Bubba’s Fish Camp and Smokehouse Menu


Bubba’s Fish Camp and Smokehouse is just across from Broadway at the Beach and offers an enticing coastal vibe, featuring water-themed decor with fish nets draping down its exterior walls.

Menu highlights include house-smoked BBQ, ribs and chicken, seafood offerings from its sister restaurants, and fast-service children’s meals. It even has a kid’s menu!

Smoked Meats

Bubba’s Fish Camp and Smokehouse guarantees fast service and delicious food whether dining in or ordering takeout. Their extensive menu provides something for everyone – from comfort food classics to seafood specialties – including appetizers, platters, handhelds, salads, and desserts. Some seafood highlights are Bubba’s World Famous Fried Flounder, Why So Crabby Sweet Colossal Crab Salad With Pickled Onions And Charred Lemon, Blackened Fish Street Tacos, as well as pulled Pork Brisket and Chicken options on offer from Bubba’s.

This family-friendly eatery also features an on-site bar open daily from 11 am-10 pm. With its distinctive design and atmosphere, this is a must-visit destination for locals and visitors.

Mozingo + Wallace designed their restaurant to resemble a seafaring warehouse with nautical accents throughout, including pre-rusted metal siding, fishing nets, marine lanterns, and gadgets that have worn away over time.

This location of Bubba’s Fish Shack in Surfside Beach, SC, features an impressive menu of Lowcountry seafood classics and in-house smoked BBQ ribs and chicken. Their bar serves a fantastic selection of beer and cocktails while they have wheelchair-accessible seating so the entire family can enjoy dining here! Located across Broadway at the Beach.


Bubba’s Fish Camp and Smokehouse, conveniently situated across from Broadway at the Beach, serves up house-smoked BBQ, ribs, chicken, and seafood specialties from its sister restaurant, Bubba’s Fish Shack. Furthermore, the restaurant offers fast service and wheelchair-accessible seating to ensure every guest can have an enjoyable dining experience.

This restaurant is an offshoot of Bubba’s Fish Shack, an established Surfside Beach dining staple for years. Offering great food in an inviting yet casual environment – ideal for family outings or date nights – its new location delivers on its promise with every memorable dining experience it provides.

The new eatery’s design aims to emulate a fishing shack with a beachy vibe. The exterior looks like an industrial waterfront warehouse decorated with fish nets and metal siding; inside, there are rustic wood and metal tables and chairs, marine lanterns and gadgets, colorful fish hanging on walls, and colorful fishing nets hanging off them.

The menu offers a vast array of fried and grilled seafood dishes and house-smoked meats. Appetizers include the Colossal Onion Ring Tower, homemade hush puppies, and Southern Fried Tomatoes with Cajun Ranch Dressing; entrees range from handhelds, salads to platters, including peel-and-eat shrimp, crab cakes, fried flounder as well as peel-and-eat shrimp served on platters served with fries, hushpuppies, and baked beans!


This restaurant specializes in seafood and meat dishes such as BBQ pork, fried catfish, and fried green tomatoes. They also offer draft beer, cocktails, and coffee drinks. Furthermore, its decor includes an old-school wooden and metal building designed to mimic a fishing warehouse, complete with fish nets, fishing gadgets, and marine lanterns adorning its walls.

Bubba’s Fish Shack at Broadway at the Beach offers an ideal location for family-friendly dining and comfort food alike, featuring Lowcountry seafood favorites as well as in-house smoked barbecue, all while maintaining family-friendly dining options for large groups or couples looking for fun while devouring delicious food at once.

Start your meal at Camp Bites like the Colossal Onion Ring Tower or homemade hush puppies before diving into entrees that range from handhelds, salads, grilled and smoked platters – there are even vegetarian-friendly options!

Bubba’s Fish Camp and Smokehouse provides a selection of grilled sandwiches and wraps, such as the Bawk Bawk: a toasted sourdough sandwich featuring pulled smoked chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, and Carolina Gold barbecue sauce. Another popular offering is Jasper Cheeseburger, a half-pound of brisket/chuck, char-grilled with bacon/cheddar cheese combination, finished with smoky barbecue sauce for an unforgettable flavor experience! Additionally, an extensive beverage selection exists, including craft beer/wine.


Bubba’s Fish Camp and Smokehouse, part of Divine Dining Group’s Myrtle Beach restaurant family at 1565 21st Ave N, features in-house smoked meats and favorite fresh-fried and grilled seafood items. In addition to offering Camp Bites to hand-held salads, seafood platters, and smoked meat platters served with fries, hushpuppies, and baked beans for your dining pleasure!

From the outside, this new eatery resembles a waterfront warehouse with nautical accents such as fish nets and marine lanterns. Inside is more casual than its Surfside Beach location, with wood and metal surfaces painted in faded paint colors and some worn-out gear that gives an authentic fishing shack vibe.

At this family-friendly eatery, guests can choose from an extensive selection of beer, cocktails, and other drinks at its bar. There is also an onsite kids menu, fast service, and accessible seating, as well as Lowcountry classics like shrimp, oyster, or grouper po boys; Bubba’s World-Famous Fried Flounder sandwich; Why So Crabby Sweet Colossal crab salad featuring pickled onions and charred lemon; as well as pulled pork platters featuring pulled pork sausage ribs chicken — all smoked on a 750-pound Cookshack Fast Eddy smoker that Chef “Hoop” has affectionately named Sally.


Bubba’s Fish Camp and Smokehouse is an offshoot of Divine Dining Group’s popular restaurant Bubba’s Fish Shack in Myrtle Beach at 1565 21st Ave N. It serves casual fare such as in-house smoked BBQ, ribs, and chicken, as well as delicious seafood dishes from its sister location – plus, there’s an onsite bar serving an impressive array of beer, cocktails, and wine – perfect for families with young ones as well as wheelchair accessible seating!

Near Broadway at the Beach, this seafood destination provides a relaxing, convenient, and coastal environment. Its design resembles a waterfront warehouse with nautical touches such as sun-bleached wood trim and fish nets adorned with sun-bleached paint; additionally, metal siding with rusted accents adds character. Guests will discover an eclectic decor featuring vintage fishing gear, military memorabilia, and marine gadgets – making for an enjoyable dining experience!

Bubba’s Fish Camp and Smokehouse offers an exciting combination of Lowcountry seafood classics and smoked meats from “Sally,” their Fast Eddy 750 smoker. Sally can be found serving brisket, pulled pork barbecue, and chicken as well as appetizers like their Colossal Onion Ring Tower and Fried Green Tomatoes with homemade Hushpuppies; platters including grilled and fried shrimp, steamed mussels flounder as well as fries hushpuppies baked beans & Hushpuppies all included on these platters; while for dessert try their homemade Peach Cobbler served warm with vanilla Ice Cream on top.


Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse, situated just minutes from Surfside Beach’s iconic Bubba’s Fish Shack, serves up all of your seafood favorites and slow-cooked barbecue that has made their Surfside Beach restaurant so beloved by customers. They feature family-friendly dining with an onsite bar offering an extensive selection of beer and cocktails; additionally, they have children’s menu options and wheelchair-accessible seating onsite.

This new restaurant opened earlier this summer near Broadway at the Beach and boasts an intimate coastal ambiance complete with classic seafood-lounge accents such as fish nets draped across walls, marine lanterns, and gadgets adorning every inch of its venue. Even its exterior evokes an authentic waterfront warehouse feel thanks to pre-rusted metal siding, sun-bleached wood trim, and worn-out fishnets adorning its front entrance – providing just an added rustic charm and roughness!

The menu offers a large and diverse selection of seafood options, including both fried and grilled seafood dishes as well as platters of in-house-smoked meat, with Camp Bites like the Colossal Onion Ring Tower, homemade hush puppies, Southern Fried Tomatoes with Cajun Ranch dressing served alongside them for appetizers. Entrees range from handhelds and salads to seafood platters featuring peel-and-eat shrimp, crab cakes, fried flounder, fries, hushpuppies, and baked beans; all complemented with fries, hushpuppies, and baked beans!