Jimmy Carter, the Nation’s Oldest Living President, Enters Hospice Care


Jimmy Carter, America’s oldest former president, recently entered hospice care at his Plains, Georgia home. Carter has long championed global health initiatives – mainly working to eradicate Guinea worm disease – through campaigns he spearheads.

His grandson reports that Rosalynn Carter and 98-year-old Carter are in good spirits as they navigate this new chapter. They continue to visit with family, receive updates on The Carter Center’s work abroad, and enjoy eating their favorite treat: peanut butter ice cream!

Psychiatric Disorders

Psychological disorders alter how we think, feel, and behave. These mental conditions can significantly impact everyday life by interfering with jobs or relationships and caring for ourselves or our home environment. Treatment usually includes therapy and medications; more intensive options may require going to a psychiatric hospital.

Former President Jimmy Carter, 98, lives in home hospice care after multiple hospital stays. He and his family have been keeping each other company as they battle dementia, which was revealed earlier this year. Jason Wentzel recently discussed his grandfather’s condition during an interview with EW.

Jimmy Carter was once president, while his wife Rosalynn suffers from dementia. Their family members say Rosalynn is happy and enjoying time with loved ones at her Georgia home. Still, the diagnosis has created meaningful conversations among families and physicians across the United States.

Rosalynn Carter has long been an advocate for mental health. As Honorary Chair of a Presidential Commission during her husband’s term as president, she worked tirelessly to reduce mental illness stigma. She is involved in humanitarian projects through The Carter Center – her nonprofit organization.

Mental disorders have multiple underlying causes that often vary by individual. Most mental illnesses involve both genetic and environmental risk factors. Bipolar disorder is one example of a disease with biological and ecological sources. Chemical imbalances in the brain cause Alzheimer’s but can also be brought on by many things, including childhood abuse and relationship stress. Like schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may have genetic and environmental components, although no clear link can be drawn between genes and its symptoms. Research shows specific gene variants increase one’s risk for mental disorders; therefore, knowing the warning signs is essential.

Mental Health

Mental health refers to an individual’s emotional well-being and is measured by how they think, feel, and act. It can be affected by many factors, including physical health, relationships, and life events; managing stress effectively and adapting well under challenging circumstances; and being able to withstand hardship. People with mental illnesses may struggle with daily tasks like work and maintaining relationships; they may struggle to interact with others clearly and concentrate.

Mental illness can be treated, and with proper support, it’s possible to lead a productive and fulfilling life. Treatment typically entails counseling (psychotherapy, group therapy, or expressive therapy) and medication such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers, or antipsychotic medicines; exercise, good nutrition, and sleep can also help manage some symptoms. Stick with your treatment plan even if symptoms have diminished; stay connected with your primary care physician.

Rosalynn Carter has long advocated for mental health since joining Georgia Governor Howard Taft’s Commission to Improve Services for Mentally and Emotionally Handicapped Georgians as first lady in 1971. Throughout President Carter’s presidency, she ensured those suffering from mental illnesses had access to quality healthcare, insurance coverage, and treatment options.

Even after being diagnosed with cancer, she continued to work for The Carter Center, an Atlanta-based nongovernmental organization founded by former President Jimmy and First Lady Rosalynn Carter in 1982, specializing in international peace and health promotion. Help improve lives in over 80 countries through conflict resolution, democracy promotion, and disease prevention. Hugo Wentzel recently made headlines when he revealed he is Carter’s grandson on the reality show Claim to Fame; during that show, he also spoke about Carter’s condition following several short hospitalizations in February, when Carter decided against further medical interventions and will instead live out his days at home under hospice care instead of other medical interventions.

Physical Health

At 98 years old, Jimmy Carter is the most senior living former president. After experiencing health issues over recent years and entering hospice care at home recently, he now finds comfort from family members while eating his favorite treat: peanut butter ice cream! In turn, these tributes bring him much joy.

Boger believes Carter may have lived so long thanks to his healthy lifestyle: eating well and regularly exercising are hallmarks of longevity and strong family ties. Furthermore, Carter also follows his spiritual faith by teaching Sunday school. Boger opines that this kind of healthy living style could extend life expectancies.

Former President Richard Nixon has been hospitalized several times recently; however, he is at peace and happy to spend his remaining days at home with his family. Hospice care – an end-of-life plan designed to increase comfort – is provided.

There is no telling how long former President Jimmy Carter will remain among us, but his grandson reports that he is doing well and enjoying being around family. Carter remains up-to-date with The Carter Center’s guinea worm eradication program and continues enjoying peanut butter ice cream as his treat.

Hugo Wentzel, recently eliminated from the ABC reality competition “Claim to Fame,” revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he is Carter’s grandson and has visited him regularly since The Carter Center announced in February that he would enter hospice care at home.

Carter also left an impressive legacy of humanitarian work beyond politics. Alongside Rosalynn Carter, they co-founded The Carter Center in 1982 to advance peace, healthcare, and democracy worldwide. Together, they are celebrating 77 years as husband and wife this year! As an active community member, Carter volunteers with Habitat for Humanity while serving as a distinguished centennial lecturer at Agnes Scott College near his hometown of Plains, Georgia.


Jimmy Carter learned early in life the value of proper nutrition from growing up on a farm and understanding the importance of home-grown fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes for health benefits. They also used local food markets to reduce costs while improving nutrition. Jimmy also worked to strengthen environmental laws as president – often taking unpopular stances regarding ecological issues that threatened his well-being.

After Carter completed his presidency, he and Rosalynn further established The Carter Center for World Peace and Health. This non-profit organization works in over 80 countries, resolving conflicts, improving human rights, economic opportunities, and disease prevention while promoting mental healthcare services.

Carter has led his organization toward numerous health-related advances, such as eradicating Guinea worm and immunizing children against measles. Additionally, he has worked on increasing access to clean water and improving sanitation systems in the United States. He also focused on resolving political tensions that hinder democratic advancement and poverty and inequality issues.

Though Jimmy Carter may no longer be as active in public life, he remains engaged with The Carter Center. It continues to implement innovative health strategies in remote regions around the globe.

As well as his involvement with The Carter Center, former President Jimmy Carter remains involved with various efforts to combat mental illness and advance civil and human rights. Furthermore, he participates in multiple charitable organizations dedicated to sustainable infrastructure development and has received numerous awards for his service as an international leader.

He and Rosalynn Carter remain in excellent health, regularly jogging 40 miles weekly, monitoring his diet, and being nonsmokers. Together, the couple weighs themselves daily to monitor any weight fluctuation while drinking in moderation and opposing genetically modified food products.

Hugo Wentzel, one of the contestants on ABC’s reality show Claim to Fame, revealed in a recent interview that he is Jimmy and Rosalynn’s grandson. He expressed pride that his grandfather is aware of all the tributes being paid him by his family and is happy in knowing he’s receiving home hospice care.