Embrace Nature With Plant Wallpaper


Green symbolizes nature, and botanical motifs add a naturalistic feel to digital environments. From lush jungle foliage to delicate tendrils of flowering plants, these soothing hues can stimulate our senses and lift our mood.

Tropical motifs evoke images of paradise from an unspoiled Mother Nature. From exotic fruit to palm trees and jungle plants, low designs evoke feelings of adventure.

Natural surfaces

Natural materials with different textures and hues make for beautiful surface finishes for plant wallpapers. Materials such as grasses, tree bark, or mica minerals bring organic touches into any room while providing sound insulation properties – ideal for eco-friendly wall decoration!

Green symbolizes growth and new beginnings and is represented in nature by hues like moss, grass, reed, and olive green. Furthermore, shades of brown from various tree trunks, roots, and twigs provide an authentic look and feel; blue from the sky and sea can often be found as natural wallpaper. Dyeing raw material with environmentally friendly, water-based colors enables vivid hues. Dye applications typically consist of liquid application pressed onto natural fibers before pressing to create yarn, which can then be woven onto traditional looms to produce yarn, which thread into desired patterns.

Cork is a highly durable natural wallpaper material derived from cork oak bark that makes for comfortable, warm surroundings. Ideal for creating cozy ambiances.

Hemp is another natural material often used for botanical wallpaper production. Harvested and processed into textiles and durable fibers for various products and processes, hemp has many applications beyond textile production. It is easy to work with and long-lasting.

Cellulose is a plant-based paper fiber often used to craft natural-looking wallpapers. While highly breathable, cellulose wallpaper tends to fade in humid environments and be vulnerable to water damage; newer versions often incorporate cotton fiber, making them more resistant to environmental influences like humidity.

Exotic fruit and tropical motifs are frequently featured in plant wallpaper designs. Lush palm trees of various shapes and colors add flair to these botanical prints, as do tropical flowers that bloom against an ocean backdrop. Desert flora provides additional inspiration for some exotically designed wallpapers.


Subtly add greenery without taking on natural plants by hanging a botanical wallpaper. From exotic and soothing patterns to contemporary decor themes, botanical designs offer the ideal balance.

Tropical foliage often inspires beautiful plant wallpaper designs, adding an exotic charm to your home. Palm trees and jungle plants often appear as centerpieces in such plans; tropical fruits such as pineapples and bananas often pop up, too! Motifs in shades of green and gold or black and white are frequently included.

Green symbolizes harmony and well-being in nature, and it’s no surprise that botanical designs often include its signature hue as the primary hue. Dark or bluish nuances, as do more fabulous shades like blue, add depth and mystery. Black can add drama while grey brings balance – both qualities essential for successful designs featuring plants!

Flowers add an elegant flourish to any botanical wallpaper and are particularly adept at combining bold and muted hues. Florals make an eye-catching accent against neutral or bold palettes, and this tropical plant wallpaper from Etsy seller XXL adds vibrant blooms that bring vibrancy into any room. Spoonflower offers more subdued versions, too; their flowery tree wallpaper shows close-up shots of various shades of green plants in full bloom.

For a striking and dramatic aesthetic, opt for dark botanical wallpaper. Cloudberry Living’s inky drawings of stylized plants and moody tones like deep petrol hues create a refreshing ambiance, relaxing you as you sleep at night. Such wallpaper is also great as an eye-catcher that adds flair and will provide the ideal setting in any bedroom.

Rental property residents have several peel-and-stick wallpaper options that can easily adhere to walls without damaging them, making the application process easy and allowing removal without damaging walls. RoomMates at Michaels offers one such peel-and-stick plant wallpaper – an excellent way to bring nature into any space without committing to actual plants!


Plant motifs come in all sizes and colors imaginable – from flowering roses to wild grassy meadows and tropical jungles – they can transform interior spaces into natural paradises. Leaves of all kinds, twigs, branches, tendrils and fronds are popular botanical pattern motifs found in wallpaper designs, trendy within Country House themes where romantic vines and vibrant wildflowers bring rustic charm into interior spaces.

Green hues are often the go-to color choice for botanical designs, but dark and moody leafy prints can work, too. Clarke & Clarke’s Honesty design from Clarke & Clarke works beautifully in a downstairs cloakroom thanks to its thin silvery leaves that pair beautifully with dark wood furniture and gold finishes. For something bolder on trend, try floral wallpaper featuring stylized plants in jewel and zesty hues, or choose geometric floral designs as more modern interpretations of nature.

Floral patterns are perfect for creating a feminine aesthetic in their home, whether that means delicate blooms arranged into stunning bouquets or loose arrangements that evoke memories of country gardens. Floral wallpaper designs come in various hues ranging from subtle pastels and creamy whites through rich reds and vibrant greens to the subtle pastels found throughout nature.

For an eye-catching botanical wallpaper that makes a statement, consider an eye-catching graphic jungle print inspired by Santa Fe or Lucy Tiffney’s lush design that channels the style favored by interior Instagrammer Nicola Broughton, AKA The Girl With the Green Sofa. Or, if you prefer moodier walls, try Cloudberry Living’s deep petrol green design, perfect for pairing dark wood furniture and accessories.

Botanical patterns are an incredibly flexible element. From light or dark shades of gray, floral motifs work beautifully in any interior design style imaginable, from cottage interiors to Art Deco and Scandinavian looks – from the cottage-chic cottage look through to glamorous Art Deco and Scandinavian rooms featuring leaf motifs at large scale to reflect their actual size in nature; also featuring in geometric patterns for an added sophisticated touch; romantic or neutral styles may use them tone-on-tone prints with other colored elements or as part of an abstract wallpaper pattern!


Botanical wallpaper with green themes is an incredibly adaptable choice that works well in traditional and contemporary interior design styles. Leafy motifs blend perfectly into modern or traditional settings and would fit in whether used in a living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Plant motifs often feature an assortment of colors. Green is often the go-to hue, yet other shades can also create striking designs. Woody browns and earthy tones like olive or khaki add depth and dimension, while woody browns complement neutral, light, or dark shades of green beautifully. Popular botanical designs also include yellow-green and blue-green hues, which can be toned up or down depending on the desired effect; furthermore, ash grey, fruity red, or Caribbean turquoise can help bring a refreshing and vibrant look.

Floral wallpaper can be an extremely versatile feature of any room, pairing well with multiple other motifs and textures. Floral patterns add feminine accents while at the same time modernizing any look, complementing textures like waffle-like linen wallpaper’s waffled surface for an exquisite finish and adding soft, tactile elements into any space.

Botanical designs can range from bold and sculptural to subtle and tranquil, such as this Honesty wallpaper from Clarke & Clarke featuring inky drawings of stylized leaves against a silvery ground. Perfect for home offices with its soothing green shade and metallic sheen that helps focus the mind!

Forests and woodlands are another common feature in botanical wallpaper designs, making them an intricate yet detailed way to bring nature into any room. Forest designs may feature trees, brushes, wild herbs, grasses, songbirds, squirrels, or foxes bringing their enchanting magic.

If you want to show off your love of plants without keeping them alive, a stunning plant wallpaper mural from Walls and Murals by XXL wallpaper might be the solution. Boasting beautiful palm leaves and flowing water features, it will instantly set the perfect atmosphere.