Bow River Capital Announces New Private Equity Fund II


Bow River Capital is a private alternative asset manager with investment teams focused on the lower middle market across three core asset classes. Our Firm manages both separate accounts and evergreen fund mandates.

TODAY, one10 LLC, a global leader in human capital solutions, announced they have secured a strategic investment from Bow River Capital.

Private Equity

Private equity is an asset class specialized in purchasing companies and helping them expand. This may involve manufacturing, technology, and service industries, among others. Private equity firms usually work closely with management teams to improve operations by cutting costs, increasing revenue, or developing new products & markets for expansion. Because investments may take years to pay off fully or become risky, it is wise to consult a fiduciary or financial advisor before making big decisions regarding private equity investments.

Based out of Denver, Bow River Capital specializes in investing in the lower middle market across three asset classes: real estate, software growth equity, and private credit. They manage over $1 billion of assets for investors and have a proven record of creating value.

Bow River Capital invests in companies with innovative technology, recurring revenues, and high-profit margins. Their focus on team expertise allows them to assist investees with reaching their goals while building relationships with investors, which is another hallmark of success.

Since 2019, Jeremy Held has been an integral member of Bow River Capital. In this role, he oversees its registered asset management business – investment oversight, research, and product development. Before joining Bow River Capital, Jeremy served as both director of research and chief investment officer of ALPS Advisors, an alternative investments-focused RIA firm.

Bow River Capital offers its investment portfolio and the Bow River Evergreen Fund – designed to bridge the access gap to private equity by providing an accessible low minimum private equity fund solution suitable for a broad spectrum of investors.

Bow River Capital Fund has been launched to meet the increasing demand for an accessible, low minimum, and broadly accessible vehicle for investing in private equity. Its investment goal is long-term capital appreciation through selecting investments with favorable risk-adjusted return potential and is overseen by Bow River Capital’s Board of Trustees.

Real Estate

Bow River Capital is a private alternative asset management firm in Denver specializing in investments for lower middle market companies across three asset classes – private equity, real estate, and software growth equity. Furthermore, the firm administers several registered funds.

Bow River Investment Partners employs experienced professionals dedicated to client satisfaction. This team includes investment and operational personnel and legal counsel specializing in mergers and acquisitions. In addition, clients of this firm have access to an array of industry experts and research analysts.

Recently, the firm expanded its private equity team by hiring Gaurav Sharma as managing director and Shayan Masoudpour as director. They bring over 30 years of personal equity experience from working for New York-based Investcorp Private Equity Firm.

Bow River Capital Partners, as a private equity firm, seeks opportunities to provide capital for leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, strategic acquisitions, and expansions of lower middle market companies that are non-public. Their areas of interest span business services, healthcare, energy production, infrastructure manufacturing, and distribution.

Bow River Capital was established in 2003 as an alternative asset manager, investing in lower middle market investments through three asset classes: private equity, real estate, and software. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with over $2 billion under management backed by institutional investors worldwide with 150 employees working across 15 offices globally.

Bow River Capital Partners closed their third opportunistic real estate fund with $450 million in commitments in 2023 – more than double their target and heavily oversubscribed. Bow River’s Rodeo Region real estate fund targets investments within this area.

Our firm maintains an exhaustive policy on proxy voting and transparently communicates its voting practices to clients. The policy outlines procedures for voting shares, other securities, and any potential conflicts of interest or issues where voting could conflict with associates’ personal beliefs or obligations. Furthermore, associates must refrain from voting on matters where there might be such conflicts of interest; finally, the firm only votes proxies by Client and shareholder interests.

Software Growth Equity

Bow River Capital Software Growth Equity Fund II attracted significant oversubscription, reaching 60% commitments from investors across a broad spectrum. The fund seeks to make majority-control investments of $25 million to $50 million in bootstrapped software companies well-positioned to thrive amid today’s economic uncertainty and changing market dynamics. Holland & Hart was chosen as its legal counsel.

Economic downturns are expected to have positive and negative ramifications on various sectors. Adtech companies may experience slower growth, while cloud software solutions and security firms could participate in continued robust expansion. Many private equity investors are considering launching dedicated software funds, such as those established by Thoma Bravo and Vista Equity, that allow them to quickly identify opportunities, conduct due diligence more efficiently, work with management teams on value creation plans more efficiently, etc.

These funds offer dedicated teams and more investment flexibility to invest in growth-stage technology companies than other buyout funds, making minority stake investments in software companies more likely than private equity firms. Furthermore, they can reach entrepreneurs seeking to take their businesses public more quickly.

These funds use proprietary research and a wide range of data sources such as Bloomberg, IDC, Gartner, Forrester, and industry analysts such as Forrester to help identify investment opportunities. Furthermore, they evaluate companies’ accounting and financial reports, business models and competitive landscapes, management teams, and structures.

Bow River Capital favors director equity plans that meet specific guidelines regarding stock ownership, vesting schedule, and benefits such as post-retirement payments or executive perks. Furthermore, they typically vote against proposals to create an unspecified preferred stock class with undetermined voting, dividend, and conversion rights.

The Proxy Committee comprises Michael Trihy, Jeremy Held, and Regina Watson – three key personnel of the Fund’s Management Company and Proxy Administrator, respectively – with responsibility for overseeing voting processes that reflect the best interest of its shareholders and Clients. Therefore, safeguards have been implemented to avoid conflicts of interest that could influence proxy votes; these provisions can be found within its Policy Statement.

Private Credit

Bow River Capital of Denver is an alternative asset management firm offering lower middle market investments across four asset classes: private equity, real estate, private credit, and software growth equity. Furthermore, they have created a registered interval fund to offer access to private markets for a broader range of investors.

Bow River Capital Partners invests in lower middle market, non-public companies. The team at Bow River has extensive experience investing in such companies and has built up an impressive track record of success.

Bow River Capital Partners specializes in investments across business services, financial services, healthcare, technology, industrial and manufacturing sectors. It manages more than $1.1 billion in assets under management in the US, with particular attention focused on Western United States investments.

Private credit strategies provide investors access to high-yield fixed-income opportunities with lower volatility and lower correlation than traditional stock and bond portfolios, offering diversification benefits to overall investment portfolios.

Private credit is a form of alternative lending typically comprising investments such as corporate bonds, secured loans, mezzanine debt, and other instruments not publicly listed on a stock exchange. It serves as an essential source of capital for companies who cannot access public markets due to size or complexity issues; furthermore, it often provides tremendous yield potential with higher potential recovery in case of default.

Private credit strategies provide businesses looking for growth but do not have access to venture capital or other forms of funding with access to mezzanine debt investments that support new product development and expand sales forces, refinancing existing debt, or refinancing and reducing interest costs. Private credit can provide them with needed funding – it’s an ideal option when scaling is an issue!

Private credit offers another key benefit for investors: its customized approach enables them to customize each investment they make in each company they invest in, helping to ensure it aligns with a company’s goals and any future growth potential.