Sustainable Home Decor: Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices


Consumers have become more aware of the environmental impacts of their buying decisions. They’ve also started seeking natural, organic, or recycled products that can improve the planet’s health. Incorporating a few eco-friendly home decor pieces into your space can help reduce your household’s waste output while creating a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere. Receive the Best information about Cozy and Warm Design Ideas.

However, knowing where to start when seeking decor that combines your style and sustainable values can be challenging. This beginner’s guide will help you begin searching for earth-friendly furniture, artwork, and other home decorations.

The first step in finding sustainable home decor is to consider what you already have at home. Before buying a new set, assess what you already own and see if any items need replacing. Replacing existing items can save on production and shipping costs while avoiding the environmental impact of purchasing new items.

If you need to replace any home decor, opt for local small business or craft fair handmade goods. Buying locally-made home furnishings and accessories cuts down on mass overproduction, reduces the amount of plastic used in packaging, and supports local economies and communities. Additionally, shopping locally reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation by minimizing air and water pollution.

Next, look for organic cotton or other sustainable materials in your decor. These materials use fewer chemicals and pesticides, limiting nonrenewable resources while improving the soil for future crops. Additionally, look for home decor crafted with reclaimed wood and other materials that contribute to a low ecological footprint. Lastly, try to choose low or zero-VOC paints and finishes. These paints and stains can minimize air pollutants that can cause respiratory problems in children and adults.

Another critical factor in choosing home decor is prioritizing the ethical treatment of global artisans who create it. Many sustainable home decor brands, such as OM and Korissa, support their international artisan partners by paying above-fair wages and providing transparent supply chains. This allows for the reinvestment of profits into community development and other sustainable initiatives.

On the other hand, Viva Terra is a Good Trade partner and works with vetted artisan groups worldwide. The company offers a variety of earth-friendly decor crafted from ceramic clay, glass, recycled metals, reclaimed or responsibly sourced woods, and other environmentally-friendly materials. In addition, the site provides climate-friendly shipping options for a small fee, which helps offset CO2 emissions produced by your purchase.

Lastly, check out Ten Thousand Villages for an array of artisan-crafted home decor that’s both modern and affordable. The company works with global artisans to break cycles of poverty while bringing their unique designs to the West. Shop for everything from picture frames to bookends crafted of Kisii soapstone and recycled hex nuts.

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