Men’s 1980s Fashion Is Bold And Daring


Men’s 1980s fashion was bold and daring, drawing its inspiration from the pop culture of that decade. Integrating vintage styles from that decade into your modern wardrobe is a great way to display your sense of style!

Boxy suits with broad shoulders became trendy following shows such as Miami Vice and Duran Duran’s popularity in Britain, seersucker blazers and Varsity jackets. Androgynous fashion was another factor; men donned women’s blouses while wearing large hoop earrings to complete this trend.


Denim was one of the critical fabrics in this era. Crafted from sturdy cotton threads with a warp face that passes over more than one thread, its weft passes over multiple warp threads simultaneously to produce diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. Denim takes its name from Nimes in France, where it was first made. At first dyed with indigo hues, later altered to feature more subdued hues; nonetheless, its popularity continued throughout its first decade of production. Men in the 80s not only favored jeans but also double-denim jackets and vests paired with high-waisted acid wash pants, and chunky, oversized sweaters were an increasingly popular trend; typically featuring intricate patterns or solid colors with bold designs that stood out. Sweaters were worn over button-down shirts for an effortlessly sophisticated yet casual appearance.

The 1980s marked a time of fashion rebellion against traditional styles of previous decades, and men’s fashion was no different. Clothing became an expression of individuality and was often inspired by pop culture references like Michael Jackson’s Thriller video or Tom Cruise in Top Gun, making bomber jackets and aviator sunglasses fashionable.

Mod revival fashion was popular among youths listening to bands like Madness, UB40, the Specials, and The Bosstones at around the same time in the UK. Skinhead and rude boy styles became very fashionable among this youth population, who often donned slim-fitting mohair suits featuring tonic or houndstooth patterns, slim-fitting mohair suits, slim fitting polo shirts with sta-prest trousers; Doc Martens; braces, pork pie hats; basket weave shoes as part of their attire adorned with their favorite band or brand’s logo or brand’s logo for ease.

Men in the 1980s enjoyed bright colors, especially neon ones. This trend extended into sportswear, where neon tracksuits and athletic wear became fashionable and were often paired with matching neon sneakers that looked good regardless of the occasion. Casual attire from this era blurred the line between fashion and function and continues to gain popularity today as athleisure wear marks fitness routines and workout regimes.


Men’s 80s fashion was an expression of personal style. Oversized sweaters, dad jeans, and rock music-influenced outfits during this decade; rock musicians would wear Doc Martens or Converse sneakers with tight t-shirts while those more interested in business favored loafers and polo shirts – creating an array of looks in men’s 80s clothing that is currently making a comeback.

The 1980s witnessed the emergence of an upwardly mobile class of young professionals known as yuppies. These men wanted to show off their wealth and success through their clothes; these fashionistas typically don oversized sweaters, dad jeans, and short shorts while often donning aviator sunglasses to indicate wealth and success. Furthermore, brand names and logos such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller video made specific trends famous such as the red leather jackets with one glove trend, while Tom Cruise’s role in Top Gun made bomber jackets with aviator sunglasses cool; these trends also heavily influenced fashion trends of celebrities or public figures like Tom Cruise from Top Gun making them fashionable among yuppies in America.

Men’s shirts in the 1980s also had their distinct style. Loose fitting and featuring bold colors or patterns gave these shirts an appealing casual and different appearance and were particularly popular as work wear options – these included banker and striped styles and straightforward options with distinctive prints.

Men’s denim jackets and vests were an iconic feature of the 1980s, usually worn with matching or complementary wash and color jeans to form the classic double denim look. Short jean styles – often featuring cargo pockets – became highly fashionable during this era.

Men were often seen sporting 80s shorts during the summer, such as straight or khaki options in various colors and materials. Shorts proved stylish and comfortable to wear on hot days – an option popular for work.

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets were an essential fashion item of the 1980s and can be found in various fabrics and colors – leather being most frequently seen, but polyester and wool versions also exist. Originally intended to protect military pilots against adverse conditions during flight training missions, bomber jackets now make great wardrobe additions that fit almost any outfit imaginable – they feature elasticated ribbed collar and cuffs with no pockets or embellishments, as well as an adjustable side-gusset strap with buckle adjustability for variable fit; perfect for men with broad shoulders!

The 1980s witnessed a revival of leather jackets as an essential piece of clothing for male rock fans and bikers alike. Leather jackets became incredibly fashionable among bikers who used them for their rebellious look. Leather jackets became part of everyday casual wear; pairing them with jeans and T-shirts created an effortlessly chic ensemble, often sporting patches bearing band slogans on its back patches for added flair.

Denim was an integral component of men’s fashion during the 80s, often oversized or “baggy.” This trend became even more prominent with hip-hop culture’s rise; baggy jeans provided comfort and made a statement too! Ripped or cropped just above-ankle jeans were famous examples.

Flight jackets were an iconic fashion piece during the 1980s and still hold significant cultural value today. First created as military pilot flight coats, these iconic garments quickly became must-haves among rock stars, rappers and other celebrities, such as Tom Cruise’s Maverick from Top Gun in a brown leather G-1 flight jacket – an example can also be found among Alain Delon’s character from Thriller or Marlon Brando’s Stanley Kowalski from The Joker films.

Other notable trends during this era included neon track suits and athletic wear, striped tube socks – which can still be seen today being worn with jeans and sneakers by men – as well as men’s aviator helmet hats which could be purchased from various retailers.

Aviator sunglasses

In the 1980s, punk and new-wave musicians’ subversive styles heavily influenced men’s fashion. This fashion subverted military-style uniforms in favor of more laidback appearances – hair became longer, beards and mustaches became popular, clothes became less restrictive and colorful, and sunglasses like Aviator sunglasses became widely worn among those seeking adventure and rebellion – initially worn by pilots, these teardrop-shaped lenses were originally named for being like wings of an airplane – making these frames popular accessories among men looking to make an impression statement with their accessories today!

Unlike other types of sunglasses, Aviator frames are specifically tailored to flatter virtually all facial structures and occasions, making them the ideal choice for almost every occasion. Available in multiple colors, frame materials, and lens shapes; they’re a perfect way to add vintage flair.

In the late 1980s, images of General Douglas MacArthur wearing aviator sunglasses began circulating widely in media coverage, inspiring fashion icons such as Gloria Steinem, Stevie Nicks, and Blondie’s Debbie Harry to don them. Today aviators remain fashionable for both women and men and come in an assortment of colors and materials; timeless black or brown options are often preferred, while blue-green or even mirrored options may also be available.

Aviator sunglasses are distinguished by their metal frames with sharply pointed edges, which add masculinity while helping prevent them from slipping down your nose or falling off your ears. In addition to being practical, aviator frames are stylish and eye-catching pieces that complement almost any ensemble, from formal suits and ties to jeans and T-shirts.

Other popular 80s accessories for men include fanny packs and gold chains. Although these accessories can add a casual vibe, they don’t give as much confidence as wearing bomber jackets and aviator glasses do. For a classic rock aesthetic, pair dad jeans with a bomber jacket and pair of aviator glasses with either a striped shirt or slogan T-shirt and slogan T-shirt; short pants or athletic wear may also work for more laidback occasions.