Mary Yank and Mike Snider Are Members of the Franklin School Board of Education


Franklin Township offered many natural resources, from wild game and fertile land to abundant lumber resources and agriculture.

Mary Yank is a longtime Franklin resident with two daughters attending Franklin Schools. She is involved with many activities at their respective schools, as well as serving on boards like Franklin Educational Foundation and UMPS.

Mary Yank

Mary Yank serves on various committees of the Franklin School Board and holds an extensive background in education, having held such positions as assistant superintendent for Oak Creek-Franklin School District and director of curriculum and instruction. According to a biography posted by Marian University on their website, she holds a master’s degree while simultaneously pursuing a doctorate through Cardinal Stritch University. Since 2000, Mary and her two daughters have resided in Franklin together with their husband.

Ann Barton

Franklin Board of Education members are elected for five-year terms through district elections and budget votes held each May, as well as selecting their president, vice president, and district clerk at its annual organizational meeting had every July. Members serve without compensation. The Board establishes educational and school district policies. Additionally, it authorizes the Superintendent and administrative staff to develop operational procedures and regulations necessary for carrying out policy decisions. As a public body, the Board encourages citizen participation. Citizens may address them via the Public Comment agenda item at regular Board meetings; executive sessions may be held if permitted by law.

Barton became well-known during the 1950s and 60s for her appearances in dozens of movies and television series such as Leave It to Beaver, Twilight Zone, Thriller, Perry Mason Gunsmoke Death Valley Days Hawaii Five-0, as well as on-stage performances such as Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie at Eugene O’Neill Theatre.

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Ann has resided in Franklin since 2000 and is an engaged parent in her local schools, having graduated her children from both elementary and middle schools before sending the youngest off to Franklin High School as a junior. Ann has held positions such as PTO President, Franklin PAGE coordinator, and Board member of UMPS; currently, she also serves as Director for the Darien Board of Realtors as well as being an RN for Advocate Aurora.

Mike Snider

Mike Snider is an award-winning banjo player, musician, and country comedian known for his southern drawl and humorous country humor that have made him a favorite at the Grand Ole Opry. Fans appreciate his irreverent sense of humor, while his deep respect for old-time string music made him one of its most esteemed members in 1990.

Snider has served on the school board since 2008, currently acting as Vice President. Prior to that role, she served as board clerk, liaison for curriculum, buildings and grounds, finance personnel policy, and community/government relations liaison. Furthermore, Snider served on numerous committees, such as the School Information & Technology Plan, as well as Superintendent Annual Evaluations.

Franklin Public Schools Board of Education has begun the search process for its next superintendent since outgoing Judy Mueller announced her plan to retire at the end of 2018. School Exec Connect, a national search firm, was hired as part of this search and conducted surveys among teachers, leadership members, parents/community, and business leaders regarding what qualities their ideal candidate should possess.

This week, three finalists were interviewed by the Board of Education, according to an announcement from the district. Annalee Bennin, Corey Golla, and Stephen Plank are all slated as finalists.

The School Board encourages residents, staff members, and students to attend its meetings. Attendance at regular meetings offers an invaluable opportunity to learn more about its policies that may impact your child’s education; all regular meetings are open to the public, with appropriate notice provided according to state law.

Angie Bier

The Franklin School Board of Education welcomes residents and staff members alike to its meetings, where they can gain greater awareness by actively participating in its process. Individuals wishing to address the Board during its regular meetings may do so under a Public Comment agenda item – all while knowing that this Board represents its constituents by making decisions that are in their best interests.

The Board of Education is a five-member body elected by students and community members alike to represent their interests and oversee district finances. Members serve five-year terms and are charged with setting educational policies, managing budgetary matters within their district finances, hiring the superintendent as well as other employees, and complying with state and federal requirements in accordance with all state mandates.

Bier is also an active member of her community, serving on both boards – Franklin Educational Foundation and United Music Parents (UMPS). She has two daughters who both graduated from Franklin High School (2020 & 2021, respectively), and she volunteers in their schools, providing valuable perspectives to her Board colleagues.

She has lived and practiced pediatric medicine in Wisconsin her entire life. Additionally, she enjoys genealogical research as an amateur hobby and has published in Evening Street Review; she is currently working on her memoir entitled An Accidental Archivist.

Since 2008, she has served on the Board as president, treasurer, board clerk, and liaison for curriculum, building and grounds maintenance, finances, personnel policy issues, and community and government relations.

Maqsood Malik

Maqsood Malik lives on Aster Street and is an 82-year-old gastroenterologist. He has two children and has lived in Franklin for more than two decades – loving both the community and being active within it as an active board member promoting excellence in education, as well as an avid philanthropist providing much-needed medical aid in underserved communities through medical missions.

School Exec Connect conducted interviews with six semifinalists for superintendent. After interviewing these three, the board will make its selection later this week.

Maqsood Malik is an accomplished cardiologist with more than 57 years of experience who accepts Medicare assignments and is approved as part of the Million Hearts initiative. He currently welcomes new patients.