How to Spot Homes For Rent on Craigslist


Craigslist provides many wonderful properties for rent, yet sometimes it can be difficult to uncover those hidden gems due to how the website operates. With no moderation on postings or fake listings and multiple fake properties taking over search results pages, it can be hard to distinguish who is trying to scam you; unfortunately there are plenty of stories of unsuspecting renters being taken advantage of by brokers or scammers.

When posting homes for rent on Craigslist, anyone who mentions Western Union or money orders should be treated as suspicious. Scammers use these terms as bait in an attempt to get your personal data, like bank account or social security numbers. Giving this information could prove dangerous as the scammer may disappear once they receive it.

Craigslist users should be wary of middleman scams. In such schemes, scammers pose as property owners and request payment in advance for rent owed. Once taken, this money vanishes without ever showing up – an extremely hard scam to detect since scammers typically possess both valid email and phone numbers.

To avoid this from occurring, always rent directly from the owner of a property – this can often be found by checking city records or calling management company of a building to find out who they own it. Be wary of brokers trying to persuade you into paying their fee!