How to Cancel Audible Membership Easily


Canceling an Audible membership is simple on both the desktop website and app – select “Account Details” in the drop-down menu beside your name to do so.

From there, you can view and manage all your subscriptions if you wish to retain your Audible account and switch plans accordingly.


Audible is an audiobook subscription service that enables users to listen to audiobooks over the internet on various devices – from tablets and smartphones, through smartphones and other mobile phones, and audio dramas and podcasts, as well as digital versions of classic books. Subscription fees can add up quickly, but if your usage drops significantly, you can easily cancel your membership within minutes – through their website or app!

To close an Audible account, log in to your Audible account on their website. After signing in, click your name in the top-right corner to open up a drop-down menu, then choose “Account Details” to view your subscription plan details and switch plans or cancel your subscription. At the bottom of each page is an option to cancel the subscription or call customer service to cancel the account.

Once you click the cancel button, you will be asked for the reason(s) behind your cancellation. Choose from a list of pre-made reasons or create your own. After choosing one of these reasons, you will be asked to confirm it before being given another chance (last chance membership offer or customer service representative resolution). Still, you may choose instead of just canceling immediately.

Once you cancel your Audible account, any audiobooks downloaded to date will remain in your library; however, any unused credits and promotions on your account may be forfeited; depending on which membership option you chose, refunds for new time may apply depending on how your subscription works out.

To avoid overpaying for monthly subscriptions, it can be helpful to utilize an application like Rocket Money that helps identify and cancel subscriptions. Over a million people have saved money using Rocket Money’s tool – though always double-check your bank or credit card statement after canceling anything!


Audible is an audiobook subscription service that allows users to download and stream audio content onto computers, smartphones, and tablets. Users also purchase credits they can redeem against free titles; any unused credits will be forfeited when canceling a membership, so be sure to spend them before ending it!

To cancel an Audible subscription, log into your account on the website and click your name in the top-right corner. Select “Account Details” from the drop-down menu – this will display your membership plan and the date of the next billing cycle; to keep or terminate it (either option can be selected by choosing “Keep My Membership or Cancel Membership,” respectively). If you want to keep it, like ‘Keep my Membership”; otherwise, choose “Cancel Membership.”

Once you cancel your membership with Audible, they will ask for feedback on the reason(s). Although you don’t need to give an exact cause, this information will help them improve their services. You may also choose an alternative such as pausing your membership – saving any unused credits along the way.

If you wish to cancel your Audible membership, the easiest way is from a desktop or laptop computer. Log in and click ‘Cancel Membership.’ You may also access this feature through Google Play Store for Android devices; however, for a more straightforward process, it would be best to perform this action on a computer instead.

Once you click “Cancel Membership,” a new page will open, asking you to confirm it. However, as an alternative option, you could put your membership on hold instead, preventing charges for three months. Still, you will lose access to your Audible library during this period, and any credits won’t be restored once canceled.

Your subscription can also be suspended via the Audible “Accounts Details” page for up to 12 months while keeping all your credits. However, note that during this period, no changes can be made to your plan, so if a longer pause is in order, please reach out directly to customer support for help.


Audible is an audiobook subscription service known for offering premium content at an accessible price point. However, you may decide that it no longer fits your budget or lifestyle and wish to cancel their service – don’t worry; balancing with their online platform is easy, and you may still receive a refund! First step: Log on and choose “Cancel Membership,” followed by entering your reason and submitting. A simple process that’s easily doable on any device!

Your Audible membership can also be canceled through the app, provided it was purchased from Google Play Store. After logging in and selecting “Your Account Details,” click on your name to find “Finish Canceling,” depending on why you are canceling, they may attempt to persuade you to stay with their service; otherwise, you can select “Finish Canceling” and wait until the end of your current billing cycle to end your membership with them.

As soon as you cancel, any undownloaded audiobooks and unutilized credits or promotions will become inaccessible to you, so it is advisable to research lower commitment membership options before withdrawing and downloading any books you want to keep before canceling your Audible subscription.

Customer service

Audible is an immensely popular audiobook streaming service, but it may not suit every reader. If your money’s being wasted or you prefer reading books the old-fashioned way, canceling may be necessary; don’t worry, though; balancing is easy with just a few clicks of your mouse or keystrokes, and the process should go smoothly (though Amazon tries to hold onto you by providing an obscure “Keep Membership” button on their Membership Details page).

To cancel an audible account, visit their website in your browser (not through an app) and log into your account. Hover over your name at the top navigation bar for a drop-down menu containing options to “View Membership Details” and then “Cancel Membership.” On the next screen, they’ll ask why you are canceling before giving you a choice between continuing or cancelling your membership subscription.

Contacting Audible’s customer service to cancel is usually the fastest method, though you’ll need your account information ready. An app called Do Not Pay may help save money on monthly subscriptions by identifying and canceling them quickly.

Before closing your Audible account, be sure to have used up all available credits first. Otherwise, your library and ability to purchase books until reactivation takes effect are at stake. Audible also allows users to pause their accounts if listening becomes cumbersome or distracting temporarily.

For this, open the Audible website in your desktop browser, log in, and hover your name at the top of the homepage to display a drop-down menu with three options – Hi [your name], View Membership Details, and Cancel Membership.” At the bottom of this page is where you’ll find “Cancel membership.” Once your subscription has been canceled successfully, a confirmation screen will display information on its success and an email with further confirmation details. Should you change your mind after canceling, you can always reactivate it at any time later!