How Phone Poppers Can Help Your Business


Phone poppers are inhalants used by users to experience an intense, short-lived “high.” They cause an increased flow of blood into the head, often leading to nosebleeds or feelings of sickness, and can pose both short-term and long-term risks like brain damage or methemoglobinemia.

Promotional Apparel

Poppers branded with your company logo can help reinforce your marketing efforts and attract potential new customers to your business, whether you provide party planning services or events management. Poppers also make excellent giveaways at corporate events and tradeshows.

Custom poppers from us give ample room for adding your message and graphics in various designs and colors that complement your company or event’s theme or occasion. Plus, our poppers are easy to assemble and boast an attractive appearance that is sure to draw eyes in no time!

Pad printing is among the many printing options we provide for our products, providing another opportunity for personalizing them with your logo or message. This method involves applying it onto a silicone rubber stamp covered with ink before stamping against the product surface – ideal for small surfaces such as flat or curved surfaces.

At our branded phone accessories boutique, we also have an impressive selection of personalized phone accessories. Eye Popper Stress Reliever Phone Stands can relieve tension with a gentle squeeze and feature eyes that pop out for fun users to delight! Personalized Look at Me Compact Selfie Sticks provide selfie lovers with a fun option featuring an area just for logo branding! Printed Car Air Vent Mobile Phone Holders come equipped with flexible brackets designed to hold phones vertically or horizontally for extra security and peace of mind.