Best Sandwich Near Me in NYC


New York City is famed for its delectable pizza slices, Reuben sandwiches, and subs. If you’re craving a classic corner bodega sandwich or something more exotic, here is our list of NYC’s best sandwiches.

Cutlets is a modern tri-state deli offering some of the most creative sandwiches in NYC. Don’t miss their Number One: breaded chicken cutlet topped with white cheddar, flavor-bursting bacon, and zesty garlic sauce on a soft brioche roll – guaranteed to delight!

1. Smoking Fox at Foxface

Greenpoint specialty grocer The Greenpoint Grocer is beloved among locals, offering some of the most delicious sandwiches in New York City. Popular choices include the FDNY Hero with chicken cutlet, prosciutto, mozzarella, and vodka sauce on garlic hero bread. At the same time, their pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone cheese should also not be missed!

Bon Appetit’s experts raved that the sandwiches here were unique and delectable, earning this Brooklyn eatery praise from its visitors. While this tiny store specializes in smoked meats, classic Italian heroes and mouthwatering creations similar to fresh lasagna are also served here.

Park Slope lunch counter The Porchetta quickly earned an excellent reputation for its sandwiches after it opened, drawing visitors from all over Brooklyn to experience its delights. Utilizing bread from celebrity-tier bakeries such as Balthazar, its menu features traditional Reuben and turkey options as well as more daring creations, like their Porchetta sandwich, which features crispy porchetta with peppercorn jam for an unforgettable flavor experience. Plus, you can take home their exceptional breads, condiments, and sauces.

2. Cha Siu McRib at Bonnie’s

NYC offers enough delis, sandwich shops, torta spots, and newfangled American luncheonettes to keep every bread-lover busy for years – not to mention innovative twists on old-school classics, unique ingredients, and innovative cooking techniques that give these eateries some of the finest sandwiches around.

At Faicco’s Italian Specialties, their Chicken Cutlet Parm Hero is an impressive culinary art: freshly breaded and fried chicken cutlets served with mozzarella and marinara on an enormous roll. Also famous at this renowned Italian specialty shop is their Gallejo sandwich, combining Serrano Ham and chorizo Sausage with Melted Cheese on an English Muffin for another memorable taste experience.

Bonnie’s is also home to an excellent take on McDonald’s McRib with their Cha Siu McRib, created by Cantonese-American chef Calvin Eng and featuring deboned baby back ribs glazed in an addictive Cantonese barbecue sauce made up of honey, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and five spice powder. It is sure to satisfy anyone who enjoys sweet-and-spicy cuisine; its signature taste combining sweet with spicy elements makes this sandwich unforgettable for fans of grilled meats alike – not forgetting other popular options at Bonnie’s such as their Hot Dog With Ham and Pickles or Fried Egg Sandwich!

3. Roast Beef at Brennan & Carr

Brennan and Carr are one of the best destinations for roast beef sandwiches in NYC. It serves deliciously authentic sandwiches that harken back to an earlier Brooklyn period with wooden paneling and vintage prints on its walls. As well as its charmed atmosphere, its food delivers too: their Porchetta Sandwich is packed with flavor thanks to peppercorn jam. At the same time, their Beef Short Rib Sandwich features thickly sliced smoked short rib layered between sweet blueberry jam and tart arugula, leaving diners satisfied.

Roast Beef Sandwich at this modern luncheonette is a crowd-favorite, served on a Kaiser roll and doused in pan drippings. Corned Beef fans should consider trying The Delight at this modern luncheonette, featuring tender corned beef paired with Swiss, crunchy slaw, whole sour pickles, and their “come-back” sauce for maximum deliciousness!

At this contemporary tri-state deli, sandwich lovers will find an extensive menu. If you can’t make up your mind, the FDNY Hero (chicken cutlet with fresh mozzarella and vodka sauce on garlic hero) or the Number One at Cutlets with crisply baked chicken breast with white cheddar and their special sauce may do the trick!

4. Smoked Pastrami on Rye at Katz’s Deli

Lower East Side residents know to look to Katz’s Deli for delicious pastrami sandwiches with mustard on two slices of rye bread or their mouthwatering corned beef dishes.

You’ll experience some of the finest authentic New York cuisine at this old-world Italian deli in Greenwich Village. Their extensive menu offers meats and cheeses, their star dish being The Dennis: fried chicken cutlet topped with prosciutto ham, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes on a toasted roll served with balsamic vinegar and basil spread for maximum authenticity!

Defonte’s is the ideal lunch spot in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This tiny shop packs unbelievable flavor in its quick service and massive sandwiches – especially its mouthwatering grilled pork sandwich and buffalo chicken wrap, among many others! Enjoy their excellent selection of artisanal coffee drinks and bagels to pair with your meal, and sign up for their daily newsletter here!

5. Chicken Cutlet Parm Hero at Faicco’s Italian Specialties

NYC offers some of the finest sandwiches around, which you’ll find at various delis, pita shops, torta-slinging Mexican cafes, and newfangled American luncheonettes. No matter your sandwich preference – classic roast beef on rye with thick gravy, crispy chicken sandwiches topped with crunchy coleslaw, or fried pork chop on a buttermilk biscuit – your options for delicious bite-sized lunches in NYC are practically limitless!

Court Street Grocers boasts locations across all five boroughs of NYC and offers an expansive menu of sandwiches that will please even the most passionate foodies. Their fan-favorite “The Delight” features tender corned beef or turkey with Swiss cheese, crunchy coleslaw, full-sour pickles, and an irresistibly satisfying come-back sauce served on rye bread.

Parisi Bakery in Manhattan’s Little Italy provides authentic Italian fare. This family-run eatery serves oversized sandwiches stuffed with authentic ingredients such as prosciutto, capicola, and sopressata, making the trip worthwhile.

6. Mushroom Katsu at Emilia by Nai

Emilia by Nai is an ideal place for anyone who hasn’t tried Katsu yet: its breaded Shiitake mushrooms with flavor-enhancing curried onions sandwiched between soft slices of Brioche are genuinely irresistible, creating an East Village experience where Spain and Japan collide!

Brooklyn’s Anthony & Panini Shoppe is an all-time local favorite, serving delicious and hilarious hero-themed lunch specialties that satisfy even the busiest schedule. Established by an extended family, Anthony & Panini Shoppe offers delicious meals at great value.

From their popular FDNY Hero (chicken cutlet with basil spread and mozzarella on garlic hero) to Regina’s Hot Pepper Spread with fresh mozzarella, red onion, arugula, Regina’s Hot Pepper Spread EVOO Roasted peppers salt & Pepper, every selection at The Parlor has become a crowd pleaser both locally and among customers. They even feature their homemade mozzarella, the star ingredient of many dishes, and feature in many menu items! These dishes pay homage to famous politicians, athletes, or actors from NYC.

7. FDNY Hero at Anthony & Panini Shoppe

Sandwiches are one of the world’s favorite food staples for their flexibility, taking any bread and ingredients to craft something utterly delectable. No wonder it has such widespread appeal worldwide! Options abound, and nearly every culinary culture offers their variations; New York is no different – with classic old-school sandwiches and innovative versions sure to tantalize taste buds everywhere.

Anthony and Son, located in Brooklyn, has been serving Italian-inspired sandwiches since 1994. One of their most popular sandwiches, an “FDNY Hero,” features a chicken cutlet with fresh mozzarella cheese and vodka sauce served on garlic hero bread.

Parisi Bakery in Manhattan’s Little Italy has long been renowned for its Porchetta sandwich – a delectable combination of pork belly, broccoli rabe, Parmigiano cheese, and mayo served on a sesame roll.

Court Street Grocers of New York City has earned an esteemed reputation with their high-end deli offerings, particularly their Reuben sandwich – famed for its combination of tender corned beef, Swiss cheese, crunchy slaw, full-sour pickles, and comeback sauce. Court Street Grocers also serves a savory breakfast sandwich called The Delight, which contains bacon, cheese, and egg.

8. Number One at Cutlets

Though they are part of a chain, this Brooklyn Italian deli stands out in New York City as among the finest. Their focus is deeply rooted in family, with sandwiches named after family members. Most popular amongst these sandwiches is Uncle Jimmy: prosciutto, ham cappy, sopresatta fresh mozzarella, Regina’s hot pepper spread arugula tomato, and roasted reds on Stirato bread.

Observing New York City’s sandwich scene, you may have noticed an explosion of artisanal delis across the city. Offering innovative takes on classic luncheonettes and quickly becoming favorite places for grab-and-go bites – these modern luncheonettes have quickly become top choices among New Yorkers looking for lunch.

Defonte’s is the quintessential NYC sandwich shop, known for its quick service, large portions, and incredible flavor combinations. Their Golden Boy sandwich boasting chicken, fresh mozzarella, and flavorful prosciutto drizzled in vodka sauce is one such unforgettable flavor combination; similarly, Ba Xuyen’s BBQ pork banh mi is like an artistic creation; delicate crackly baguette combined with pate, crunchy pickled carrots & daikon pickle slices, as well as sweet julienned cucumber, cilantro & green pepper, create a harmony of tastes!