Nippon India Mutual Fund


Nippon India Mutual Fund offers an impressive variety of schemes across categories. Additionally, their SIP service makes investing convenient with regular repayment schedules to provide rupee cost-averaging benefits.

Nippon India Innovation Fund will invest in a diverse portfolio of companies driving innovation in their respective industries, making this ideal for investors with long-term investment horizons.

1. Nifty Infrastructure Fund

Nippon India Infrastructure Fund is an open-ended debt scheme designed to generate long-term returns with limited risks for investors. By investing in debt securities issued by PSUs, banks, and other entities, this fund aims to deliver regular income over a medium-term investment horizon.

NIMF is an investment and asset management company registered with SEBI, previously known as Reliance Nippon Mutual Fund, until September 2019. Since then, it has undergone name changes, becoming Nippon India Mutual Fund.

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2. Nifty ETF Junior BeES

Nippon ETF Junior beES is a passively managed equity scheme that attempts to track the performance of the Nifty Next 50 Index. Categorized as an Equity-Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), investments up to Rs 1.50,000 qualify for tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Nippon India Balanced Advantage Fund is an open-ended equity hybrid scheme that invests in equity and debt instruments to offer triple benefits: emotion-free asset allocation, long-term alpha generation, and low risk.

Nippon Mutual Funds have an impressive distribution network and track record in Indian Mutual Funds. You can start investing with them for as little as INR 100 monthly using SIP to take advantage of rupee cost averaging. Plus, Paytm Money makes KYC verification effortless so that you can invest instantly.

3. Nifty 1D Rate Fund

Nifty 1D Rate Fund is an open-ended index exchange-traded scheme designed to track the performance of the Nifty 50 Index by investing proportionately. It is suitable for investors with moderate risk tolerance seeking long-term growth of their investments.

Nippon India Power & Infra Fund is an open-ended equity scheme with a diversified theme, investing in firms engaged in power and infrastructure sectors. Classified as an ELSS fund, up to Rs 1.50,000 investments may qualify as tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.

A mutual fund can be attractive as its returns tend to outpace the market and its benchmark, recovering faster. However, this option may not suit investors looking for long-term diversification through significant lumpsum investments.

4. Nifty Income Fund

Nippon India Income Fund is an open-ended debt scheme that invests in various debt and money market securities over short to medium-term horizons. Typically its portfolio duration falls under three years, with emphasis placed on SDLs, GSecs, and commercial papers for long-term investors looking for income over their investment horizon. This Fund may be ideal for investors looking for guaranteed income over their medium-term horizon.

Nippon Bank & PSU Debt Fund – This open-ended debt scheme, previously known as Nippon Bank & Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) Debt Fund, invests in a mix of debt and money market securities, including government bonds, bank deposits, treasury bills, corporate bonds, and fixed rate securities.

As part of your long-term financial goals, investing through SIPs can help you meet them gradually while benefiting from rupee cost averaging. Create an Angel One account and verify your KYC details to get started.

5. Nifty Hybrid Bond Fund

Nippon India Mutual Funds can be invested online by entering your PAN number, clicking “Invest Now,” or visiting one of their branch offices or distributors to make offline investments. KYC compliance should always be ensured before investing in mutual funds.

Nippon India ETF Long Term Gilt – This open-ended index ETF scheme attempts to replicate the performance of the Nifty 8-13 year gilt index through passive investment strategies, making it suitable for investors looking for regular income over medium to long-term periods.

Consider availing loan against Nippon India Hybrid Bond Fund Direct-Growth units to meet various financial needs without impacting your portfolio or hampering its growth. AMC can authorize up to the approved amount, which can then be spent towards expenses that support your financial goals; please visit its website for eligibility considerations.

6. Nifty Strategic Debt Fund

Nippon India Asset Management Limited (NIMAL) is an Indian mutual fund house offering various schemes that cater to different investor requirements and has an expansive distribution network across India. They pride themselves on providing innovative products with outstanding customer service to bring more excellent value for individuals.

Nippon India ETF Nifty beES is an open-ended index exchange-traded scheme designed to mimic the returns the Nifty 50 Index offers. This open-ended ETF invests exclusively in securities representing this index with minimal tracking errors and tracking error penalties, offering long-term capital appreciation and income at low risk with low tracking error penalties – perfect for investors seeking capital appreciation with low-risk exposure in diversified portfolios suitable for both retail and institutional investors; its credit profile shows high-quality direction with an above average probability of repayment.

7. Nifty Short-Term Fund

Nippon India Short Term Fund is an open-ended scheme that invests in debt and money market securities with maturities between 91 days and three years, following a quantitative model to select stocks. This investment offers capital growth potential over an extended time horizon.

Nippon Investment Trust – Equity Schemes

NIMT is an asset management company specializing in mutual fund services, boasting more than Rs 12,430 crore in AUM as of March 2018. Their robust distribution network covers India, Mauritius, Singapore, and the UK.

Nippon Investment Trust schemes can be invested online and offline, starting with Angel One to enter their PAN number for KYC compliance verification before selecting a plan and making payments to begin investing in Nippon Investment Trust schemes.

8. Nifty Japan Fund

Nippon India Asset Management Limited operates as an investment management firm. They offer portfolio management, mutual fund investments, financial planning services, advisory services, and portfolio oversight worldwide.

Nifty Japan Fund is an open-ended equity scheme that invests in firms listed on Japanese stock exchanges. Following the Hare strategy, this Fund aims to maximize capital gains through investing in stocks with rapid growth potential.

Nippon India ETF Nifty beES is an index ETF designed to track the Nifty 50 Index’s performance. It is suitable for investors seeking capital returns that mirror those seen with its counterpart, subject to any tracking errors that may arise.

9. Nifty ETF Sensex

Nippon India ETF Sensex is an open-ended index exchange-traded scheme designed to deliver capital returns comparable to that provided by the Nifty 50 Index.

Nifty and Sensex indices serve as benchmark indices to measure the performance of India’s largest listed companies and can fluctuate depending on various factors.

Nifty and Sensex indices are calculated differently, so choosing one may not make much of a difference to your returns. Nifty has a more diversified formula than Sensex, which could make it slightly more stable over the long term – both track the same general direction of the market, however.

10. Nifty Income Fund

Nippon India Income Fund is an open-ended debt scheme investing in debt and money market instruments. This investment option offers investors consistent returns with limited risk exposure.

This scheme follows the consumption theme by investing in equity investments of firms likely to benefit from domestic consumer-led demand. As an ELSS Fund, assets may qualify for tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Nippon India provides various schemes across different categories that you can invest in online via the Paytm Money app or website. There are multiple modes of investing, including SIPs, lump sums, or auto-invest options – you can track all these using its dashboard feature! Plus, it also offers rupee cost averaging and minimal transaction charges!