ecospace Business Park in Kolkata offers commercial office space for sale. Boasting fantastic amenities, the property is close to major transportation routes and features round-the-clock security – it also contains eight office spaces within Action Area 2. Suppose you’re searching for commercial real estate in Kolkata. In that case, Ecospace Business Park provides eight office spaces and amenities, including a terrace swimming pool, basketball court, golf course, and badminton court – plus ten covered parking spots!


The 224 EcoSpace is an energetic environment for artists, holistic health and wellness practitioners, social enterprise entrepreneurs, and others looking to make an impactful statement about themselves and build vibrant communities. Conveniently located near action areas with numerous onsite amenities and competitive rent prices make this an attractive space option.

Ecospace It Park can be reached via Gokhale Bridge and Agarkar Chowk (Andheri-E). MM-1 provides early service for metro travel from 5:38 AM until 5:38 AM each morning; Andheri station is 23 minutes away.

This property is conveniently situated among many restaurants, shops, and eateries. Located in the state-of-the-art Salt Lake City area of Kolkata with convenient transport links to other parts of Kolkata – making this an ideal location for your office!