Why Cant I Change the Thumbnail on YouTube Shorts?


Custom thumbnails are an invaluable way for YouTubers to capture viewers and increase video engagement. Still, some users may experience issues changing thumbnails for YouTube Shorts due to eligibility requirements or technical issues. Choose the best youtube thumbnail downloader.

YouTube Shorts are short videos lasting one minute or less that feature visuals, text, and music.

1. Your channel is not eligible for custom thumbnails

Though having a great thumbnail can increase views for your video, this is something out of your hands; therefore, focus on elements within your control, such as video titles, and use an editor like Wondershare Filmora to edit.

YouTube creators may have noticed that Shorts videos do not qualify for custom thumbnails, with YouTube picking out a frame from your video as its thumbnail instead. Although this doesn’t diminish its value, it limits your ability to create an eye-catching thumbnail for Shorts videos.

However, there are ways around this problem. First, try uploading another clip from your video and see if that will serve as the thumbnail. If this doesn’t work out for you, Canva or Photoshop may offer better solutions – creating custom thumbnails that you can add directly to your video and upload onto YouTube.

Social media offers another effective solution for video promotion. By utilizing it to reach a broader audience and increase views for your videos, this approach can increase their success and help get a wider viewership. When sharing videos via social media platforms such as these, ensure they get the correct target group while remaining interesting enough to capture viewers’ attention; also, ensure your title stands out as attention-grabbing and eye-catching!

2. Your video is not eligible for custom thumbnails

If you’re creating a custom thumbnail for a YouTube Shorts video, you must adhere to YouTube’s specific guidelines and requirements. Your thumbnail must reflect the content of your video without including graphic or sexually suggestive imagery. It should also be high quality and straightforward, as this increases viewer click-through rates for that video.

Many YouTube creators are having difficulties editing the thumbnail for their Shorts videos on YouTube. When they attempt to change it, an error message stating: “For now, you cannot change the thumbnail on your Short” pops up. This impedes their efforts at attracting new viewers and increasing views, which ultimately puts their videos further back.

There are ways to address this problem, however. One option is selecting a particular frame from your video as its thumbnail – something which can be done during the upload process – however, this method may not be as effective at drawing viewers’ interest as creating something unique and compelling that will grab their attention.

Another way to solve this problem is to alter the thumbnail using YouTube Studio on mobile devices and replace the default with one explicitly created. After completing your new thumbnail, upload and save changes before saving again.

3. Your video is not eligible for custom thumbnails

Contrary to regular YouTube videos, YouTube Shorts do not qualify for custom thumbnails due to being designed specifically to be watched on mobile devices and may not meet the dimensions required of a desktop video thumbnail. There may be ways around this restriction; you could try choosing an image instead or editing your video with desktop video editor software.

A compelling thumbnail should be visually attractive and draw viewers’ interest to your video content without copyright violations or violating community guidelines. Remember that the thumbnail is an integral component of YouTube short films and should attract them.

Manually editing your video thumbnail is another way to ensure it appears, whether by selecting frames from your video or uploading an individual picture as the new thumbnail. After changing it, upload it back onto your video channel.

If you’re having issues with your YouTube shorts thumbnail, ensure it is connected to a stable internet connection to provide the video downloads and plays correctly. If the problem persists, contact YouTube support immediately, as this should solve it quickly.

4. Your video is not eligible for custom thumbnails

If you are experiencing difficulty uploading custom thumbnails for your YouTube Shorts videos and have problems doing so, there may be several causes. These could include internet connectivity problems, device malfunction, or software errors preventing uploads; sometimes, this process may take hours or days; other times, the thumbnail cannot be uploaded due to a breach of YouTube Community Guidelines or copyright strikes preventing its upload altogether. Regardless of the cause, you must understand what caused it and how to remedy it as quickly as possible.

An attractive thumbnail for your YouTube Shorts videos can help increase viewership and draw in new visitors to your channel, drawing them in even further. Customized thumbnails also make videos stand out from their competition; if there are issues, multiple solutions exist, such as clearing the app cache, rebooting the device, and reinstalling the YouTube app.

If, after taking these troubleshooting steps, and still unable to edit the thumbnail for your YouTube Shorts video, the issue could be an update or a technical problem. In such instances, contact the YouTube support team immediately for further assistance; in the interim, use high-quality images that conform with YouTube recommendations for thumbnail size and format.

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