The Best Jokes About Lesbians


Women may not always be seen as funny; however, that has changed in recent years, and lesbians are some of the funniest people out there today. So, let’s look at some great jokes about lesbians!

Remember that being offended by something doesn’t necessarily indicate sexuality – she could have her reasons for feeling offended that have nothing to do with sexuality.

What do you call a lesbian with long fingernails?

Many lesbians possess long, painted nails. Additionally, many use nail clippers regularly and wear fingernail polish. Unfortunately, some individuals may interpret long nail extensions as an attempt to cover evidence of sexual relations with women or for medical purposes.

Others view lesbians with long nails as more attractive. Either way, it’s important to remember that keeping one’s nails long or short shouldn’t affect a woman’s sexual preferences in any way; there is no scientific evidence suggesting long nails make lesbians more likely to engage in sexual relations with other women; yet this debate continues; currently, the safer option would be keeping your nails short; you can always paint them later if desired.

What do you call a lesbian on her period?

Gender is a social construct that describes an individual based on their biologically assigned gender at birth. Gender can manifest in various ways, such as how someone dresses or presents themselves and even through how they speak.

Lesbians are people who identify as female and have a solid physical, romantic, and emotional attraction to other women. While this attraction may manifest early on in life, it can also grow over time.

Contrary to popular perception, being gay, lesbian, or bisexual does not equate with pedophilia, child abuse, sexual violence, bestiality, bigamy, polygamy, or incest. Such claims and associations constitute homophobia – an anti-LGBTQ form of hatred and prejudice against LGBTQIA people and communities. Slang used in Gentleman Jack is not new; 19th-century prison slang first used terms like “jack” and “bull dyke” when referring to working-class black lesbians who formed mama/papa or butch/femme relationships.

What do you call a lesbian with a penis?

Lesbian sex can take many forms and doesn’t always require penetration. Some lesbians opt for strap-ons – penis-like attachments that attach to the pelvis through the harness or underwear-like attachments – instead of penetrative sex, as some prefer them over penetration.

But there’s also considerable controversy around the term gold star lesbian, which implies that in order to be considered “real” lesbians, they must engage in penis-to-vulva contact. This term plays on both glass ceiling metaphors and cotton fabric references for women’s undergarment design, suggesting that women who forgo this intimacy are withholding full expression of their sexuality as lesbians.

It can be especially disconcerting for lesbians who have experienced sexual violence at the hands of men, and it can reinforce cissexist ideas about gender.

What do you call a lesbian who shaves her yum-yum?

Lesbians likely know of the story about the girl who used a potato as an effective means of cleansing herself before engaging in sexual relations. She wanted to ensure she was clean and ready for sexual action.

There are plenty of lesbian TV shows to enjoy! Some are comedic, while others may be more serious or even offbeat – all are worth your while to check out!

Fosters is a vital family show because it depicts lesbian mothers and their adopted and foster children living their daily lives together, showing it is okay for lesbians. Another amazing lesbian show to watch is Hacks, a dark comedy that features Abby McEnny as its star! Hacks is available on Netflix; though its start may take some time, its payoff will undoubtedly make up for any delay!

What do you call a lesbian who doesn’t go on dates?

Lesbians may not always be seen as humorous, but these jokes prove otherwise! If you know any lesbians or are one yourself, make sure you share this collection of humor with them!

What’s the name of a lesbian who doesn’t go on dates? A lesbian sexy.

If you want to gain more information about lesbians, check out our other articles and resources on coming out as lesbian. We also have plenty of advice for coming out as lesbian.

What do you call a lesbian who enjoys playing with her breasts? A butch.

What do you call a lesbian who has short hair?

Once upon a time, lesbians were often divided into femme and butch stereotypes to help people identify each other; but these categories no longer serve as the only means of defining sapphic identities. Many lesbians choose whether they identify as more feminine or masculine and embrace their choices through various expressions, including short hairstyles.

History shows us that lesbians have long worn their hair to rebel against the feminine social expectations and norms under which they were raised. Radclyffe Hall, the author of the first lesbian novel ever written, famously adopted a short bobbed haircut and dressed mannishly to reflect this rebellious sentiment.

Baby dykes are lesbians who are newly out and exploring their queer identity, often trying on different lesbian stereotypes to find what feels most authentic to them. While this process can be rewarding and fun for young gay people, it can also be confusing and uncomfortable for established butch or femme lesbians who are used to living as one or the other all their lives.

What do you call a lesbian who is good at farming?

Hannah Breckbill moved to Decorah, Iowa, in 2018 in order to start her farm and faced numerous challenges as a lesbian living there. But she remained determined to find queer community regardless. Now, Hannah hosts Queer Farmer Convergence: an event that brings utopian visions of rural living to fruition with workshops, talks, and intimate dinners.

What do you call a lesbian who has a dog?

There are various categories of lesbians. While some classes focus on aesthetics – butch and femme lesbians, for instance – others have behaviors as their basis: cottage-core or astrology lesbians come to mind here. Other stereotypes can also exist around horse-girl lesbians or power lesbians.

Cottagecore lesbians live in cottages and maintain large vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens; they make jam, pickles, bread, and other homegrown goods themselves. She keeps chickens and rabbit hutches to provide eggs and wool for knitting as well as creating hats, mitts, and rugs herself; this type of lesbian often wears neutral colors and always brings along their pet dog for company. These lesbians make excellent companions who provide fresh-baked bread or homegrown produce.