Trading Technologies That Improve Traders’ Chances of Success


Trading technologies refer to software used by traders for automating systems and charting tools. By equipping traders with these technologies, their chances of success increase. Trading technologies help traders identify potential trades quickly, and execute them swiftly.

Regulation, thin liquidity pools, and shifting market structures have created more complexity for market participants when conducting trading operations. But cutting-edge technologies are rising up to meet this challenge with solutions offering flexibility, powerful capabilities, and trustworthy data storage.

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TT Platform

The TT Trading Platform is an innovative software developed specifically to meet the needs of professional traders across various markets. It boasts features designed to increase its usability and performance, such as fast trading speeds and customizable workspaces; users can create strategies and implement them all within one window, and tools allowing real-time analysis and trading capabilities.

TT technology is employed by some of the world’s premier investment banks, proprietary traders, brokers, Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), and hedge funds. TT boasts offices in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia; their signature execution platform X_TRADER(r) handles over 50% of futures trading volume, while their flagship product handles US government cash Treasury trading electronically.

Traders can access the TT platform via mobile devices, web browser,s or downloadable desktop clients. The latter version is convenient for multi-monitor configurations; its software runs on PCs and Mac computers with an intuitive user interface that can be tailored to suit individual traders’ requirements.

TT platform is accessible from any location, and its low-latency architecture allows for fast execution of high volumes. With more than two billion daily transactions, its capabilities extend far beyond trading services alone. Furthermore, its security is of utmost importance, using Diffie-Hellman encryption for password protection. Over the years, TT has earned multiple awards for technological innovations; 2008 saw it win both the Illinois Technology Association Newcomer Award and the FOW magazine “Technology Provider of the Year Award, while in 2010, ADL acquired TickIt Trading Systems and rebranded its algorithm design software as Algo Design Lab; both successes were awarded multiple awards over the years in terms of technical achievements by FOW magazine “Technology Provider of Year.”

TT offers excellent phone and email support services that are well-organized and responsive, and it gives traders access to an abundance of educational resources for getting started in trading – including an expansive library of tutorials and FAQs that can be found online, video tutorials that can be watched on any device, and much more.


Traders require access to real-time data to execute their trades successfully. APIs offer traders real-time market quotes, history, or working orders which help keep them ahead of the game. Plus they support multiple computer languages, making them accessible for traders of all skill levels.

TT APIs offer traders a powerful tool for automating trading systems and developing custom apps. Utilizing these APIs, traders can create automated strategies that trade in real time; additionally, they can use them to monitor and manage accounts. However, before beginning the use of any API, it must be appropriately configured and tested and stay informed about changes made by TT.

TT REST API offers a fast and straightforward method for connecting external applications with your Trader Workstation (TWS) account from external applications. The service can easily be integrated and offers several methods to access account and sub-account information as well as FYI messages from TWS directly, and even third-party research providers via its interface.

APIs offer traders various services for traders, such as the TT FIX Gateway. This cloud-based suite enables rapid onboarding and low latency for FIX order routing across exchanges; CTCI and Drop Copy access provide execution reports.

TT Data API provides historical account data that are essential for evaluating performance and honing trading strategy. You can stream it over Websocket, giving you real-time updates of market activity; trades, quotes, and minutes data formats are available.

Accessing TT APIs through various programming languages such as Java, C++, and Python can be accomplished easily and is often free; additional resources such as documentation, code examples, and sample programs can also be found on their website as well as support from their experienced support team.

TT APIs are tailored to help you develop faster, scalable trading applications for desktop and server deployment. Their APIs have been optimized to ensure low latency and high throughput and support for security definitions and normalized price feeds that help ensure smooth operations of trading applications.