The Nickelodeon Show Game Shakers


Babe and Kenzie never imagined when they created Sky Whale for a science project that it would become a multimillion-dollar business, nor would they partner with rapper Double G and hire his son Triple G as a video game consultant.

Nick’s show teaches essential lessons on teamwork and friendship through its quirky characters and humor that are sure to appeal to viewers of all ages.


Game Shakers ran for three seasons and 61 episodes on Nickelodeon. The show followed two seventh graders as they created a video game app and became millionaires. They started a gaming company with Hudson as their partner before teaming up with rapper Double G in exchange for using one of his songs in their game; as compensation, he agreed to invest in their company while hiring his son Triple G to become their video game consultant for Game Shakers – featuring Cree Cicchino, Madisyn Shipman, Benjamin “Lil’ P-Nut” Flores Jr Thomas Kuc and Kel Mitchell among many others.

Game Shakers gained immense popularity among viewers worldwide, prompting many of them to want to know about its cast members’ real names and ages. Therefore, fans were delighted when Game Shakers actors’ real identities and ages were revealed!

Madisyn Shipman plays Kenzie Bell on Game Shakers, an intelligent yet bold character with a knack for designing captivating games. Kenzie can often lack social filters and can come off blunt. She relies heavily on her big brain and coding knowledge to bring her ideas to fruition; additionally, she’s known for doing squats whenever she feels nervous!

She has an exciting future ahead of her, already scoring big-name roles such as voice work for The Peanuts Movie and appearing on Broadway. Additionally, she has done advertising work for Kleenex, Kodak, My Little Pony, and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, among many others. Furthermore, she co-hosts Nick News alongside Richie Sambora.


Babe and Kenzie never imagined Sky Whale would become such an acclaimed school project, yet it quickly rose in popularity to become one of the most beloved games ever made by children. Soon after, their gaming company had amassed millions in assets thanks to Double G’s investment. Now, it seems everything is set up perfectly.

But life isn’t all smooth sailing for the Game Shakers: their fame proliferates while real-life issues emerge, and their latest venture, an ocean pollution video game project isn’t exactly going as planned – however, they remain undeterred with plan B in mind!

One of the greatest assets of this show is that it’s engaging and captivating and features an outstanding cast – not to mention that its story is beautiful, too. Unfortunately, some viewers may find its repetition and laugh track annoying – yet still worth watching.

Another appealing element of this show is how it approaches contemporary issues that affect young people today, like bullying and suicide prevention. Furthermore, relationships and friendships are explored positively in this show.

Furthermore, this show boasts some hilariously hilarious scenes and jokes – for instance, in the episode where Henry discovers he’s Kid Danger, there were many hilarious one-liners. At the same time, Jace Norman excelled as Kid Danger himself!

One thing that has always bothered me about Henry’s identity being exposed was how they treated it as such a big deal – only for it to be dropped as though nothing happened at all. If the children hadn’t known he was Kid Danger at all or knew but didn’t find it necessary enough to mention, things would make more sense.

Overall, this show is fantastic, and I strongly advise it for fans of Nickelodeon shows. It stands above many recent offerings, such as iCarly and Drake & Josh, while showing Nickelodeon’s potential to produce another top-tier series with time and dedication.

Special Episodes

The Game Shakers are approached by a fan who demands they make changes to one of their games, promising it as part of a promotion if successful. After experiencing many hilarious setbacks along the way, however, they finally resolve it and earn themselves an enormous bonus in return.

Gam Shakers prepare to host Tech Fest, a technology convention where they’ll showcase OctoPie. However, Double G is reluctant to attend because he fears his fans may think differently of him after meeting in person and seeing that something’s different about him. After a brainstorming session, his friends devise a solution to ensure Double G’s happiness at Tech Fest.

MeGo is drawn in by the promise of a giant cake and eventually restrained with duct tape and placed in sacks until he escapes to vow his revenge against the Game Shakers.

After Babe and Kenzie’s school project becomes an online gaming sensation, rapper Double G takes notice and wants to join in the action – though first, he needs to deal with real-world issues: his pet pig Sebastian dies unexpectedly, and he doesn’t know how best to respond.

He convinces the Game Shakers to use his song in their game but faces an additional problem when his dance moves exceed expectations. Luckily, he has some friends in the music business who come through for him when things don’t go according to plan.

Game Shakers is a comedy that follows two 12-year-old girls named Babe Carano (Cree Cicchino) and Kenzie Bell (Madisyn Shipman). It was written and directed by the creators of the popular YouTube channel Rooster Teeth, who also run the show. Available for streaming on Paramount Plus, Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel, Bet+ Amazon Channel, and Bet+ on Rooster Teeth as well as available free with ads through the Rooster Teeth app; Netflix will begin streaming in 2020 – although no date or trailer has yet been set! Trailer for the third season has also been released.


Babe and Kenzie’s seventh-grade science project of creating Sky Whale for the school science fair is anything but what was expected; their video game app becomes an instant online gaming phenomenon, earning them instant wealth and business partnerships with rapper Double G – to secure their agree to use his song in their game illegally! When meeting Jackie – Double G’s mother – Jackie becomes surprised that Dub is competing for their children’s affection and is quickly disproved of by Jackie as they quickly uncover more secrets.

Actors tend to perform with some rough edges, and plots can be somewhat predictable. Yet the show still offers some comic relief with funny moments and running gags; for example, “Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons” features Babe accidentally leaving her $5,000 jacket behind on the subway platform, forcing her to chase it in slow-mo. Meanwhile, in the “Snackpot!” episode, Game Shakers believe that saving a rat from said platform brings them luck and use that as leverage against him in later events.

Another running gag involves the girls’ inability to multitask, as seen in “Revenge at Tech Fest,” where they interrupt each other while trying to talk with Shelby about coding projects. Yet this show remains watchable thanks to Kel Mitchell’s charismatic performances.

Although this show is generally family-oriented, some humor may seem inappropriate for younger viewers. There may be crude jokes referencing body parts and sexual references; however, these occur rarely enough not to displease most viewers.

Overall, Game Shakers is an animated comedy show with some amusing moments and running gags that are well worth viewing for anyone who appreciates animated shows. It is particularly beneficial for children intrigued by computer science; parents can use Game Shakers as an excellent educational choice while the cast of characters keeps children interested and the content accessible for children to digest.