How to Draw People in


Great! You’ve finally gotten your website up and running and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your first visitors. There’s no such thing as too much traffic, but it’s harder to come by than you expected after a few weeks with none at all.

You have company. If you’re serious about making money online, you’ll quickly learn that high-quality traffic is essential — and hard to come by. It’s common knowledge that visitors are a website’s lifeblood and that without them, you might not have one. But since people are flawed, some hope visitors will start pouring in once they launch their first website.

Where are all my Clients?

Customers don’t fall from the sky when you’re running a business. Getting people to visit your website is an effort that, if successful, will result in a flood of visitors.

You may attract visitors to your website in a variety of ways. It’s anything that can be bought, borrowed, or made. But bear in mind the following:

The quality of visitors generated by different strategies varies widely.
Your traffic source’s credibility and trustworthiness directly affect how the general public receives your site.
The focus should be on the quality, not quantity, of visitors. You need targeted visitors who are interested in purchasing your product or service. You can acquire a flood of visitors using a traffic generator, but is it good quality? Using a traffic generator, you can earn credits by visiting other people’s websites. You can then use those credits to pay others to see your websites. You don’t say what kind of visitors you’re getting, though. Give it a moment of your thought. If that’s the only reason they’re there, the folks who visit your site may be doing the same thing you’re doing. If that’s the case, they have no interest in buying from you, and you have no interest in selling to them. Quantity matters, but ten solid hits are preferable to a thousand worthless ones.

Methods that bring in the traffic

To help you get started drawing in targeted visitors, consider these strategies:

Make your site search engine friendly. Be sure your site is full of relevant keywords. This is the single most crucial improvement you can make to your site. People using search engines to find specific information constitute the site’s primary audience. You need them to land on your site when they look at the search engine results page. You should aim to be among the top 30 websites shown for optimal results. It’s ideal to place in the top three, but challenging.

Start a blog and keep it updated regularly. Blog readers are more loyal than those who visit static websites because they anticipate new content regularly. In addition, the archived articles allow readers to catch up on everything you’ve stated about your blog, not just this week. Promote your blog by adding it to blog networks. That will increase visitors to your site as well.
Build keyword-rich articles and distribute them to article directories. Include a signature with links to your website and blog when submitting articles. When other websites take up your posts, you’ll see increased traffic and credibility as more people connect. Search engines highly value credibility. If your posts are well-received, visitors to your site or blog will start to view you as an authority on the subject, increasing your traffic.

Use services like Facebook, Squidoo, and MySpace to connect with others. Each of the millions of users on these platforms has a specialized group of pals who understand and appreciate them.
Swap links with similar, high-quality sites. Look for related websites, contact the site owners, and suggest a link exchange. (However, avoid using link farms. They aren’t liked by Google and Co. Your site’s ranking could suffer if you use them.
Make a newsletter to share information with your clientele. Be courteous! Spamming your potential clients will only bring you negative attention. Don’t spam anyone; only contact people who specifically asked to hear from you with information of value.

Produce tactics for going viral on platforms like YouTube. People today would rather watch a video than read a book. Use it to your advantage. Make videos that people want to share. Spreading the word about the film to interested parties is essential if you want more people to watch it. Include a call to action in the video that directs viewers to your website.
Closing Remark

You can guarantee success with your marketing campaign if you use these techniques and any others you may find. Above all else, keep going. Keep your movement and website in constant evolution. Keep an eye on the results and do more of what’s producing positive outcomes. When you discover what makes your target audience tick, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your business goals.

Grace Walker works in IT, but she also has a creative side. She is an advisor to several Fortune 500 organizations as one of the founding partners of Walker Automated Services (

Her creative spirit has also prompted her to establish culturally relevant websites, such as [], and to develop culturally informed artwork for sale on Cafepress and Culture.

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