Ten Common Illnesses: Alkaline Water’s Role in Healing and Prevention.


The Japanese say that the buildup of acids in the body is a primary cause of many ailments that affect adults. A permanent solution can only be achieved if the treatment eliminates excess acids in the body. This is why the success rate of medical treatments for adult disorders is meager.

Consuming more alkaline meals and beverages and less acidic ones can aid the body in getting rid of these acid wastes. One way to do this is by consuming large amounts of alkaline water. Water ionizers are an easy way to get high-pH, alkaline water from regular tap water.

Since water makes up about 70 percent of the human body, drinking alkaline water can aid in getting rid of the acid waste that can cause illness. Using Alkaline Water and the removal of toxins and wastes, Japanese doctors have successfully treated and healed the ailments listed below.

1, Cancer

A lot of effort has been put into finding a cure for cancer, but thus, no real progress has been made. Oxygen deprivation within a cell has been identified as a significant contributor to cancer development. Overly acidic conditions are to blame for this oxygen deficiency. When the environment is acidic, there is not enough oxygen for all the cells in the area. Cancer prevention can be enhanced by ingesting high-pH alkaline water produced by a water ionizer and enriched with more oxygen.

High blood pressure and heart disease

The heart acts as the hub for the body’s circulatory system. Your blood distributes oxygen and nutrition to your cells and removes waste products from your tissues. The blood is the site of the first acidification in the body. High blood pressure individuals have been demonstrated to be acidotic, and doctors have proved that drinking acid-free, high-pH alkaline water will reduce blood pressure. Reducing blood acidity is an essential step in treating hypertension.

Three, Diabetes

The hormone insulin, produced by a functioning pancreas, is essential for the normal metabolism of sugar and carbs. People with Diabetes Mellitus, however, are unable to produce enough insulin to meet their bodies’ requirements.* When insulin production and secretion are inhibited, blood pH becomes more acidic. Using alkaline water in treating this form of diabetes has proven effective. Diabetes can be avoided by flushing out excess waste with alkaline water.

Four: Arthritis

The buildup of acid in the joints is the underlying cause of many types of arthritis. This buildup of acid destroys cartilage and causes joint pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, the joints have a poor blood supply. Thus, waste builds up there. If your body is too acidic, drinking alkaline water will neutralize it.

Ailments of the Kidneys

The kidneys are taxed to neutralize the blood’s acidity as the body creates more acidic waste. Consuming alkaline water can alleviate symptoms of acid-related disorders such as bladder disease and nephritis.*

Additionally, kidney stones occur in acidic renal environments. Kidney stones can be avoided and dissolved by consuming large quantities of alkaline water.

Allergies and Asthma, Number Six

Inappropriate antibody development by the immune system against ordinarily safe substances causes allergies. According to Japanese medical professionals, acidosis is the root of this immunological illness. A more alkaline environment can be achieved using high-pH water produced by an alkaline water ionizer.

Seventh, osteoporosis

Calcium is stored in the body’s skeleton. When the body’s pH drops too low, it draws calcium from the bones to restore balance, leaving them weak and brittle. Using alkaline water over a lengthy period can help stop and reverse the harm.

Infections of the Eye

The common perception is that eyesight declines naturally with age. However, this is not necessarily true. These occurrences may be avoided if we take measures to prevent the accumulation of acids in our cells. If you want to feel better, drink lots of alkaline water.

Nausea, Gas, and Indigestion

Acid overload is the root of all these problems. These acid-related gastrointestinal diseases, such as ulcers, can be alleviated or avoided by drinking alkaline water.

Condition #10: Ongoing issues with both Constipation and Diarrhea.

These seemingly incongruous outcomes can be traced back to an abundance of acid. Diarrhea results when the pancreatic juice is overly acidic, and the foods entering the intestine are too alkaline. Alkaline water is beneficial. Korean medical professionals have identified acid buildup around the colon as the cause of constipation. Alkaline water may promote fluid secretion into the colon by neutralizing excess acid. *

Bonus! Expectant Mothers Learn more here… Because the developing child takes precedence over the mother’s nutritional needs, the pregnant woman’s blood quickly becomes more acidic, losing many alkaline minerals. As Japanese medical professionals call it, morning sickness is what they call this condition. It is recommended that pregnant women take mineral supplements and drink alkaline water regularly to deal with morning sickness.

Regular tap water can be transformed into highly alkaline, high-pH water using an ionizer. It’s an effective antioxidant that has therapeutic and preventative applications. Using a water ionizer to create alkaline water is a great way to improve your health.

Sang Whang’s * Anti-Aging Methods (2006)

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