Foundations Early Learning Center


Foundations Early Learning Center of Sayre in Pennsylvania has opened its doors and offers more than just childcare options for the Northern Tier region. It provides opportunities to enrich learning through play.

The Caplan Foundation supports projects that promote innovation and research to advance the welfare of young children aged birth to seven. This includes health, nutrition, education, play, familial support, acculturation, and societal integration.

Safety & Security

Foundations Early Learning Center features a comprehensive security system to monitor all entrances and exits throughout the day, and all employees have been fingerprinted, background checked, and undergo regular training. If an emergency should arise, your child will be safely cared for until a family member can arrive to collect them. We also conduct daily health screenings upon sign-in, which allows parents to monitor any concerns about their children’s wellbeing – this helps ensure all of our children feel welcome and safe here.

Teachers & Staff

Foundations Early Learning Center’s teachers and staff are amiable and kind; my daughter has attended it for about a year and adores it! Their staff are loving, attentive, and provide constant updates as to her wellbeing – giving me peace of mind knowing my daughter will always be safe from harm when leaving or picking her up at either end of each day – which makes drop off and pick up more enjoyable – I would recommend Foundations Early Learning Center to any parent looking for quality daycare!

Infants: Teachers provide responsive care and learning experiences tailored to each child’s cues, supporting their development through active and quiet activities that meet individual developmental needs. A consistent daily schedule and routine include indoor and outdoor playtime. Daily curriculum with child-led discovery activities to foster growth across all areas of development as preparation for kindergarten and future school success; positive relationships built to foster self-esteem and love of learning through positive teaching relationships between them all.

At Education Resource Partners (ERP), our mission is to equip every educator with the tools to enhance student classroom outcomes. That includes providing educators with high-quality instruction, practical assessments, and actionable data – giving their students every chance for success.

Food & Nutrition

The Foundation believes that children can only realize their full potential when all their physical, emotional, and cognitive needs are adequately supported. Therefore, it provides funding to projects that seek to perfect child-rearing techniques and identify models for providing caring environments where all young children can flourish – this covers aspects such as physical health, safety, nutrition education, family community play, and acculturation childcare spanning from infancy through age seven.

Central Arizona College’s Signal Peak Early Learning Center in Coolidge provides an exceptional hands-on environment for children ages three to five. Priority enrollment for CAC student parents.

The certificate of completion (CCL) in Foundations of Early Childhood Education is an integral component of the Associate in Applied Science degree program and covers an array of topics related to child growth/development, child-centric curriculum development, business procedures, health and safety guidelines, and family/community relationship building. There is also a practicum and field experience with children in an early learning setting included as part of this course.

Learning Environment

Learning environments are essential in children’s growth and development, from classrooms to outdoor playgrounds. Each area should collaborate to foster social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth for optimal effect.

At the Science and Math Center, activities stimulate children’s thinking and problem-solving abilities by noting effects on a scale or comparing textures (such as slippery beans in water versus scratchy dry sand). At the Pretend and Play Center, children develop a positive identity through performing roles such as clerk or doctor in a grocery store or hospital setting.

At our ELC, we provide an engaging learning environment through three curriculum models: Child Development, Modified Montessori, and Creative Curriculum. Gateway Community College students studying Early Childhood Education, Human Services Psychology, Nursing, or Nutrition Dietetics can use guided involvement with our center’s operations to integrate theoretical preparation with practical application.