Theme Parks in Kolkata and Kolkata


Eco Park, established in 2012, features many different gardens, including rose, Japanese and Mughal. Furthermore, cottages and conference halls can be rented out for private events or corporate gatherings.

Visitors to the park can engage in numerous activities, such as kayaking and zorbing. A musical water fountain and food court are also available at this location.

Theme Park

Eco Park Kolkata’s theme park is a top-rated tourist attraction, featuring exciting rides and attractions sure to amuse all ages of visitors. On weekends and holidays, it can become highly crowded; for optimal experience, it is best to arrive early in the morning. Also available here is an hour boat ride, bicycle rental services, or even the toy train experience!

Eco Park boasts several gardens, such as the Butterfly Garden, which displays various butterfly species. Visitors may also visit Rose Gardens, Tea Gardens, and Rabi Aranya, providing an exquisite experience for visitors. Furthermore, Eco Park features waterpark and zorbing activities as additional entertainment within its confines.

Visitors to the park can explore its large water body by taking a boating trip for between 50 and 300 rupees per person, while water-based attractions like Zorbing Zone cost 150 rupees an hour. Ice Skating can also be enjoyed here, offering guests an enjoyable skating experience on an ice rink.

Visitors looking for an enjoyable way to relax can visit one of the park’s various restaurants, which provide a range of foods and beverages ranging from traditional Bengali fare to cuisine from around the globe. Plus, its restaurants are excellent places to purchase souvenirs like postcards and T-shirts!

Visitors to the eco-park can use either the Metro’s New Town station on the Noapara-Kavi Subhash line, rickshaws, buses, or free parking at the park to arrive there. In addition, nearby attractions include the Mother’s Wax Museum and Artsacre Museum of Modern Art – perfect spots for eco-park excursions!

Water Park

Eco Park in Kolkata is an urban park featuring a vast lake, open spaces, thematic gardens, an ice-skating rink, a butterfly garden, and much more. Nature lovers and families will both find something to love at Eco Park: hiking, horseback riding, water zorbing, mountain bike cycling (cycling), roller skating, trampoline rifle shooting archery bird watching rifle shooting trampoline rifle shooting archery bird watching rifle shooting archery bird watching rifle shooting archery bird watching rifle shooting archery bird watching. Additionally, there are various themed areas: formal garden, Mother’s Wax Museum, Adda Zone, Adbhut Sat; fruits Garden Musical Fountain Mel Meadow Garden Mask Garden Seven Wonders Sangraha; all together making up this urban oasis in Kolkata!

One of the major draws of the park is its Rose Garden, with hundreds of species of roses displayed in a beautiful natural setting. A bamboo grove also features various types of bamboo plants in multiple sizes. Finally, the musical fountain is always famous, particularly at night when lit up to provide spectacular visual effects; additionally, there is also an area dedicated to Bengal’s legendary Baul music tradition.

The park boasts several other attractions, such as a toy train track that circles the entire space and a food gallery featuring Indian and Chinese cuisine. There’s also a large, paved promenade lined with tall coconut trees extending around its main body of water; kiosks throughout provide snacks and drinks; it is open Sunday-Saturday from 10 am-8 pm while closed on Mondays; eco carts can also be hired per ride for approximately Rs 100 each time you ride them.


This park features various outdoor activities, from water and land zorbing to roller skating and rifle shooting. Plus, there’s even a restaurant/bar in this year-round attraction!

Eco Park of Kolkata is an absolute must-see for nature lovers looking for a break from city life, with its lush green landscapes and natural attractions that will take your breath away. Popular among Bengalis and tourists from abroad, its lush green landscapes make an idyllic backdrop for family outings or romantic dates.

This large public park, situated in Action Area II of New Town, has plenty of activities for visitors. Enjoying musical fountains lit with different hues at night or visiting Baul Gram to watch Baul performances is a beautiful way to discover Bengal’s culture and traditions.

Visitors who prefer not to walk can utilize the toy train tracks that crisscross the park for a small fee; an alternative would be riding an Eco-cart at Counter 1.

Eco Park boasts several other intriguing destinations, such as the Mother’s Wax Museum and Adda Zone. The former displays wax idols of cricketers, freedom fighters, and Bollywood celebrities; there is also a bamboo forest, musical fountain, and fruit garden to visit.


Eco Park in Kolkata was developed with ecotourism in mind. As India’s largest park, its three sections include ecological zones, gardens, and urban recreational spaces – not forgetting its manmade lake and cottages, which can be rented personally or for business use.

New Town Park can easily be reached via metro, rickshaw, or bus, with entrance fees starting from Rs 100. Bicycle rentals are also available, while various activities, including musical fountains, bamboo groves, and butterfly parks, make this park a great place to bring kids for an enjoyable day outing.

Visitors to Ekante Cafe at Ekante Lake Park can spend their day enjoying its scenic beauty or unwinding with some Bengali cuisine at this family-friendly cafeteria. Furthermore, zorbing is available if guests wish to experience rolling on an inflatable ball through water – an activity popular with adults and kids.

Sabujsathi Island stands as the focal point of this park, situated 7 acres in the center of its lake. From here, you can admire all parts of it via glass walls and open-air viewing galleries.

Discover many other attractions within the park, such as its botanical garden, Adda zone, mask garden, and Japanese park. There are also restaurants here and an ideal picnic location nearby.

Eco-Park offers a scenic respite from city life and makes an excellent place for families and couples to spend an enjoyable afternoon together. There is much to see, so visitors should carefully plan their visit.

Ice Skating

Kolkata’s New Town Eco Park has quickly become a favorite picnicking and relaxation spot, boasting one of India’s largest urban parks with its sprawling area covering 480 acres and a 42-hectare lake, creating an island in its center. It features various activities tailored specifically towards different regions within it, such as ecological spaces, themed gardens, and recreation zones; mini replicas of Seven Wonders of the World can also be seen there, as well as an immense promenade encircling its main body of water.

The Eco Park provides leisure activities for the whole family, such as ice skating, kayaking, and zorbing. There is also a Children’s Park, Tea Garden, Sculpture Garden, and the Rose Garden with hundreds of species that bloom year-round. Another popular attraction is their musical fountain, complete with its own light show!

Locating the park is straightforward as it is located along major arterial roads in New Town. Visitors can take city buses from the Jatragachi bus stand to reach it (4.9 km away) or use taxis or rickshaw services. Open every day except Mondays, with an entrance fee set at 30 rupees per person and children under three being admitted free; alternatively, a monthly pass may also be purchased to gain entry into the park.