Top 5 E Learning Companies in Mumbai


E-learning, or electronic-based education, uses electronic methods such as computer programs or smartphone applications to deliver educational materials. E-learning allows for more flexible student learning by making educational material more readily accessible around the globe.

Top eLearning companies provide built-in tools that can assist with creating engaging courses and tracking trainees’ progress, as well as offering gamified rewards and mobile apps to enhance the learning experience.


Simplilearn is an online learning platform offering courses across a range of fields. Their systems are targeted towards professionals looking to enhance their careers with new skills; however, users should note that taking one does not guarantee employment!

Simplilearn stands out from other online learning platforms by offering accredited certificates for all of its courses – this makes a big difference, as such certifications are still uncommon among these platforms. Furthermore, this ensures that Simplilearn courses can actually help job hunters secure employment!

This online learning platform specializes in technology and digital topics. It provides multiple learning styles – including blended training, instructor-led live virtual classrooms, and practical projects – tailored towards technology professionals. Courses adhere to industry standards, and the school has partnerships with over 40 global accrediting bodies that assist students in earning certifications.

This company offers over 400 courses on technology and business topics, most of them taught through blended learning combining video content with real-world projects, as well as 24/7 teaching assistant support and support, 24/7 teaching assistant assistance, and a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Simplilearn offers courses on an array of subjects, spanning everything from IT and cybersecurity to project management, data science, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and more. Their courses aim to fill any skill gaps faced by growth companies today.

The online learning platform also provides several payment methods, such as credit cards and PayPal. Furthermore, a free trial period gives users an opportunity to experience its services before making their decision on purchasing courses.


UpGrad is an online educational platform offering various programs for both students and working professionals, such as short-term courses and long-term programs with certifications. Furthermore, this company also provides career counseling and support services for its users.

This company employs an interdisciplinary team of experts who work towards creating an ideal learning and teaching environment, using cutting-edge innovations in learning and teaching methods. Furthermore, they aim to alter perceptions about online education in India, an uphill battle due to the stigma around its perception as frivolous; however, the company hopes to prove its credibility by way of products and customer experience.

Upskilling has become an essential element of today’s workplace, and digital skills are in great demand. Therefore, this company has partnered with world-class institutes to offer its learners access to various online courses. Their campaigns seek to raise awareness among working professionals about the necessity of upskilling to keep pace with industries and remain relevant in the job market.

UpGrad has quickly established itself as a global player through its study abroad portfolio, offering students from around the globe internationally recognized degrees in their preferred disciplines. Furthermore, UpGrad partners with various universities worldwide to deliver its programs; its flagship product, Lucep, allows students to centralize and automate lead qualification across different programs in multiple countries.

UpGrad offers an exceptional work culture that empowers its employees to achieve excellence in all they do. It is an advantageous place to work and should be considered when planning your career move.


KnowledgeHub provides technology-based solutions in the learning, assessments, and training management space. Their products include KnowledgeHub SaaS network, LMS, ComCoach digital simulation platform and content services, and mobile learning strategy development services. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Mysore, India, their investors include Uti Venture Fund Management Company and Arohi.

Mumbai’s eLearning industry has experienced rapid growth over recent years, and numerous companies have made substantial investments in their products. Some focus on creating new eLearning technologies while others expand existing product offerings, all while taking advantage of cloud platforms to achieve better results.

Excelsoft Technologies Private Limited designs, develops, and markets technology-based solutions in the eLearning industry. Their products and services include software development, content creation, consulting services and consulting. Excelsoft serves clients worldwide from its headquarters in Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Dhananjaya Sudhanva has been rated average across multiple culture dimensions by employees on Comparably, although her approval rate was lower than similar-sized companies’ CEOs, and she scored below average on Perks And Benefits, Outlook, and Happiness measures. Furthermore, this year, the company received 93 H1B visa applications – of which all have been approved – an improvement over last year when only 69% had approvals; perhaps these changes reflect increased competition for H1B visas this year or could reflect improvements to improve hiring processes – however too soon to tell whether this will impact quality of work produced.

Zeus Learning

Zeus Learning is a software development company dedicated to helping publishers and EdTech companies benefit from the latest technologies and teaching innovations. Their team of specialists includes software experts in software, design, content creation, and quality assurance – creating engaging learning experiences tailored to reflect your vision.

Since 2000, this Mumbai-based company has operated with headquarters in India. Their employees collaborate with many clients and partners, including Discovery Education Network, to create digital learning materials and consulting services as well as professional training for teachers and administrators.

Zeus Learning earned an average score of 3.5 out of 5, according to 64 AmbitionBox user reviews. They received high marks for Job Security and Work-Life Balance while receiving low ratings in Reputation and Productivity. For an in-depth view, check out all employee reviews by job profile, department, and location here. The annual salary range for freshers who hold jobs as XML Integrators or Software Engineers is around Rs 2,40,000 to Rs 760,000 annually; view more Zeus Learning Fresher Salaries here.

G-Cube Solutions

G-Cube Solutions is an award-winning CMMi Level 3 eLearning provider with expertise in technology-based learning solutions that enable organizations to enhance business performance while increasing employee retention and engagement. Their services include content development, mLearning, and ILT courses, as well as consulting for curriculum design. G-Cube has been honored five consecutive times by Deloitte Tech Fast 50 India; G-Cube’s employees enjoy an excellent reputation among clients, and the company has fostered an environment conducive to innovation within its ranks.

G-cube Solutions is a cloud-based eLearning solution that allows companies to easily create and manage online courses for employees to access from any mobile device – as well as easily create training material on mobile phones! The system is user-friendly with an intuitive user interface; employees can quickly locate what they’re searching for with its search function.

Tenneo LMS is the company’s flagship product, an inclusive learning management system (LMS) designed to empower both learners and administrators. With 100+ connectors enabling seamless integration into any tech stack and customizable features such as AI-powered video assessments and NLP/ML recommendations. Plus, it meets both SCORM 1.2/2004 and xAPI compliance requirements.

G-Cube Solutions’ primary competitors in the learning management systems industry include LinkedIn Learning, Moodle, and Google Classroom. 6sense’s advanced data mining and analytics tools offer a thorough comparison between G-Cube Solutions and its peers; you can view a comprehensive list by market share, company size, location, industry sector, or more based on real-time data collected both publicly available sources as well as our proprietary databases which is updated regularly to ensure accuracy.