Beyond the Wand by Tom Felton


Tom Felton, best known for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, has published his memoir Beyond the Wand, which provides a candid account of life under the spotlight.

Felton does not hold back. From his early attempt to steal DVDs from a local multimedia store to his subsequent struggles after Harry Potter ended, Felton does not spare us.

About the Book

Tom Felton, best known for bringing Draco Malfoy to life in the film Harry Potter, offers an intimate account of life after Harry Potter stardom. With unflinching honesty and heart-warming humor, he delves deep into what it’s like growing up under such intense scrutiny while finding one’s place within an ever-evolving industry that blends art with reality in unexpected ways.

This memoir will appeal to readers who enjoy memoirs, particularly those who have fond memories of the franchise. Fans of Felton will find plenty of amusing anecdotes, such as his attempts at stealing DVDs of a “mature nature” from a local multimedia store, being caught smoking marijuana on set, and having to spend an evening in jail. He also talks extensively about his close relationships with fellow cast members, including Emma Watson, who, according to Felton, understands him better than anyone else ever could.

Felton stands out among other celebrity autobiographies by being extremely honest in his accounts, including discussing his struggles with anxiety and the difficult decision he had to make between career and mental health. Furthermore, he doesn’t shy away from discussing his flaws openly – something not often seen among younger actors.

In his chapter on the impact of Harry Potter, he recalls how filming felt like being with family. This sense of community could be seen both onscreen and off; interactions among cast members helped overcome some personal hurdles that arose during production.

Fans who want to experience Tom Felton live will have plenty of chances. His book tour will travel across both the U.S. and the UK, stopping in various cities such as New York, Paramus, New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Chicago, Illinois, at bookstores or convention centers, and tickets will go on sale months prior to each scheduled appearance online or directly at each event location.

The Story So Far

No matter your tastes or interest in the Harry Potter series or actor Tom Felton himself, this best-seller book will prove fascinating. In it, he discusses both on and off-screen experiences related to global fame as well as challenges associated with reestablishing oneself after playing Draco Malfoy’s character in the Harry Potter series.

Felton’s writing is refreshingly candid, giving readers access to his private world. He doesn’t shy away from discussing darker aspects of life and career, such as alcoholism and Hollywood. Furthermore, he discusses close cast relationships on set that remain close friendships today.

He discusses his childhood and family, such as his three older brothers, who each helped shape him significantly – from instilling acting skills to inducing rebellious tendencies (which led to him shoplifting incidents like his famous Polaroid mugshot from one such incident). Furthermore, he touches upon his parents as crucial members of his upbringing.

The book also gives readers an intimate glimpse of his early years in acting, from adolescence through his first few films. He shares some early auditions as well as recounts the craziness of early jobs he held. He also explains how his relaxed approach to casting sessions helped secure him the role of Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter movies.

Tom Felton will be touring various venues to talk about his book during his book tour. He’ll visit bookstores, convention centers, and more; be sure to keep an eye on his schedule to find out where he will be appearing – tickets may sell out quickly, so be sure to purchase early if possible! You can also subscribe to his mailing list, so you receive updates regarding forthcoming events!


Tom Felton, best known to fans of Harry Potter as Draco Malfoy, provides insight into his early life in this memoir. Along with discussing behind-the-scenes tales from working on movies, as well as discussing mental illness and addiction, he candidly admits his struggles in an honest yet poignant account that will bring tears. This powerful work makes an unforgettable read!

Felton’s book chronicles his early days in acting, from his first gig as Macaulay Culkin in The Borrowers to early Harry Potter auditions and beyond. Felton describes working as initially being just a hobby of his until Chris Columbus realized he would make an ideal Draco.

He then discusses his interactions with other cast members and some of the films’ directors while sidestepping more sensitive subjects (like substance abuse issues of his co-stars or controversial director decisions) but still manages to give us entertaining anecdotes and memorable vignettes, including one worth noting regarding Emma Watson – alone worth the admission price!

While parts of this book may be slightly corny, it remains entertaining and surprisingly uplifting. Additionally, it offers insight into how much impact Felton’s series has had on both his life and career.

This book should be on any Harry Potter fan’s reading list. Not only is it touching and informative, but it also serves as a powerful reminder of just how far our minds can take us if we put them to it – not always easy, but definitely worth the effort in the end! Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble now sell copies, so grab one today to enjoy! Thank you for taking the time to read my review! Thank you very much for reading.


For Harry Potter fans looking to gain insight into what happened behind the scenes, this book by Tom Felton is an essential read. With his trademark humility and humor, Tom recalls stories about his family life and journey into acting, working alongside top British actors (particularly Emma Watson, who wrote its foreword), making friends while filming, and minor legal issues they faced while doing so; friendships formed during filming; as well as adulthood after the films finished shooting – making this an exciting read about life as an actor on set as well as the reality of adult life after production had concluded! This book provides an intimate portrait of being an actor on set or celebrity life; it is an excellent read for anyone wanting to gain an inside view into how young actors experienced life as actors on set or celebrity life after the film wrapped up.

Beyond the Wand is an engaging memoir by Tom Felton, best known for his portrayal of Slytherin bully Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. From humorous stories of shoplifting at age 10 to mental health issues and substance abuse struggles he experienced while filming these series, this honest account covers life before, during, and post-filming of Harry Potter.

Felton’s honesty is refreshing even when discussing some of his questionable decisions during his youth. Additionally, he gives generous praise to those who helped create Draco, such as directors Alan Rickman, Helen McCrory, and Jason Isaacs. This healthy dose of honesty also serves as an effective transition into more serious parts of the book, where Felton discusses mental health struggles as well as what constitutes wealth for individuals.

Felton’s memoir offers readers an in-depth account of his experiences on the Harry Potter set; however, what really stands out is Felton’s candid account of early career challenges and drug dependency while remaining respectful towards filmmakers behind its cinematic adaptation. Most endearing is his description of their unique relationship he created with Emma Watson who understands him better than most people would.