Jo Koy Net Worth


Jo Koy, an American-Filipino stand-up comedian, has amassed great wealth through his Comedy Central and Netflix specials and acting roles in movies and television shows.

He has sold out venues worldwide and amassed considerable wealth through his podcast and other ventures.

Jo Koy’s net worth

Jo Koy, an American stand-up comedian known for drawing humor from Filipino and American heritages, has amassed an enormous net worth. Performing sold-out shows and making several television appearances, his net worth now exceeds $5 Million while garnering numerous accolades in the comedy world. Aside from acting, he has also pursued various business ventures and written multiple books.

He enjoys an impressive social media following and can easily connect with his target audience through these platforms. He regularly keeps fans up-to-date with any news and developments in his life through these channels, with over 3 Million likes on Facebook alone and active Instagram and Twitter accounts where he posts pictures and videos for them all to see.

Jo Koy has made headlines for his stand-up comedy and appeared in films and TV shows, such as Hawaii Five-0 and Eastbound & Down. His unique humor appeals to various audiences; additionally, he has written numerous books and started a podcast.

He has taken advantage of his success in comedy to invest in real estate, leading him to live a luxurious lifestyle and acquire multiple properties across the United States. Additionally, Adam Carolla Show guests have helped increase his profile and wealth.

He is also an active charity worker and has donated millions to various causes. He is exceptionally generous with his time and love, especially towards his family, especially Josie Harrison, who was instrumental in shaping his comedy style and encouraging him to pursue his goals and be his best self.

He maintains an engaged following on Facebook and Instagram, where he posts updates of his comedy tours and personal life, often giving away free show tickets. Furthermore, the actor is an outspoken champion of LGBT community issues who has spoken out against bullying on Twitter.

Jo Koy’s career

Jo Koy’s success in comedy has enabled him to amass significant wealth. His exceptional talent and engaging stories have brought audiences out in droves to sold-out shows all across America, while he has recorded several stand-up specials and appeared in multiple television shows and films – garnering him an international following in turn.

Koy is a comedic phenomenon with an incredible background that gives him a distinctive perspective on humor. Born and raised by his Filipino mother in Tacoma, he attended Spanaway Lake High School and Foss High School before heading to Las Vegas for college studies. His mother often inspired his sense of humor during performances; Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, and Whoopi Goldberg have also played vital roles in shaping Koy’s comedic style.

Koy has broken numerous ticket sales records for his stand-up shows and received numerous accolades, such as being named “Stand-Up Comedian of the Year” at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival 2018. Additionally, he was featured on the TV show Comic View and a commentator on Chelsea Lately.

Koy’s charitable endeavors have added substantially to his overall net worth. He established a foundation and plans charity events such as the Hilarity for Charity comedy show, which raises money for Orange County Children’s Hospital. Furthermore, he recorded two comedy specials for Comedy Central and three Netflix original comedy specials.

Koy has had several relationships and two children throughout his lifetime. He was married to Angie King until their divorce in 2003, has been linked with Tia Carrere for quite some time, and was last spotted dating Chelsea Handler (they split in July 2022), among others.

Koy enjoys spending his free time with his family. His extended circle highly supports him and often attends his comedy shows. Additionally, he’s involved in multiple business ventures, including clothing lines and podcasts, and owns property in Studio City, California.

Jo Koy’s personal life

Jo Koy is an award-winning stand-up comedian and actor known for his distinctive humor. He has appeared in multiple movies and television series and has several comedy specials available on Netflix and Comedy Central. Furthermore, his guest spots on television and radio programs, writing/directing several films (with multiple Oscar wins/nominations!) as well as awards like winning Showtime at the Apollo competition have garnered him many accolades, including being invited onto popular podcast The Adam Carolla Show makes him an increasingly sought after comic talent.

Koy was born in Tacoma, Washington, in 1971 to European and Filipino parents. He credits his mother with inspiring his comedic talent, often mentioning her in his performances. Koy first discovered comedy through school talent shows and spontaneous concerts for friends; soon enough a talent coordinator recognized his potential and booked him onto BET’s Comic View, where he has since become an iconic name in American comedy.

He has appeared as a regular guest on multiple television and radio shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Chelsea. Lately, starred in films such as I Love the New Millennium and The World’s Dumbest, performed at Montreal’s Just For Laughs comedy festival, and earned one of only a handful of comedians to receive a standing ovation on E!’s Chelsea Handler program.

He incorporates his personal life into his comedy act, including jokes about his family and relationship with his ex-wife. He remains close to them and their son, with whom they share a strong connection. Furthermore, he advocates for domestic violence prevention while having strong ties to his fans.

Koy has substantially contributed to various charities, including the Lupus Foundation of America. Additionally, he sponsors a local children’s hospital and hosts an annual comedy show for charity. With a large social media following and speaking engagements at public events worldwide, his charismatic presence and trademark wit and charm have drawn audiences everywhere, including selling out six shows at The Warfield in San Francisco and four consecutive performances at Club Regent Event Centre in Winnipeg – where his shows sold out six consecutively!

Jo Koy’s family

Jo Koy, commonly referred to by his first name, Joseph Glenn Herbert, is an American stand-up comedian with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. His wealth was accrued through acting, producing, and comedy, initially as an actor but later through stand-up comedy performances. Represented by Creative Arts Agency and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

Koy has made his living as a comedian since 1998. Additionally, he also earns money through brand commercial deals and advertisements. He has a large social media following who regularly follow him and his comedy tours and family life posts on his accounts, sometimes giving away tickets through them!

Talented comedian John Belanito is widely renowned for his unique view on Filipino culture and boasts a devoted fan base. He has sold out venues worldwide and performed at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal; his comedy specials have garnered positive reviews and quickly raised his net worth by 75%.

Born June 2 in Tacoma, Washington, to Jack and Josie Slattery, his parents divorced when he was 13, and his mother raised him solely until they relocated to Las Vegas after graduation to be close to his grandmother.

Koy remains family-oriented despite the challenges he encountered as a child, working tirelessly to create a happy home environment. His son Joseph Herbert Jr. is an integral part of his life, while his mother plays a significant role, too. Additionally, Koy has taken an interest in charity by supporting the Lupus Foundation of America.

Koy is known for his massive social media following on social media, sharing daily photos of his everyday life through Instagram with over 8.4 million followers and making an estimated estimated estimated estimated annual revenue from YouTube ads. He has appeared on various television programs like the Adam Carolla Show and hosted his comedy specials on Tru TV; in February 2019, he performed two shows at Wheeler Opera House for Aspen Laugh Festival’s closing night performance at Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado.