Pizza Everett


If you are in Everett and craving pizza, this is your place. They serve excellent chicken parmigiana and pepperoni dishes and offer friendly service with prices that are democratic. Food is delicious, but its crust needs improvement; it is too thin in the center with a burnt bottom.

Amante Pizza & Pasta

Amante Pizza & Pasta has been offering casual Italian dining to Carroll County diners for more than 15 years. This two-level eatery and lounge feature a top-level eatery as well as a lower-level bar/lounge area complete with a tiki bar. Their extensive menu boasts 18 pasta combinations, 14 specialty salads, and an assortment of calzones/grinders/subs, along with numerous appetizers/wings/desserts!

The Pizza Menu boasts many exceptional options, from the Spartacus pizza with Greek olives and feta to Daniela’s Favorite pizza featuring prosciutto, sausage, and mushrooms to an olive oil base featuring Gorgonzola cheese; Gorgonzola with Roasted Garlic Capers Artichoke Hearts Sun-dried Tomatoes as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options available to choose from.

Amante offers more than just pizza on its menu; Amante also boasts 18 pasta combinations and 14 specialty salads made with seasonal, locally-grown produce. Salads come in small, medium and large sizes. Calzones are another popular selection; available as half tray sizes serving 5-6 people or as full tray sizes serving 10-12 people respectively.

Amante’s has excellent food, yet their service could use some improvement. There’s no natural smile from their server and no genuine checking-up to ensure everything is okay – leaving an uneven experience in its wake.

Burrito’s Pizza & Grill

Burrito’s Pizza & Grill in Everett is known for serving fresh pizza, quesadillas, and salads made daily – not to mention fast service and friendly staff that complement low prices here! Families, as well as singles, love Burritos!

Burritos offers a menu full of pizza, grilled chicken and beef dishes, drinks, and side dishes. Ordering online or via their app allows for delivery right to your home or work location, or you can pick it up directly at their restaurant location.

Uber Eats makes ordering American pizza delivery from restaurants and shops in Everett much more accessible by showing all available options and letting you compare them before placing an order. Some Postmates restaurants even allow for timed deliveries; furthermore, payments can be made using credit cards, making the whole process simpler for you.

Beverly Pizza

Beverly Pizza is a family-owned and operated pizzeria offering delicious homemade food made with high-quality ingredients and fast delivery service. They also specialize in vegetarian and gluten-free pizza options and use only the freshest ingredients; all of their sauces are free from dairy or wheat gluten for optimal digestion.

Pizzas are prepared by baking them in an oven until both their crust and cheese have become crisp before the toppings are added and served hot. Either the whole pizza can be consumed directly from its serving platter, or slices can be cut up and eaten individually with a fork and knife. Pizza is an incredibly adaptable food that can fit in with almost any dietary restriction; cheese for the sauce can come from vegan or vegetarian sources, while its crust may use gluten-free flour or even non-wheat flour to ensure optimal results.

Beverly Pizza House offers authentic Greek-style pizza in an inviting, comfortable setting. Their staff are welcoming, making Beverly Pizza House an excellent place to spend an evening with friends or family.

Burrito’s Cheese Pizza

Everett offers many choices when it comes to pizza, from pasta, salad, calzones, and sandwiches to curbside pickup and fries and snacks that you can add on top for an enjoyable dining experience.

If you’re in search of an easy and hassle-free way to order pizza, consider ordering online from restaurants or shops that offer delivery. Enter your address, compare options, place your order, and track its progress until delivery; some places even offer special deals for Everett delivery; you could have your pizza brought straight to work, home, or a friend’s place – making for an efficient and delicious dining experience!