Fitness Divas – How to Get Started As a Fitness Model


Starting your career as a fitness model requires gathering an impressive portfolio of photographs. These should include headshots, body shots, black-and-white shots, creative photos, and bikini photos showing your physique.

Eva Andressa began as an overweight teen but, over time, worked tirelessly to build up her physique. Now an inspiration to many followers, Eva offers tips on healthy nutrition and practical home or gym workouts.

Eva Andressa

Eva Andressa is an internationally acclaimed fitness instructor and bodybuilding pro who has become an online sensation with millions of followers on social media. Her life story stands as a testament to hard work and determination – she rose from an ordinary girl from Curitiba to being one of the world’s foremost experts on fitness and wellness, not to mention an accomplished model who has graced multiple Brazilian fitness magazines’ covers!

She began competing in figure competitions in 2005 at the NABBA Lobo Bravo Cup and immediately won first prize without breaking a sweat – her success marked an inflection point in her career and cemented her status as an elite athlete.

Eva did not let a lengthy absence from competition stop her from exercising regularly, improving her physique, training harder, and setting new goals that led her to more significant competitions at age 24. By this point, Eva made her comeback and won her inaugural IFBB body fitness competition in Brazil.

Karina Elle

Karina Elle is an Instagram fitness model, gym instructor, and former cheerleader and cross-country runner who has appeared in various magazines such as Racked, Hers, and Shape. Additionally, she won the World Fitness Federation Pro Bikini Championship as a bikini competitor.

Born and raised in Florida, USA, Karina Elle was inspired to participate in sports by her older brother, who encouraged her to start competing in cheerleading and running as a teenager, helping to develop an impressive physique. Once they graduated high school, Karina Elle began working as a group fitness instructor.

Tammy Fit is a popular fitness influencer who boasts a large following on social media. She regularly shares workout and diet plans that can inspire anyone looking to increase their fitness level, including workouts and diet plans that shape her physique (plyometrics, plain running, hack squats, and deadlifts are cited as effective exercises to transform it). Tammy also owns her line of workout gear and supplements, which are available through her website and an app called Tammy Fit, which offers guided workouts designed specifically to get people fitter faster!

Jena Frumes

Jena Frumes is an influential social media influencer and Instagram model who has amassed immense fame through her striking physical attributes and appealing features. She has appeared in multiple music videos and even launched her eponymous fashion line, all thanks to hard work and perseverance, which has resulted in loyal followers who look up to and admire her authenticity.

Jenna Frumes hails from New Jersey and developed a deep passion for entertainment as well as connecting with others. Her humble demeanor and relatable content have gained millions of fans, who find her videos, lifestyle posts, and fitness challenges extremely motivating and inspirational.

She rose to fame as a fashion model and social media influencer after appearing on Wild n’ Out. Additionally, she made her acting debut in the Mango Guava TV series and is known for her high-profile relationships with celebrities, such as Nick Cannon and Jesse Lingard (footballer). In 2020, she began dating singer Jason Derulo; shortly after that, they welcomed their first child together in May 2021.

Sommer Ray

American bikini fitness model Sommer Ray has amassed an ardent online following thanks to her workout videos and sensual photoshoots, both posted online. Additionally, Sommer owns her own activewear and skincare line and credits her healthy diet and exercise routine with helping her attain her body; rather than opt for plastic surgery procedures, she prefers natural beauty as the key.

She uses Instagram, YouTube, and her website as platforms for her social media accounts, often eating pizza with her girlfriends. She owns six snakes, two dogs, and three cats as pets and is an ardent supporter of Robert Downey Jr. and Bella Thorne.

She was briefly linked with Machine Gun Kelly (real name Cole Bennett), though their romance ended quickly. Now, she is dating Max Ehrich; Savana and Skylyn are her sisters, while her dad competed as a competitive bodybuilder. Born September 15, 1996, and standing 5ft6in., she currently boasts more than 26 Million Instagram Followers and 1.8 Million Subscribers on YouTube.

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is an inspiring fitness model whose body would make most people jealous. She credits her success to hard work and determination; when not teaching yoga or Pilates classes, she practices healthy living by eating well and posting workout advice/ideas/advice on Instagram, where she has amassed over double-digit millions of followers.

Roz Mays has over two decades of experience as both a personal trainer and pole dancer, renowned for her impressive sculpted physique and motivational workout tutorials. Most of her clients are female looking to improve their health.

Lee is well known as both a fitness model and virtual YouTuber (VTuber) who goes by the name Monarch. On YouTube, she provides English covers of anime and video game theme songs that she performs for titles such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Yandere Simulator Rio Rainbow Gate! and Show by Rock!!. Additionally, she has recorded several independent soundtracks/theme songs.

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin has built quite an empire as a fitness model. With an enormous following on social media and inspiration to many people alike, Michelle also runs her own supplement brand and protein bar business.

Venezuelan beauty Andrea Lopez has made quite an impression in the fitness industry. She has graced several covers of magazines such as Sports and Fitness, Her Muscle and Fitness and Fitness magazines and founded the popular fitness app FITPLAN.

Lewin remains humble and approachable despite her success, serving as an inspirational role model to many young girls who wish to attain a bikini body. According to Lewin, one key element to attaining an ideal physique lies within diet – she recommends practicing portion control and eating healthily throughout the day.

She trains her back, limbs, and chest on alternate days using both compound exercises and isolation moves for her workouts. Additionally, she consumes a diet high in proteins but low in carbohydrates for optimal performance.

Emily Skye

Emily Skye is one of the highest-grossing fitness influencers. Her dedication to health and fitness makes her an inspirational role model; her journey from an unhealthy mental and physical lifestyle to one that embraces health and fitness is remarkable. Furthermore, Skye is both a mother and entrepreneur, owning her own cosmetics brand while working alongside Women’s Best magazine.

Success in the health and fitness industry stems from her intuitive grasp of social media. She has become a leading force within the fitness community, helping women overcome self-doubt to meet their goals. Her workouts offer variety and challenge for anyone seeking overall improvement of health.

Skye offers training programs and nutrition coaching tailored specifically for women. She provides workouts to pregnant and postpartum mothers to assist them with meeting their fitness goals. Emily Skye FIT was developed as an all-encompassing solution, featuring over 600 workouts across eight programs for all proficiency levels, offering meal plans, expert advice, and meditations to promote mental wellness.

Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway stands out with her sleek bob, defined cheeks and thighs, and pouty lips to create an alluring image that’s hard to ignore. But her fit influencer body and successful business didn’t come naturally: born to divorced parents and living between her maternal grandmother’s trailer home in Minnesota and paternal grandmother’s farm in Oklahoma, as well as various foster homes, she is truly a self-made success story.

As both a high school athlete and college student, she held down multiple part-time jobs to fund her studies and trained at her university’s gym when possible – yet never intended on becoming a bodybuilder herself.

She now boasts an incredibly successful fitness empire that includes subscription sites, workout apps, personal training certifications, and pole instructor accreditation. Additionally, she serves as a spokesperson for F45 training – an innovative franchise that uses high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with functional exercises designed to help people lose fat faster and get in shape quickly.