Pizza on the Point – The Greenpoint Neighborhood’s Newest Pizzeria


Roberta’s, Greenpoint’s newest pizzeria, takes pride in serving up delicious Neapolitan-style pizza topped with freshly made mozzarella and meats cured on-site.

Discover Benny Gee slices topped with guanciale and post-oven hollandaise or limited-time specials like garlic broccoli rabe and sausage pie. Plus, the menu now also offers rice balls, chicken parmigiana, and pasta!

Fresh Ingredients

Pizza can be both indulgent and healthy at the same time, making your selection of ingredients paramount to its success. Fresh ingredients can dramatically alter both its taste and nutritional profile; opting for organic cheese instead of pre-dried varieties is another excellent way to cut fat content while adding additional vitamins and minerals.

Pizza crust can play an instrumental role in making food healthier or less healthy. Crusts made with whole wheat, quinoa, or other grains contain more fiber and lower calories than white flour crusts; also, choosing lean ground meat or chicken will reduce fat content, adding spices like garlic or oregano can enhance flavors while low-sugar sweeteners such as allulose add subtle sweetness without overdoing it on sugar consumption.

Even though pizza may seem like an unhealthy treat, when eaten in moderation, it can actually be beneficial to your health. The sauce provides ample sources of lycopene, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, while mozzarella offers protein, calcium, and phosphorous. A gluten-free crust or one with multiple whole-grain blends provides even more fiber, which helps promote regularity and weight loss.

New York Style

Pizza is synonymous with New York. It embodies its spirit, while New Yorkers take great pride in sharing it. While locals may be protective of their slice, they are still open to other points of view; therefore, visitors must find a good spot in NYC that serves up real New York-style pizza slices.

New York-style pizza differs significantly from Italian-style pies in that it is typically presented in large slices that can be folded over for easy eating. It features a thick crust that crisps only at its edges while remaining soft enough to accommodate cheese layers without crumbling under their weight. Meat and vegetable toppings may also occasionally be included on top.

Before World War II, many New York pizzerias used coal-fired ovens to craft pizza that gave its crust its distinct smoky taste. After that conflict ended, however, gas ovens became more efficient at producing it more rapidly at an affordable cost – giving rise to pizza by the slice as an ideal complement to city living.

Today, you won’t have to travel far in New York City before finding an authentic New York-style pizzeria. Outside the region, however, it is essential to note that not all pizza described as being “New York style” actually meets this standard; some of the country’s biggest pizza chains provide slices that fall far short of what New Yorkers are used to eating.

Fresh Baked Breads

Freshly baked bread is one of life’s great pleasures; whether it’s sweet cinnamon and raisins or savory sourdough, its aroma filling the air is sure to supply you with joy and make you smile. Unfortunately, grocery store bread may not always be fresh; many supermarkets use color codes to indicate its age; although not foolproof, this system helps customers make informed choices when purchasing different kinds of bread.

Supermarkets do an outstanding job at keeping their bakery fresh and appealing to shoppers, but most store-baked bread may not indeed be freshly baked. In order to maintain a soft and fluffy texture, bread must be stored in an ideal temperature-controlled environment – meaning most store-baked bread may actually be frozen and then reheated before being offered to shoppers.

Asda excels at pushing freshness through their range of Yorkshire Checkerboard bread, Polish pieces of bread, and bloomers, but their focus on deals with x for y can create issues in production planning as this increases customer demand during offer periods.


As soon as its soft opening on October 29th, residents have lined up at Pizza on the Point – Rockaway Point Boulevard’s new pizzeria owned by residents Tom McGoorty, Pat Hayden, Mike Strong, and Chef Michael Fiore – eagerly awaiting slices.

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