Mexican Food in Vacaville, California


If you love Mexican cuisine, Vacaville has many delectable dishes to try. One such is Chilaques Rojos, which consists of tortilla strips with eggs, salsa, and cream, or try Chorizo con Huevos, which features ham and eggs in one plate!

Other dishes on the menu include tamales, burritos, and enchiladas. Dessert options like deep-fried ice cream covered in cinnamon and sugar are also available.

Sopa de Lima

Vacaville residents love authentic Mexican cuisine. Vacaville has numerous opportunities to find fresh and tasty Mexican dishes such as Sopa de Lima. Enjoy this refreshing citrus soup anytime for an enjoyable meal or as part of a heartier dish like tamales.

This Yucatan-inspired soup recipe is quick and simple, featuring an incredible homemade broth with various flavors. Lime juice adds zesty zest while the chicken, tomatoes, and cilantro balances its bitterness – you could even swap the chicken for beans or fish to make this vegetarian-friendly! This soup should use smaller lime varieties with sweeter tastes and paler flesh for maximum flavor.

Villa Corona Restaurant can provide authentic Mexican fare in Vacaville. Situated within the Nut Tree Shopping Center, it serves some of the best burritos around. Additionally, they have several egg platters, such as Chorizo Con Huevos, which serves ham and eggs, or Chilaques Rojos, which features tortillas with red sauce.


Mexican cuisine is famous for tacos and burritos, but other notable dishes like menudo exist. This delicious soup made with beef tripe is served with spicy guajillo chili sauce for an authentic Mexican culinary experience. Menudo can also be an effective hangover cure due to its abundant B vitamins.

Menudo may look appetizingly disgusting, but its flavor can surprise. It is enjoyed best when eaten with corn tortillas or other types of bread and served with the spicy guajillo chili sauce that adds an authentic spicy kick; the meat itself has a chewy texture similar to clams or calamari and is usually enjoyed alongside lime wedges and cilantro to balance its unique flavors.

This dish is originally from northern Mexico and is known by various names depending on where it originates. You’ll typically find it served at restaurants specializing in Mexican antojitos in large bowls with garnishes such as garlic, onion, and oregano; red or white hominy may be used depending on which region of Mexico it comes from.

Menudo was established by producer Edgardo Diaz in 1977. Their initial lineup consisted of Nefty and Fernando Sallaberry as well as their cousins Oscar, Carlos, and Ricky Sallaberry as well as Oscar Carlos Ricky Sallaberry from their extended Sallaberry family – Oscar Carlos Ricky Sallaberry had also previously appeared in two Puerto Rican groups before this formation of Menudo. Their popularity soon made them one of the most sought-after bands, releasing several albums in Spanish and English and featuring feature films. Roy Rossello left after being replaced by Sergio Blass, who had previously appeared in two Puerto Rican bands.

Deep-fried ice cream

Vacaville is located between San Francisco and Sacramento. This lovely community offers various dining options, with several eateries that specialize in American cuisine, offering outdoor seating for easy relaxation after an exhausting day.

Popular American dishes include hamburgers, chicken, and pizza. There are several renowned chains, such as Nation’s Giant Hamburgers and In-N-Out Burger in Vacaville; other restaurants serving delicious hamburgers include The Dawg House and Five Guys.

Caldo de Res is another beloved dish, an aromatic beef-and-vegetable soup that provides comfort on cold winter nights and is usually enjoyed as lunch or dinner with a tortilla accompaniment. Making Caldo de Res at home can also be easy!

Family-owned, this restaurant has been in operation for more than 50 years. Their cuisine is authentic and delectable, while their menu offers many selections at reasonable prices. Situated within Nut Tree Plaza and supporting local events and sports leagues.

This restaurant offers a selection of delectable desserts, such as banana supreme, chimichanga, and lemon drop cheesecake. In addition to providing breakfast and lunch specials, they’re known for their friendly staff that is ready and willing to assist customers.


Enchiladas are a classic Mexican dish of rolled corn tortillas covered with sauce and cheese and baked. Filling options may include meat, cheese, vegetables, or beans. Enchiladas can be served alongside refried beans, lightly fried potatoes and carrots, and salad for an elegant meal. There are various enchiladas; famous examples are green chile red mole poblano suizas (Swiss-style). Some versions contain only cheese, while others boast abundant amounts of sauce!

At first, enchiladas were simple Southwestern-style dishes made by dipping soft tortillas in chile sauce and eating them with a spoon. Over time, they have transformed into the oven-baked casserole-style dish we know and love today – thick yellow or white corn tortillas should be used, with toasting before rolling up to ensure optimal flavor and texture – also to prevent them tearing when rolling up!

This version of enchiladas features a rich, creamy green sauce made with salsa verde and Mexican crema. This sauce can be prepared beforehand; assembled enchiladas can be created and refrigerated until ready for baking. Added toppings may be desired, such as slices of avocado/guacamole/dollop(s) of sour cream/cilantro/diced radishes/sliced pickled jalapenos for an authentic Mexican touch!