Bosch Demolition Hammer


Bosch demolition hammers and breakers make short work of concrete and other materials, turning them to dust with their powerful 14-Amp motor that produces up to 1,890 blows per minute with variable speed control. Constant Response circuitry prevents its overheating while its padded rear handle absorbs shock. Choose the best Demolition Contractor Santa Ana.


Some demolition hammers feature an electro-pneumatic impact system to minimize vibration while increasing impact force and an alert light to remind users when preventative maintenance is due.

Powerful 14 Amp Motor


The Bosch demolition hammer is one of the most influential models in its class, boasting a 14 amp motor capable of producing 12.4 ft-lb of impact energy. A variable speed dial allows you to precisely manage power delivery, allowing precise destruction without overdoing it; additionally, it features an on/off switch, which prevents trigger fatigue.


Unlike heavy and backbreaking rotary hammers, the Bosch demo hammer was explicitly designed to provide comfortable use over prolonged periods. It features active vibration control to minimize hand vibration. Furthermore, this versatile tool can handle tasks like removing tiles, drilling holes, and chiseling concrete with ease.


This tool comes equipped with an array of Bosch steel accessories. Other notable features of the bosch demolition hammer include Constant Response circuitry, decoupled front handle, and a service minder light to indicate when maintenance needs to be performed. Ideal for construction professionals as well as DIYers alike, its weight makes it easier for most users to operate.

Constant Response Circuitry


The Bosch 11241EVS demolition hammer features an inline design to promote better weight distribution while chiseling concrete, as well as a dual-mode selector providing flexibility between rotary and hammer-only modes. Furthermore, this power tool boasts an exceptional power-to-weight ratio at 13.7 Lbs with an impact energy of 6.1 Ft-Lbs at 2,900 BPM yet only weighs 13.7 Lbs for superior power-to-weight ratio and Constant Response circuitry, which ensures smooth starts as well as overload protection.


This power tool features Vario-Lock positioning for optimal working angles. Users can lock their chisel into 12 positions for precise rotation and locking action. Furthermore, its articulating auxiliary handle makes reaching difficult areas of the work area much more straightforward, and its padded rear handle absorbs shock for additional operator comfort.


This rotary hammer features an SDS-max bit system for tool-free bit changes and a variable speed dial for controlled chipping applications. It also has integrated dust protection to reduce debris in the work area. Furthermore, it features a service minder light that indicates when maintenance is due—all this with a one-year limited warranty from its manufacturer!

SDS-max(r) Tool Holder


Bosch demolition hammers feature the SDS-max(r) chuck system for tool-free bit changes and a variable speed dial that enables users to control the power delivered to chisels. Furthermore, this model features a Service Minderlight, which alerts when maintenance is necessary, and a 360deg rotating auxiliary handle for increased grip positioning as well as padded rear handles to minimize operator fatigue.


Bosch demolition hammers are ideal for drilling applications involving masonry, brick, and concrete – including reaching frozen pipes set into walls to thaw before removal – including frozen pipe freezing in place and needing to be defrosted before being removed from said wall. They deliver thousands of blows per minute and feature Constant Response circuitry, which prevents motor overheating.


Active Vibration Control in the hammer mechanism and grip area provides reduced vibration levels so you can work comfortably for extended periods. They also include patented SDS-max(r) chisels with R-Tec technology utilizing an energy-diverting reflection element to increase material removal up to 15% more effectively; in addition, most models include dust control systems to provide a cleaner work environment; many models come equipped with deluxe carrying cases as standard features.

Padded Rear Handle


For those who spend extended hours chipping concrete or other substrates, the Bosch 11264EVS demolition hammer is an ideal tool. At only 13.7 Lbs in weight yet offering enough impact energy to provide 6.1 Ft-Lbs of impact energy delivery, its power-to-weight performance is exceptional. In addition, vibration control reduces hand strain and ensures comfortable operation.


Our tester, Octaveo “Tata” Aceves, is a labor foreman at Tiger Concrete and Screed (TCS), a family-owned construction firm responsible for millions in commercial projects across the southeastern United States. Tata knows his way around concrete projects, so he was more than willing to put our Bosch DH1020VC SDS-max demolition hammer through its paces.


Bosch created this inline design hammer to evenly distribute weight while chiseling, making it suitable for outdoor asphalt work and indoor foundation removal. Furthermore, its padded rear handle absorbs shock, while its 360-degree rotating auxiliary handle offers greater comfort. Constant Response circuitry ensures steady power under load with smooth starts and overload protection for added peace of mind.